Peck, Danielle - Get You Back Lyrics

I’m puttin’ on your favorite dress
You know the one you love
That really shows off my legs

I’m gonna march downtown
Right into your favorite place
And that little blonde
Well she better not get in my way
Cause I’m on a mission

I’m gonna get you back
It won’t take long, it’ll happen fast
You might as well, just face the fact
I’m gonna get you back

It’s kinda crowded in here tonight
You got yourself surrounded by every pretty girl in sight
But that ain’t gonna stop me
My time is coming around
You’ll wonder what just hit you when it all goes down
I can’t wait to see your face

[Repeat Chorus]

Over at the bar
Hey there’s your best friend
Think I’ll just sneak over and ask him how he’s been
Hey I’m fair game
And he’s always like me anyway

[Repeat Chorus]

I’m gonna get you back
Yeah, I’m gonna get you back

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Peck, Danielle Get You Back Comments
  1. Elizabeth Newberry

    I been through so much pain and heartache never again no more men for me

  2. Elizabeth Newberry

    Hate heartbreaks lies and relationships

  3. ArcoZakus

    Song written by Danielle Peck, Burton Banks Collins, and Clay Mills.

  4. Freddie Cordova

    Beautiful lady

  5. jordan sumalo

    2019 ? anybody ?

  6. Lisa Knell

    For some reason I thought of this song today. Hadn’t heard it in years, and it kind of applies to a situation in my life at the moment. Unfortunately I still love him but it’s hard to forgive and forget. Love this song though!

  7. Chelsea Bernadette

    Anyone know where this was filmed??

  8. Jennifer Dijames

    Danielle,where have you been?

  9. zotts3

    Amazing song! Incredible artist! Love, Love, Love!!!

  10. Anwar Onzi

    I love this song 👍🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  11. jerry Melina lee barker lavish

    I can't forgive u Jesus loves u I don't

  12. Jerry Barker

    this is to my boyfriend James wilfong Jesus loves you buddy the difference is Jesus loves you I don't get a life

  13. Manda Bme

    I'd say this is my favorite but all hers are my favorites. I got to see in Concert at Cowboys in Dothan, AL. It was when she released "Findin' A Good Man." She was awesome. If I ever get a chance to see her again, I will go see her.

  14. jatklzd

    Written especially for Anna Duggar? That's who I think of when listening to this awesome song

  15. mylovewillneverend

    Great Song

  16. you tube 3124

    Danielle's music is always amazing and always  beautiful , I just love Danielle's music. plus am honored that Danielle follows me on twitter, Lucky Me ..........

  17. Brian Woods

    danielle is an amazing woman. she lived 2 doors down from my grandmother in nashville when this was released, and i had the pleasure of hanging out with her on numerous occasions. and billy currington would come by sometimes too.

  18. CrimeJail

    WHY is this not a HUGE hit??? Most amazing song ever.


    CrimeJail it was... 9 years before you comment 🤪

  19. Michael Morgan

    I dedicate this song to Josh Duggar.

    Michael Morgan

    Not to get all technical, but I think his mother is one of the few family members he hasn't fucked.

  20. J S

    I love this song so much this is exactly what im going through right now

    J S

    And still going through it a year later

  21. asia carter

    i love this song


    Great voice and such a beautiful woman - even hotter than Faith Hill.


    @NSVLE.COM duh

  23. BMfan4eva

    I felt the same after my 3 yr on n off relationship. I didnt wanna hear he loved me and had changed... Im glad i stayed away for good, I found a better man who wont hurt me and use me. <3 ya songs Danielle. Please come back to singing songs :(

    Eugenia Wright

    BMfan4eva .

  24. Marci Kristofzski

    I don't feel guilty for what he did. You do someone wrong, it's on you not them.

  25. kimberly bellamy

    good song

  26. Katherine Reeves

    Jesus loves you.......I don't <3!!!!

  27. Carlos Zamora

    Your comment is ignorant...forgiving someone isn't about forgeting it's about making the choice not to dwell on what that person did and not hating them for it...forgetting isn't forgiving and forgiving isnt forgetting; and what a terrible thing to say..."fuck Jesus" WOW you should think before you post a comment.

  28. Kaykupp

    Forgiving is one thing, but being about to forget the pain that person has caused is something you have no control over, no matter how hard you try. So sorry; but fuck jesus.

  29. firemedic75

    See what happens when you have no talent ass clowns makin' it "big" from help by american idol...the true talents like Ms. Peck fall to the wayside. Can we get to real musicians who actually had to work to become something. Wanna-be boy bands and these bitches with the bubble gum voices aren't what real music is.

  30. Kayla r

    You pray I will, but I won't.

  31. AparentLee

    Forgiveness is easier said than done, never the less its what we must do to be free. We must try and give it all to Him even to forgive is in Him as God can gave us the power to forgive if we would only trust in Him and leave it to Him. I have been hurt just like anyone and its hard to forgive and forget but its our choice in how we respond to the good and bad. Anytime we try to get even it makes things worse most the time. People you do reap what you sow a bad choice can last till you die.

  32. SummerSunshine1988

    @AparentLee : As a Christian, of course I agree with you. But I'm sure you understand that sometimes forgiveness is easier said than done.

  33. BarTRanch

    She is beautiful and she has a wonderful Voice.

  34. AparentLee

    Great sound and song but the only thing that is of question is the lyric Jesus loves you I dont and she does not forgive him well thats not a biblical aproach to love as it says in the bible if you dont forgive those who sin against you neither will your heavenly father forgive your trespasses. We all have troubles but why make them worse leave the baggage of unforgivness behind you not forgiving only hurts you.

  35. jbreee

    How the heck have I never heard her before?

  36. firemedic75

    another girl who can freakin sing anything....!!! damn hot voice!!

  37. mikawearsalex

    I seen her in concert

  38. Elizabeth West

    don't you hate it when they play the Jesus card? epspecially if you're a Christian...

  39. poeticsong725

    hahaha jesus loves you and I don't? LOL country music...srsly?

  40. John Smith

    @GBfanatic15 if you're replying to subwayjob, I have NO idea who you are. If you're mistaken, then I wish you luck.

  41. Kitty Kat

    amazing how much this applies to my situation right now, Thank you Danielle Peck =)

  42. John Smith

    @GBfanatic15 how would that make her slut? A slut is someone who sleeps around. Besides, it was tongue in cheek, I just want to see her back in country music. R-E-L-A-X!!

  43. Kitty Kat

    jesus may forgive you, but I don't, you've betrayed my trust far too many times for me to take you back, you've lied to me so many times, I can't trust in your word any longer....I thought we were past this, that you were changing that we could connect again, but not if you keep lying like this....I know I lie too but I'm trying to change that and you should too, because my best friend deserves better than a liar, I don't care if we're soulmates, you've ruined my trust in you.

  44. Kitty Kat

    @subwayjob it's called, she's not a slut. -_-

  45. John Smith

    Danielle needs to pose for Playboy. Where the hell is she?

  46. lexi w

    whow i love this song

  47. trwent

    @bdllpeters People keep comparing every female country singer to Taylor Swift, saying "she's a lot more talented than Taylor, ...", but what they fail to realize is that Taylor did NOT become such a big name because of her pure singing ability. She became one due to her ability to connect with teenage girls through her music, through songs mostly about teen love issues. As Taylor ages, her music must change too. A 25- or 30-year-old woman cannot sing songs about teen love.

  48. trwent

    I keep waiting for Danielle to break into super stardom, but it has not happened yet. She seemingly has it all to make it big--great voice (I love a deep rich voice in a woman), great looks, the whole package. It is hard to say why some singers become super stars and others just have okay careers. There is still time for her though.

  49. Sam P

    I had this song on today after considering a lot of things wrong with my life and I wasn't really paying attention to it...I started crying almost immediatly.

  50. randi johnson

    @x3picFale haha, I think you'd have offended more Danielle Peck fans than Taylor Swift's. Danielle Peck doesn't need to raise her pitch six octaves to sound "good."

  51. AngelicFireIce

    @JakesWolf76 Really where do you have it posted? and what's the Pairing?

  52. Cortney Jones

    this song makes me think back...huh......yupp....perfectg

  53. 22Yeller

    brilliant lyrics- beautiful girl. Any chance of a uk tour???????????

  54. 22Yeller

    Just found this song by accident. Incredibly beautiful girl, superb voice. Can't believe I've never heard her stuff before. This song should have been a worldwide hit. Very clever lyrics + I love the Catholic imagery in the vid. I hope she tours the UK soon. She also makes a good point. You might forgive someone but you still don't have to have an on-going relationship with them. Thanks for posting !

  55. Sandra Arteaga

    This is for you Eduin Acousta! She is such a beautiful woman and has the voice of an angel.

  56. Sandra Arteaga

    Grogeous woman! I can't believe this song didn't get more notarity than it did. It certianly fit my life! <3