Pedro The Lion - Backwoods Nation Lyrics

Calling all rednecks
To put down their sluggers
And turn their attention
From beating the buggers
Pick up machine guns
And kill camel-fuckers

Backwoods nation

Calling all doctors
Of spin and the smokescreen
To whip the new patriots
Into a frenzy
Of good versus evil
Ignoring the history

Of the backwoods nation

Ain't it a shame?
When due process
Stands in the way
Of swift justice

Calling all frat boys
To trade in their hazing
Their keggers and cocaine
And casual date-raping
For cabinet appointments
And rose garden tapings

Backwoods, backwoods, backwoods nation

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Pedro The Lion Backwoods Nation Comments
  1. Whovian Gamer

    Cant escape how relevant this song has become even compared to when it was written.

  2. sparkpenguin

    i never heard this version. i am amazed.

  3. woudgy

    Remember when Dubya seemed like the worst thing that had ever happened?


    woudgy i know it!! U know times are bad when dubya seems thoughtful and intelligent and yes... presidential. Though this same trick doesnt seem to work on dick cheney. Hes still as shitty as ever.

  4. Baxter Bailey

    on repeat all day today :(

  5. wjb96707

    mean s**t! and the acoustic version is even better!!!

  6. Andrew Jones

    suck a cheetahs dingis