Pearl Jam - Unemployable Lyrics

He's got a big gold ring what says "Jesus Saves"
And it's dented from the punch thrown at work that day
When he smashed the metal locker where he kept his things
After the big boss said, "You best be on your way"

Oh yeh
So this life is sacrifice

Oh yeh
Jumping trains just to survive

Well, his wife and kid are sleeping but he's still awake
On his brain weighs the curse of thirty bills unpaid
Gets up, lights a cigarette he's grown to hate
Thinking if he can't sleep, how will he ever dream?

So this life is sacrificed

Oh yeh
To a strangers bottom line

I seen the light,... Uh-oh oh oh, Uh-oh oh oh
I's scared alive,...

Near to death,... Uh-oh oh oh, uh-oh oh oh
I seen the light,... scared alive

So this life is sacrificed

Oh yeh
They can't say I never tried

I seen the light,... Uh-oh oh oh, uh-oh oh oh
I's scared alive,...

Near to death,... Uh-oh oh oh, Uh-oh oh oh
I seen the light.

Scared alive,...... Uh-oh oh oh, uh-oh oh oh
Near to death

Here to die.
Scared alive.

Near to death.
Hear to die.
Scared alive.

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Pearl Jam Unemployable Comments
  1. Diogenes' Lantern

    The Avocado album is by far my favourite. Such an apt narrative for that time of my life when I first listened to it

  2. Jane Ross

    Someone just trying to get by and keep everything together, rendered risk-averse by normalized general cruelty, who clings to in-clubs and safety charms because what else can he do. So relatable, even despite not sharing a lot of attributes. When dreams get far enough away from you to not see any more, simply a less rapidly accelerating rate of compromise seems like victory. "Scared alive" indeed.

    What puts it over the top of course is being backed up by bloody awesome music. My absolute favourite song of theirs.

  3. jose antonio Lacerda

    so few know this fucking awesome sound

    Ryan K

    Yeah, so few people have ever listened to the most popular rock band of the past 30 years

    Jane Ross

    @Ryan K to be fair, most of the time when people listen to a band due to its popularity, the bulk of them limit themselves to singles and radio play. So the point still stands, they probably haven't heard this. Not exactly an obscure song, but against the rest of their discography, definitely relatively unappreciated.

  4. Alexander Ozzy

    A song the Foo Fighters could've done.

    The Creature

    No the song has a hook. FF rarely does

    The Creature

    They couldn't have written it

    Watson Delmick

    A dumb meaningless comment my turd in the toilet could've made

  5. kuruba sama

    I'm feel as I returned to my 16 years old ❤

  6. Claudio Lamperti

    one of their most underrated songs imho

  7. Eric Alvarado

    I remember hearing world wide suicide on KROQ when it first came out

  8. very springsteen vibe

  9. Karl Schievelbein

    In my top 10 PJ songs. Never gets old!

    Rob Liapes

    What outside of Ten presumably do you like?

  10. Skydrop

    Craap. As a kid I didn't believe a day could come that sleeping and dreaming would be more desirable than living. Songs like this made no sense.

  11. kenny carpenter

    definitely one of their best from the post 2000s albums

  12. joe leoni

    One of my favorites from PJ.

  13. Edgar Braga - thestonehenge

    so this life is sacrifice!
    it is or it is not?
    let's us light a cigarett and think about it...
    maybe we'll find the answear...

    Haywood Jablowme

    But I do not smoke.

    Diego Schwerzmann

    Haywood Jablowme just 8 years after the comment. Good job


    Diego Schwerzmann not his fault

    Aaron Hilton

    mikeisagodd2012 I smoke though.

    Jane Ross

    @Diego Schwerzmann such is the way of the youtubes. Late responses on a site that archives all its videos and encourages binge watching and revisits. Whodathunkit?