Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror Lyrics

i took a drive today
time to emancipate
i guess it was the beatings made me wise
but i'm not about to give thanks, or apologize
i couldn't breathe, holdin' me down
hand on my face, pushed to the ground
enmity gauged, united by fear
forced to endure what i could not forgive...
i seem to look away
wounds in the mirror waved
it wasn't my surface most defiled
head at your feet, fool to your crown
fist on my plate, swallowed it down
enmity gauged, united by fear
tried to endure what i could not forgive
saw things
saw things
saw things
saw things
once you, were in my...
rearview mirror...
i gather speed from you fucking with me
once and for all i'm far away
i hardly believe, finally the shades...are raised...
saw things so much clearer
once you, once you...
saw things so much clearer
once you, once you...

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Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror Comments
  1. Evan Gleason


  2. Travis Jones

    All-time best PJ song?

  3. robert smith

    2020.....still coming back 4 more !

  4. Justin Fowich

    I remember searching months for this song. I was going through a rough patch, and for some reason this song kept playing wherever I was. Somehow, it always changed my mood. I finally managed to Shazam it.

  5. dr dree

    Ah no grey hair dayd

  6. Nico de Vries

    Is there no button for insanely fucking amazing?!

  7. JenMull311

    I can’t begin to explain what this song means to me


    Tight cut👊🏾😎

  9. Joey Banks

    It says with lyrics!! I don't see no fuckin lyrics!! Just saying, great fucking tho!!

  10. juda815

    i beat my wife to this

  11. Joanne Marlow

    2020 and I still need this song

  12. Norbert Simon

    Mean pearl jam vs

  13. Norbert Simon

    I think it is the greatest album all the time

  14. ftyr67 teddy uh hg fi uyhyt

    Been lookin 4 this song 4 a while didn't no the name

  15. The Brand Express

    Listenned to this again after 20 years, can't stop listening, just breaks me, just hooks me in, farging awesome song

  16. mike walker

    As someone who was regularly beaten and abused to the point of near expiration, this song speaks volumes to me and never gets old. I feel somewhat cleansed after hearing this as someone who went through something similar and seems to understand the scars it leaves...

  17. Muso Snob

    Sigh. Dont start me bawling...44 and feeling it..

  18. Joerilla Rilla

    I would and still work out to this until I pass out

  19. RDG760 jr

    MLB 2K11

  20. Mia Casa

    So many memories.... Love that Song....and always will....

    Mike Hardesty

    As a Pearl Jam fan , dont understand how this was not a big radio , slash single at that time .My all time fav song from them .And thats hard to say cause Ten has no fillers on it

  21. Léa Bernard

    A tous mes compatriotes français : 1:09 "ON A DES PAPILLOOOOOOONS"

  22. Joseph Cooper

    Damn we took bands like this for granted, thought they would just keep coming. 90s was a golden time of music.

  23. mike walker

    If you know what this song is about and you experienced it as a child this song is pure therapy imo. Timelessness

  24. Mike Trez

    Enmity gauged. Enmity: to be opposed to something.

  25. Royal Alchemist

    Here for the 666 comment

  26. Mista_Fur

    Wow, they wrote a song about my whole family.

  27. Brendan van Heerden

    Brings back so many memories. People and places from 20 plus years ago.

  28. Jeanpaul Michell

    Finally the shades are raised.....
    This reaches a place no other song reaches..... Vedder is a poet.

  29. Victor Eduardo

    Quando era perguntado sobre o porquê do PJ não lançar clipes, Eddie dizia que, um dos motivos, era para estimular as pessoas a terem suas próprias interpretações das músicas, algo que, com o clipe, ficaria mais complicado. Seguindo este conselho, decidi levar essa música, que parece falar sobre um relacionamento abusivo, como meu hino contra algo igualmente devastador: o bullying.

    Durante anos, sofri com essa praga, e hoje, olhando para trás, percebo que ali eu perdi um grande pedaço da minha vida. Eu não tinha identidade, não sabia quem eu era, não me permitia conhecer outras pessoas, tudo porque um bando de zé manés me convenceu que eu não era nada.

    Hoje, consigo me reconhecer como uma pessoa. Com todos os meus defeitos e minhas virtudes, sei que sou alguém na vida. Assim como a personagem da música, me livrei de uma amarra que me prendeu durante muito tempo.

    E espero que vocês também se livrem das suas.

    Victor Eduardo

    E antes que me esqueça: bullying não é brincadeira! É coisa séria, e se não for combatido, pode ser destruidor.

  30. gutsdozer

    I don't know why, but even as an angsty teen back in the 90s, this album didn't grab me nearly as hard as Ten. Now that I'm in my 40s, I've been revisiting PJ's early catalog a lot more, and now I feel Vs is among their best. How's that for seeing things clearly in your rear view mirror?

  31. Frode Paulsen

    I don't always listen to rearviewmirror But when I do, so do my neighbors.

    Annabella Roos

    Love this song, need better headphones :)

    Annabella Roos

    Listening to this made me think of this, also excellent!

    Sarah Sexton

    My favorite song to just BLAST and sing my guts out to


    That's the proper way!

    Middle Class Bogan

    this and mudds blurry, you better belive my neighbors are gonna cop it

  32. HellzBelle1976

    Song for my ex!!

    Mike Hardesty

    Mine too! Fn bitch

  33. mapashin

    Mi profe me puso esta wea para que hiciera la tarea, fue bacan

  34. carol adlon

    MY FAVORITE PEARL JAM SONG! the first time i heard this, i broke into uncontrollable tears. Childhood memories that still haunt me. standing in the front row eddie saw me sobbing uncontrollably and smiled at me like an he understood. i saw things i should have never seen when i was a kid. when i heard this, i was flying out to AZ from CLE on my way to their concert. i KNEW if they played this, i was gonna fall apart and i did. they have played it at every single concert we've been to.

  35. Destiny King

    Reminds me of my mom bad

  36. James Devine

    saw pearl jam in Newcastle! Amazing gig!

  37. Suzette Figgs

    Capricorns rule!!!


    One of the greatest rock bands ever!!!!

  39. venture bullettrain321

    Time to go watch orgy porn

  40. venture bullettrain321

    Every time I see that some user uploaded a song I like with a weird username that has orange red green or purple colors on it I get extremely offended and confused, have no idea what's going on and then totally feel like giving up. It doesn't give me EXTRA motivation to keep saying stuff like this at all

  41. venture bullettrain321

    Jokes about batteries are very very upsetting. Same as when someone attempts to convince me I'm a sissy or plays animal noises loudly in my face. Those things totally make me want to stop saying stuff like this on the internet. I definitely don't have any fun doing this

  42. venture bullettrain321

    Advertisements with young money in them dissing on ravers who like gloving make me feel very, very insecure about myself. Same as when I look at my kernel feed on my computer and see that it says root 0

  43. venture bullettrain321

    Vermin supreme for president!

  44. venture bullettrain321

    Also did I mention that I am also IT, the joker and the Antichrist at the same time?

  45. venture bullettrain321

    I like pooping

  46. ball bust

    Joshua Kent eat more 8===D

  47. paradisel0st13

    Saw things clearer, once you were in my rearviewmirror.

  48. Kevin Wagner

    I was lucky I wasnt physically abused but my step dad was very emotionally cruel and made me feel like shit my entire life. Less than dirt. This song hit me real hard. He and my mom finally divorced and I drove away from that house in my shit car listening to this song on cassette. Never looked back


    It was My mom who was that way. I put up with it far longer than most of my siblings, but have finally given up. Family you have no choice to start out with, and the lifelong damage and negativity she created in Me will never be gone. I just hope that least having to deal with her even less than before eventually helps. Look back at those miserable people and know what not to become.

  49. Clint Davies

    for sheona

  50. Maria Jose Collazos


  51. blueridger28

    Spun this plenty back in the 90s. It sounds as good now as it did then

  52. melonhead34

    PJ = ZePP of yesteryear

  53. João Cavalcanti Ribeiro

    Nós tá

  54. Viv Long

    Outstanding this helped when I walked away from something thank you 🙏

  55. D.J. GUIBAL moore

    Would love to play drums on this note by note must look on internet free lessons must get me electronic drums costing 400€ yes

  56. D.J. GUIBAL moore

    Like it well great composition Base drums vocals

  57. stefan spaens CS

    Best Pearl Jam song by far!!!

  58. Myriam Nieves Aguayo Silva

    Me gusta mucho esta canción

  59. Mike Vook

    If you follow pearl jam this is the song that follows better man am I not right?

    Mike Vook

    Put it all in the rearview mirror

  60. popvinnik

    This song has always reminded me of something The Police may have written.

    Dave Anchovies

    Reigning Sound/Greg Cartwright writes songs in his sleep as powerful as this. Not taking anything away from this one...I wish PJ had more like it

  61. #Nelson Soares#

    Às 11:59h
    Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷
    Obs: Eu precisava vir aqui alimentar meus neurônios curtindo esse clássico inesquecível do mundo do rock 🎸.

  62. Tim Krotha

    Great song...I am still loving it in the mid year 2019

    baby girl lostinspace

    Me too!!!!!!

  63. Alexis Droguett

    I think this song is really pene and also a lot of tetas

  64. MrDiego5885

    My favorite Pearl Jam song.  Never get tired of this!!
    "I'm not about to give thanks or apologize..." yep...

  65. Ryan Pierce

    I bought this on cassete a day before it came out at my local record store he wasn't supposed to sell them yet the album was titled Pearl jam then there was a short period where the album name was blank and finally a new shipment car in with vs on them I still have all three copy's of this album on cassette in my grandma's shed a little known fact tid bit of useless info

  66. Vincent Giacalone

    Two of the greatest friends I ever had loved this song.

    I only wish it had come true for them.

    Miss you, Kim. Miss you, Owen.

  67. Dan Haren

    Fucking Great Song

  68. Filiklik Lik


  69. cakiftw

    I'm dedicating this song to my ex

  70. Channel AboutNuthin

    New World Man by Rush from Signals speeded up with a bad vocal melody

  71. oh no

    soooooy beeeeeeans
    _soooooy beeeeeeans_

  72. Vicky Dee

    God dam

  73. Stay Humble

    Gathered up speed from you fuckin wit me once an for all am far away hardly believe finally the shades are raised

  74. Yuri Lemos

    Escuto essa música dá vontade de esbagaçar os problemas e dificuldades. Somos mais fortes do que pensamos ser.

  75. Cesar Guardiola

    "Saw things clearer once you were in my rearview mirror."


    Suzette Figgs



    Indescribable inspiration!

    owl jolson

    Ain’t that the truth... was ”married” to a fraud that destroyed my life... tried to destroy me. Evil manipulative bitch!

  76. Richard Whitehead

    Your lyrics are shit..Thats Piss on my plate..Not fist..Gimp..There is much harder..This is lightweight O:-)

  77. Darren Zabrosky

    andats how it all started!

  78. Carson Francis

    MLB 2k11 anyone?

  79. Alan attack

    Next level music....too good.

  80. Nolan Sodergard

    So many rewinds and play on the cassette for this song....sawwwwwwwwwwwww thingsssss!!!!!!

  81. zander ford

    moving away from a very shitty parent in a few more days and have been listening to this song nonstop to be sure i didnt trick myself into staying. only 3 more days.

  82. Chris Morfas

    Just might be my favorite PJ tune. Caught them at the Warfield in SF on this tour.

  83. Melissa

    my husband swore the cook at the mental hospital we met at was eddie vedder. when i challenged his assertion due 2 the quality of our meal, he laughed & said, "man how ya gonna tell eddie vedder he's serving up some bad eggs?"

  84. Cirque Du Opinion

    Good lord what a sick drummer!!

  85. A Razz

    I dare someone to name a song these days that beats this......Aaaaaaand go. 44 years old and soooooooo fucking happy I grew up when I did. I'd be ok with being born in 65 also but oh well, I caught a ton of it. sorry for anyone born after 1990.

    Brutus Brutus

    Like a stone by Audioslave! Best song ever!!!

  86. Adam Holbrook

    Fist on my plate.. Swallowed it down. Seems like the story of my life lol

  87. jordi garcia

    The best song of Pearl Jam!

  88. Ashton F.

    such an underrated tune by the best 90s band

  89. kernowrock555

    When I've had a crap day at work, and I've finished for the week, I crank this to max in the car, wind the windows down and speed off out of the gates past the boss's office singin my heart out ...cos' I'm free from his prison, if only for a weekend... and I'm Happy!! :) ................

  90. Tanya Oliver

    1995. First proper gig. Middle of the mosh pit. Sweating like mad and screaming out these lyrics. What a time to be 17!

  91. M Mac

    Lyrics are in Description !

  92. Ismael Duran

    Mi lp favorito de pearl Jam. No me los pierdo cuando visitan México

  93. Lqsahn


  94. Dawn Ricci

    ThIs song speaks so many volumes I can't even put it into words

  95. Limits98


    I took a drive today
    Time to emancipate
    I guess it was the beatings...
    Made me wise
    But I'm not about
    To give thanks,
    Or apologize

    I couldn't breathe,
    Holding me down
    Hand on my face,
    Pushed to the ground
    Enmity gauged,
    United by fear
    Forced to endure
    What I could not forgive...

    I seem to look away
    Wounds in the mirror waved
    It wasn't my surface...
    Most defiled

    Head at your feet,
    Fool to your crown
    Fist on my plate,
    Swallowed it down
    Enmity gauged,
    United by fear
    Tried to endure
    What I could not forgive

    Saw things
    Saw things
    Saw things
    Saw things
    Once you,
    Were in my...

    I gather speed from
    You fucking with me
    Once and for all
    I'm far away
    I hardly believe,
    Finally the shades...
    Are raised...


    Saw things so much clearer
    Once you,
    Once you
    Saw things so much clearer
    Once you,
    Once you
    Saw things so much clearer
    Once you,
    Once you
    Saw things so much clearer
    Once you,
    Once you
    Oh yeah

  96. lazylaurablue

    What is that animal?

    Brutus Brutus

    Looks like a llama that has been beaten with an ugly stick