Peck, Danielle - Can't Behave Lyrics

I got eyes in the back of my head
Your halo is turnin’ red
Foolin’ around knocking me off my cloud
They’re talking about your mischievous ways
Boy it’s painted all over your face
Stealing a kiss, mysterious whispers
A thorn in my pride
I’m still by your side but

One day I’m walking away
The tide is gonna turn I’m gonna find my place
Give me a reason to stay
I want to be your lover
Baby but you can’t behave

Remember the days and the Nashville nights
What happened to paradise
Stolen away and I can’t replace it now
Cause rumors are flying
That I can’t avoid
Are they true or am I paranoid
Livin’ like this is drivin’ me crazy
So make up your mind
You’re running out of time

[Repeat Chorus]

Ease all of my worries
Please don’t make me play the fool
Baby won’t you hurry
You don’t know what you’re gonna lose cause

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh baby but you can’t behave
Oh baby but you can’t behave
Baby you just can’t behave

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Peck, Danielle Can't Behave Comments
  1. Andrea Allen

    Great song

  2. BrobamaBinladen

    She took the intro from world 1-1 of super mario bros 3

  3. enneiluJ18

    Courtney jaye's version is much,much better than this.... she ruined the song!

    Chance Mason

    She sounds so much better than Courtney Jaye. She’s a lot better looking too!

  4. your boy

    Danielle is stunning and real...I lived were she was from for many years....she is up and TRUE opinion as hard as it is for me to say bc I am such a BIG FAN is that she needs to turn to songwriters instead of writing all on her own...I heard she let Johnny and June get away...that sucked

  5. mashtones

    Jaye not Jay

  6. mashtones

    Courtney Jay & Gary Louris wrote the song it appears on her album Traveling Light (2005) as well as the soundtrack to the movie Aquamarine(2006). Danielle Peck's version is from her 2008 album named after this song.

  7. Bubble Pop Arts and Craft for Kids

    Who originally sang this? Jaye or Peck??

  8. silver swift

    love the way she sang it
    don't like her voice so much though...

  9. hil6ry

    same here my new fave song i really like it ... alot alot alot ....

  10. Jordan Wesson

    I agree Danielle needs the ratings let the people buy.