Pedro The Lion - Arizona Lyrics

Arizona curled up with California
Then she tried to hide the whole thing from New Mexico
Who knew before he saw them making out in Yuma
That she had been loving someone new
But California not California how could you
The bully loved her cactus
The underdog her pine
But she would only love one at a time
New Mexico had always hated California
And though he knew that Arizona wore the pants
He got loaded then he started throwing punches
The poor injun never had a chance
Scissors cut paper
Paper covers rock
Rock crushes scissors
Scissors break apart

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Pedro The Lion Arizona Comments
  1. whitewiddoww

    coming back to this song after a decade it really is not bad at 1.5 speed

  2. Jake Newfer

    Such a kick ass song!

  3. Tim Bitten

    A mellow, melancholy, contemplative, plaintive ballad of great beauty.

  4. Nick Bryant

    lived in tucson for a while...

  5. angelbateria

    best song ever. that's what you could say of every PTL, Headphones, The Soft Drugs, Bazan and TW Walsh, period.

    Tim Bitten

    Ángel Guzmán Batería fully agree


    saludos, listening-mate

  6. sinr1one

    I'm from NOGALES!

  7. TheMarioarty

    esta cancion siempre se me ha hecho perfecta...

  8. Seanbradlym

    Im from Yuma : )


  9. ryattt

    maybe cover fabulous by dam managan

  10. TheTenth

    @Lionsdonteatlions you are sooo right!!!

  11. Alexander Davidson

    "Scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors - scissors fall apart." Utterly brilliant.

  12. Madre Deus16

    this song is lovely...

  13. Toshinou Kyouko

    brilliant.. that's all I can say