Pearl Jam - The End Lyrics

What were all those dreams we shared
those many years ago?
What were all those plans we made now
left beside the road?
Behind us in the road

More than friends, I always pledged
cause friends they come and go
People change, as does everything
I wanted to grow old
I just want to grow old

Slide up next to me
I'm just a human being
I will take the blame
But just the same
this is not me

You see?

I'm better than this
Don't leave me so cold
I'm buried beneath the stones
I just want to hold on
I know I'm worth your love

I don't think
there's such a thing

It's my fault now
Having caught a sickness in my bones
How it pains to leave you here
With the kids on your own
Just don't let me go

Help me see myself
cause I can no longer tell
Looking out from the inside
of the bottom of a well

It's hell...
I yell...

But no one hears before I disappear
whisper in my ear
Give me something to echo
in my unknown future's ear

My dear...
The end
comes near...
I'm here...
But not much longer.

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Pearl Jam The End Comments
  1. Las aventuras de Francesquita

    🎤♥️🎶🎵🎶. Un poema hecho canción. Brillante ✨✨

  2. Joshthe CapGuy

    I remember listening to this a little over 8 years ago on the floor in my apartment, feeling helpless. I lost everything during that time. Lost the woman I wanted to marry to another man, was being evicted in the next few days, gambled all of my savings and investment capital away, almost become a lush, had to live in my car for a week after eviction and I lost myself to be honest. Damn this hurts talking about it

    Thankfully, because of Christ, it was only the end of my old selfish ways, and not a permanent end to everything.

    Everything that I lost has come back and then some after a lot of hard work and patience over these past 8 years. No wife or girlfriend yet, but thatll be soon enough when im ready.

    Anyways, thanks for reading

  3. Gisselle S

    Wherever you are I love you and loosing you was the hardest thing in my life. You took a part of me with you and I’ve never been the same since. I’ll see you someday on the other side if such a side exist. I love you. Death nor anything will change how I feel for you. 💔💔🖤🖤

  4. bon des

    my pov:
    just lost my dream..

    not the person ..
    better that way...

    the lyric so deep

  5. yoww 1988

    This song really gives me that unusual chills. Really true. From the blood and heart and soul. Pj saves me.

  6. peace seeker

    Cant stop listening this great song since i lost my hunn...😞

  7. castle.swiftie

    They played this song in Castle at the end of 2x14

  8. Menna

    It really hurts

  9. Conor Lobody

    my cousin had just died 4 days ago i was at his funeral today and it was abseloutly heart breaking this song reminds me of him

  10. dawnpatrol700

    Back in 91, I loved evenflow, Jeremy, etc. Nowadays, I'm much more likely to play this or wishlist or ukelele songs

  11. Katy Kiener

    My husband loved Eddie Vedder and often sang this song to me but little did I know how true the lyrics would become. He became addicted to opioids and it destroyed our lives, he ultimately died alone in a hotel leaving me alone to raise our two young kids. The part that hurts the most is he was clean, no drugs in his system but he was all alone. So much comfort and heartache with this song.

  12. lee birbeck beautiful...

  13. Gian-carlo GRECO

    What a wonderful and emotional voice ! Love it 😍

  14. Col

    Listened and loved Pearl Jam since 1993.

    Here I am in 2019, 50 years old and having cancer. God dam this song means so much to me now.

    If things don't go well, I want this to be the last song I ever hear.

    Bo2 FS Grado

    Hang in there, Col!

    Justin M

    Here for you.

    -love, your PJ family

  15. Relax-Planet

    What a crazy lyrics...

  16. 9 9

    Ufa... Até que enfim
    Beijoooooos virtuais...
    Felicidades aos pombinhos!!

  17. fabian villalba


  18. Paul Colquitt

    Pearl Jam can certainly write great songs one of the greatest bands ever
    , always make me feel emotional

  19. Maurício Miranda trojahn

    Vamo gremiooo

  20. Francesco Lacava

    Charlotte, you have been my "Star and Light" for 13 years, and gave my a wonderful child, happiness and love. Leave you is been painful but necessary. I will love you forever, in spite everything. Farewell my sweet heart, and joy be with you all.

  21. Ty Shakur

    One of the few songs that can make me cry

  22. lee birbeck

    so beautiful man...…...

  23. edsa 131

    Oh My Dear God!!! Thank your Sir for helping me through to my evergreen 48 years, I owe you so much ;-) You have reached the hearts and souls of so many people in the world. Thank you so much Mr Vedder. ((man hug))

  24. SARAH -

    Danno :(

  25. Master Peace!!

    Is this about lukemia, something like that? We've figured out cancer only eats glucose, and so they're putting cancer patients on low/no carb diets to starve it and it's working. It also works preventatively so I recommend the diet. I also recommend it because all the old people I know who have one One Meal a Day and No Carb are saying they feel less than half their age, and many have cured diabetes and other stuff doing this (I forget if it's type one or two). Wim Hof also helps reduce inflammation, which just sounds like swollen joints or something, right? But it turns out inflammation in the body is entirely common and is a catalyst for many serious conditions.

  26. Francisco Gatica

    Amo esta canción. Me conecta con la ternura. Con lo bello. Con lo infinito. Con lo bueno y puro. Un abrazo infinito para todos!

  27. JoAnna Edssay

    This is absolutely incredible, those lyrics, that voice, they can talk to each of us in our own personal way ❤❤❤❤❤

  28. T Owens

    If you don’t like pearl jam then FUCK YOU

  29. Greg Halvorson

    Every song is about death or heartbreak... Damn.

  30. Name Omitted

    This is probably the saddest/best lyrics I have ever heard. At times, it's hard to listen to.

  31. Andreia Moreira

    Pedro Jeremias Andreia Moreira

  32. João Stein

    What were all those dreams we shared
    Those many years ago?
    What were all those plans we made now
    Left beside the road?
    Behind us in the road

    More than friends, I always pledged
    Cause friends they come and go
    People change, as does everything
    I wanted to grow old
    I just want to grow old

    Slide up next to me
    I'm just a human being
    I will take the blame
    But just the same
    This is not me

    You see?

    I'm better than this
    Don't leave me so cold
    I'm buried beneath the stones
    I just want to hold on
    I know I'm worth your love

    I don't think
    There's such a thing

    It's my fault now
    Having caught a sickness in my bones
    How it pains to leave you here
    With the kids on your own
    Just don't let me go

    Help me see myself
    Cause I can no longer tell
    Looking out from the inside
    Of the bottom of a well

    It's hell
    I yell

    But no one hears before I disappear
    Whisper in my ear
    Give me something to echo
    In my unknown future's ear

    My dear
    The end
    Comes near
    I'm here
    But not much longer.

  33. EM KAY

    It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this!

  34. Lino Marcos Lozoya Mtz

    No estoy llorando, se me metió una basura en el ojo :'-(

  35. Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra

    One of the greatest song of all time. 11/10

  36. Gisselle S

    Eddie bless you. You are the last of that awesome era of early 90s rock. Love you man! I miss my parents!!! This song hits too close to home. 😭😭

  37. Joseph Mcleod

    when you have a dream about some one you lost........its know there gone but here they are.

  38. Janaina andre

    música perfeita.

  39. Nick Singh

    Kate moms killer finally found

  40. patricia mccaskill

    My Brother died at 20...too soon. While in the hospitsl, he donated from his blood bank to a man whose wife who almost bled out in child birth, comforted another young man who became a paraplegic in an accident..told him, you get to go on and live, I dont. Made sure his young wife got the life insurance to keep her from her dysfunctional family...too young, too soon.

  41. Jeniffer Natal

    2 0 1 9 S O M E O N E ?

  42. Alexandre Soares

    É nós não somos mais aquelas pessoas

  43. Mark Kelly

    Great song from my favorite band great sound and great lyrics.,.

  44. Senorgusanos

    Beautiful song

    Iconic photograph...I love how it slowly moves in on Eddie throughout the song

    God be with anyone suffering through unspeakable grief and sadness

  45. Ty Shakur

    The day Eddie Vedder dies is the day music dies

  46. bon des

    Mind flying

  47. Sky The Artist

    R.I.P Chris Cornell

  48. Donna Franklin

    Powerful somber and to the point. Very much Eddie.. feeling the sadness and sweetness with him.

  49. Abel Villarreal

    Just don't let me go...

  50. likelyladsss

    Stilll make me cry after all of thoose years

  51. Kelsi S

    I lost my little brother about a month ago and it hurts so much. This song reminds me of him. GOd I miss him so much.

  52. Danny Hugs 1985

    Thanks to castle for bringing me to such a beautiful song tear jerker heartbreaker but some reason I can't stop listening to this xx

  53. Joseph Dix

    Slide on next to me 😢

  54. cristian81267

    la voce di eddy e' una cosa incredibile

  55. Mark Kelly

    Great song and great lyrics....huge fan from NJ...

  56. Holladay Cummings


  57. Khadijah Ali

    that rustic voice !!

  58. atanas karadjov

    2018 here ??

  59. Marcos Vinicius

    Toquem isso em meu funeral..

  60. Mariana Paz


  61. Mtr. Andrew

    Algún chileno?

  62. Inanutshell nmore

    Awesome 😎

  63. Darth Kaz

    if you ever needed me all you had to do was let me know

  64. Justin Gardner

    This song exemplifies why IMO , he is the greatest singer of all time. Maybe not " textbook" #1 vocal range for some,( I think he's pretty damn good) but the song carries such a strong and powerful emotion and it's because of the delivery and way he sings as much as the words and music.

  65. Andrea Vlasis

    I Love all.pearl jam .

  66. Michelle Terrell

    my husband played this for me a wk before he died almost 5 years ago.
    recently a friend was playing pearl jam.. THERE IT WAS. ..

  67. mike wilson

    Are y'all okay

  68. Berenika Kowalska

    I am crying...
    It's beautiful.

  69. Aberdolf Lincler

    We dont have a lot of time on this Earth

    So why will you bitches not let me smash?? 😠😠

  70. Denice Rankin

    This song haunts my soul on the deepest level.So close to home.

  71. Dan Tesser

    We are lucky to have Pearl Jam/vedder. I been a lifelong fan. When I was thirteen I almost died in flood water. Shortly after “Alive” was released. Hooked. “Release” is still my favorite. They sing about what most people don’t want to talk about, but the subjects are burning in each one of us. Thank you Pearl Jam... “off he goes” and “sirens” are personal to me also...

  72. Mario Berardelli

    One of the great (and beautiful) voices of Rock.

  73. socorro silva de menezes Menezes

    Profundo, fim é tudo que sinto.
    Eddie Vedder um espetáculo. O melhor.

  74. Xxxx Xxxx

    Its sad that we all have to go threw pain. That of love an loses threw a life time short or long. It makes me wish I could fight what's up stairs mono a mono for all the people who have been lost threw the years an left those they love in tears. It really makes me want to fight an die for all them. An I would rather die knowing I wouldn't get to see what's next by saying this!

  75. enrique Ten

    estoy aqui por castle

  76. Hugosantos Santos

    Como eu queria saber como vai ser o meu futuro, por favor não liguem ao que eu escrevo por favor eu não cheiro bem, tenho ramelas e tenho as unhas dos pés grandes

  77. Denise Ribeiro


  78. Dena Meneades

    Where is the tissue?

  79. Dena Meneades

    345 people have no heart.

  80. Harris Grey

    Everytime you listen to this song, the lyrics have a deeper meaning.

  81. Hugosantos Santos

    Todos os planos que fizemos os 2 , só queria provar o amor que tenho por ti sentir o teu carinho o teu abraço ofuscar o sentimento que o mundo está a cair sobre os meus ombros só queria partilhar contigo também a minha insegurança eu estou confinado a 4 m quadrados como eu gostaria de sentir o teu amor porque não á glória 100 paixão sentir que não estou sozinho é uma lufada de ar fresco torna-se difícil explicar por palavras o fenômeno eu á 20 anos atrás não dava importância ao fato de ser livre pensava que era 1 dado adquirido hoje depois de reflectir chego a conclusão que é o bem mais precioso que o ser humano pode ter. Liberdade de movimentos , liberdade expressão liberdade de pensamentos nunca mais vou ser o Hugo é uma dor insuportável a sensação que eu tenho é que toda a gente tá a conspirar contra mim eu trocava todo o meu ouro para alargar o meu perímetro de ação. As pessoas não imaginam o desgaste que é. Só o fato de espreitar á janela atenua o sofrimento, queria fazer 1 exercício de reflexão porquê eu ? Quem me dera ser bonito em vez de rico. Eu trancado neste apartamento olhando o brilho dos faróis perdoa o meu coração na hora que voltares eu vou chorar lágrimas de sangue

  82. The Fermented Sailor

    It’s a shame you see, a liberal..

  83. Dustyn Holland

    The guitar is basically Blackbird, right?

  84. Eddie Parker

    Wow! Touching song..

  85. Dylan Parry

    There are very few songs that are able to convey so much emotion through simplicity and perfect lyric delivery. I think The End is the most emotionally painful song I've ever listened to. Hearing a man's thoughts and fears as he is dying until he finally lets go of everything is one one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever listened to. You win Pearl Jam, you win every time.

  86. jarrod Anderson

    listened to this with my brother who is terminally ill with cancer when it very out brought us both to tears... pearl jams the shit

  87. Chance

    Makes everything hurt but is still so beautiful

  88. christian renteria de la fuente


  89. Lysa

    I miss you Graham......every kind son

  90. Liam Okane


  91. Seth Suire

    man such a beautiful song. such venerability in the lyrics.

  92. Franky Black

    This is masterful song writing, it's a pity that more people don't know this. It compares with Beatles Yesterday, or Wild Horses in a captured human emotion and expression

  93. Lily Myrick

    The song is so simple yet beautiful. The end gives me chills every time.

  94. Lysa Alen

    I can't deal with this......he died of drugs and alcohol..............unbelievable.........we should have done more..we were his parents...ressponsable..we messed up............omg

  95. Lysa Alen

    I miss my Graham..................he was sick....I don't know why....we were such good parents to him..we loved him so much....he was smart and kind and brave..he was a lineman........with a little baby and a wife..I will never get over this