Pearl Jam - No Way Lyrics

Here's a token of my openness
Of my need to not disappear
How I'm feeling, so revealing to me
I found my mind too clear
I just need someone to be there for.. me
I just want someone to be there for.. me

All the static in my attic-a
Shoots down my sciatic nerve
To the ocean of my platitudes
Longitudes, latitudes, it's so absurd
I just need someone to be there for..
I just want someone to be there for..
Someone to be there for..

'Cause I'll stop trying to make a difference
I'm not trying to make a difference
I'll stop trying to make a difference
No way

Ooh, let's call in an angel

'Cause I'll stop trying to make a difference
I'm not trying to make a difference
I'll stop trying to make a difference
No way
'Cause I'll stop trying to make a difference
I'm not trying to make a difference
I'll stop trying to make a difference
No way
No way, no way
Let's call in an angel
Who's calling an angel?

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Pearl Jam No Way Comments
  1. Justin B.


  2. Blaise Castelli

    Am I crazy, or is Yield the greatest PJ record to date! Fuck yes!!

  3. capichi picha

    Pearl jam da asco. Este es el único tema que me gusta.

  4. Tinovakhin

    The chorus reminds me Soundgarden, idk.

    Ashley Richards

    Hell yes

  5. Nate Blance

    I remember it from ihateyoumygot

  6. Ryan Thomas

    I used to sarcastically mock some of their other songs (mostly their radio hits like Jeremy and Evenflow), but then I heard this album. This song really rocks especially the part from 2:25 - 2:52. Good stuff.

  7. BurritoBurger

    Home to one of the greatest guitar solos of all time

  8. Keegan McNally

    Wish this was on Apple Music

  9. CherRiotAct #MoronicBeings #CcherTV


  10. 25an OZ

    mygot samster brought me here

  11. t k

    So great !!!

  12. Steve22

    This song just does it for....... me

  13. Larry Wilson

    When I first heard "Yield," my only exposure to PJ was the original version of "Ten," and I didn't like it at all. Now, having listened to their entire catalog, it's a lot better. I definitely like it more than "No Code." This and "Wishlist" are my favorite songs on the album. I think Brendan O'Brien was probably the best thing to happen to PJ.

  14. Chris Welcome

    I hate you, myg0t

  15. Lucas Santos

    How good it is to know that these guys are still rocking! Among all of these unfortunate grunge losses we still have Vedder!!

  16. Fatih Sendur

    Love this song.
    What does he say after "I just need someone to be there for" ( the second verse ) ??

  17. marco palos

    Pearl Jam Badass! all of it all of them!

  18. Jeffrey Hardee

    this gives me so much nostalgia

  19. Nicolas Adelson


  20. Aaron D

    Best song on the album along with ATY this was Stones album we need another one

  21. Lucie Stejskalová

    Fuck i love it! 💙

  22. La Red Prog - [M]morua 75

    esta cancion me encanta,llevo un mes viciado a ella

  23. Deleted Delete please

    There's this technological idea.
    That advances the human mind to feel unconditionally loving.
    It's called the Venus Project.
    It was originated in Venus Florida.
    Ideas are everybody's!
    What's credit for?

  24. joe rouphael

    great album, went on a surfing trip to Albany western Australia with this album the main play

  25. May Lee


  26. RevenantRoad Records

    This is such a mind numbingly mesmerizing cool song.
    Criminally underrated.

  27. Paul Baker

    Great tune. Sounds quite like Soundgarden's 'Blow Up The Outside World'.

  28. marina cruz

    you can hear stone singing in the background 💖

  29. Skate & Tortillas

    This track rocks !!!! I've heard it this week on Fip (the best french radio) and for unexplained reason they played this song with the wrong speed (like x2 pitched) and the beggening instrumentals were cooooool, just try it

    Clorox lemon Bleach

    0.75 too


    Flow DRAW! I always played my albums on a slower speed around 31 instead of 33. The bass and pitch are much more intense.


    I miss turntables!

  30. Pig Ford

    I'm not really into their new records but I will go see them live for as long as they tour

    Angela Lovett

    give them another try! They are not what we are used to, but they grow on you...and get better after every listen!!

  31. Pig Ford

    I saw them on this tour outside of Baltimore & it's still in my top five shows of all time & I've been to ALOT of shows....great album too

  32. fabiana judhty roque cunha

    amo escuto todos os dias para sempre

  33. Malthinae

    Sampled for the end of Chinese Man's "Elysean Fields". Man I've been looking for this track for the longest time...

    Michael Connolly

    I love Chinese Man so much

  34. Anita grey

    I'm totally in love with this song

  35. monsterstereo

    This is the best pearl jam song okay

    Ryan Smith

    thanks, Ive updated wikipedia of this news.

  36. samsquanch1996

    Jack Irons' drumming is what makes this song!


    when i hear those live versions with matt cameron it's just wrong. no drummer should be allowed to play this song except jack irons! best pearl jam drummer!

    Aras Toksoy

    Cammeron> irons

    Aye Davanita

    This is eddie vedder no irons

  37. James Bell jr.

    Peral Jam "No Way"

  38. Shiri Eshet

    Jack Irons was not that good...
    Dave was Pearl Jam's best drummer so far.

    Cornelia Blackmoore

    They don't sound bored at all to me. 'Bored' would be the last word I'd use to describe the songs on Yield. On the contrary, there's a whimsical sense of adventure to the music. I much prefer this to Dave's annoying cymbal thrashing.


    Jack Irons was good on No Code but I wish they had patched things up with Dave for this record.


    thesecond “Do the Evolution” is boring???

    BW Clark

    Jack Irons was best drummer/percussionist they ever had.


    Totally agree: the most PJ drummer they've ever had.

  39. Jarl Balgruuf

    I hate you myg0t

  40. Andrew Peterson

    I don't get how Mr Vedder does it?!? Lyrically in my book he's obe of the top dudes EVER! God, to pick his brain...

    Andy Bremner

    @Bruce Robertson Lyrics by Ed, Music by Stone. A song isn't a single element, I should have worded my original comment better. 

    Cherie Jamison

    95%, sure. But Stone wrote the lyrics to this one. He wrote the lyrics to this one and All Those Yesterdays on Yield.

    Andy Bremner

    @Cherie Jamison THANK YOU.


    Stone is credited with both music and lyrics for this one in most places. Great song!

  41. Madison Clay

    Pearl Jam. Such great songwriting all throughout their career. Wish there was more of the same from other bands. Truly one of a kind.

  42. Gregory Young

    one of the most unheard,untalked about pj song,it also happens to be one of best

  43. Jesus Christ

    I think there's a reason this song is 4:20 long.. oh wait I'm jesus.

  44. BabuMangiafuoco

    I'll stop trying to change song HUAHUAUAHA

  45. WilliamTheJoker

    The best 4/4 in the history of alt rock

  46. Mike Mohn

    Weed could be a natural solvent. It beats chemically based pharmaceuticals that's legally sold as medicine any day. Marijuana is natures medicine.

  47. Hílton Souza

  48. sonicynic

    It is a fucking CRIME this song is never talked about

    Dan J. Boyd

    sonicynic you lie. We're talking about it

  49. Chubzdoomer

    ... The fuck?

  50. MancM

    destroy the weed??? o.O

  51. Michael Livornese

    this is how i feel about your shades

  52. ckhanson81

    This song touches my soul and breathes coolness.

  53. Arun Iyer

    I've stopped making a difference where absurd is no different from normal.

  54. Manute Bol

    just a magic track...

  55. PhillyJosh

    I forgot how much I love this album. Might be pj's best...

  56. KajetanChrumps

    3 people disliking this song should stop trying to make a difference. It's so absurd.

    Dan J. Boyd

    KajetanChrumps like honking yer horn in a carpark

  57. madcap462

    Yeild is one of my fav pearl jam albums, Vitology is my fav. so different.

  58. cristhian pearljameromanya

    2:51 me pone la piel de gallina

  59. Selcuk Bozdag

    I was thinking who else could think as the same thing I did when I saw a yield sign on the road. Thumbs up!

  60. rintitin vasconcelos

    thumbs up if everytime you see a yield signal you think in pearl jam

  61. Bryan Craven

    My favorite song off this album...this CD was kinda disappointing...along with the previous one...

  62. John Smith

    Also, Jeff did not appear on this song. Stone is playing bass.

  63. John Smith

    Anyone know what distortion Stone is using?

  64. drummerboy231434

    Amazing what kind of talentless, pointless songs I come across when I search up "No Way".

    But then I come across this and remember what I was looking for in the first place.

  65. drummerboy231434

    First time I've listened to this song but it feels like I've known it forever.

    Pig Ford

    drummerboy231434 :All great songs have that effect,I know exactly what you're saying...I felt that way the first time I listened to a tape at the end of 1991,it was called Nevermind

  66. Esob Bose

    @powershop1903 And I'm in Rio, Brazil and read this and checked my backseat because of this message. This is strange.

  67. Paul Sutherland

    SO I get this e-mail saying that I should check the backseat the next time I use my car. Strange.

  68. IDFgivati

    can some one please tell me why there are so many anti-pot comments? just wondering. =)

  69. Antomn Condoi

    Keep ALL of the drugs.

  70. pawelbabiarzoko

    wkreca jak mało co !

  71. Flagellator1974

    You are a human being. You know: that was given to fly. So i say: your life is a treasure.

  72. Yanina Malizia

    de qué planeta son esas 2 personas a las que no les gusta este temazo???

  73. Flagellator1974

    because it destroys you

  74. Italo Alvear

    PEARL JAM > all

  75. NiandraLades92

    The Doors, Joy Divison , Pearl Jam <3

  76. Wili Toto

    Most underrated song of the world

  77. DorianGrey3913

    you can't "destroy the weed" a joint is the like and dislike bar

  78. spamhater1337

    When the Bieber covers this he'll pwn it all the way

  79. xKrabenx

    @Flagellator1974 Why destroy the weed?

  80. Dino S

    yield, the best album.

  81. Flagellator1974

    There are 3 giant band in my life: The Doors, (the) Possessed and Pearl Jam.
    (and by the way: destroy the weed)

  82. Ryad Arlan

    How can one make a difference if they are still confined in a room where nothing gets done surrounded by people who are so far from understanding anything that is done and will undoubtedly halt any productivity or even any visitors who would work with our given subject who still has no communication with them and barrages himself in these 4 walls seemingly dictating how things should be only because no one has bothered to respond and understand what is going on and why.

    One way -> USA, Yeild!

  83. Hazira Cullen

    Love it....

  84. Joey7321

    @JPRMF17 Don't be so ridiculous with Nirvana. That the guy killed himself is completely irrelevant. I do not give a rat's ass about it; only the music counts.

  85. Keith

    One of my favorites.

  86. myfairvanity

    nirvana was awesome no doubt, but pearl jam would've had the same amount of "respect" if eddie killed himself at the height of his career, which is stupid. the music industry loves suicide and death, hendrix, lennon, gaye, morrison, etc. this shouldn't even be an argument, both bands will live on forever.

    also, f**k the music industry's corrupt sociopaths for promoting suicide and cashing checks by exploiting creative minds. pearl jam knew better than to rely on those mf'ers n they still rock.

  87. seasonedsevencolors

    @PedroFrancoful At least you're logical and decent with your argument, my friend. I respect your opinion. Apart from our differing personal opinions, most critics believe Nirvana to be more influential and experimental than Pearl Jam.

    And, don't be sorry for being from Portugal; if you knew where I'm from (not Russia), you'd die laughing :)

  88. Pedro Gonçalo

    @seasonedsevencolors I am portuguese, so sorry for mistakes that might occure. I have that dvd and it is trully good but eventhough i think pearl jam in better they are more balanced and they sound better they are better musicians. I began to like more Nirvana than pearl jam but with the time I have learn to appreciate pearl jam and I think they a lot better

  89. seasonedsevencolors

    @makkfgh24 If you think Nirvana did nothing good after Nevermind, then I'm sure you're just a superficial, seasoned, bubble gum rock lover, who doesn't have a deep taste in rock music. Nirvana's Unplugged in New York is an unplugged album, still highly considered by music lovers and even more by critics. And so was In Utero which was nothing less of a rock challenge. Pearl Jam never quite boldly experimented the way Nirvana did.

  90. Sofia Franco

    Nirvana is famous nowadays because kurt cobain kill himself, they were good but after Nevermind they did nothing good!!

  91. seasonedsevencolors

    @makkfgh24 What!!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Joke of the week!! Nirvana's a legendary rock band, PJ is just a great band. Nirvana is still more popular despite the fact it ended 16 years back in 1994 with death of Cobain (PBUH, RIP).

  92. Sofia Franco

    Are yoou nuts pearl jam is way better than nirvana

  93. riptorn311

    I just need...someone to be there

  94. Eric Paulson

    this sounds like the lead from soundgarden is singing o_O then again i wouldn't doubt it pearl jam and sound garden sang together before in temple of the dog...

    Mariano Luis Leiva

    Yeah! i always thought the same. The chorus sounds like Soundgarden and the riff from minute 2:30 sounds like Alice in chains haha. Sorry about my english, it's not my first language.

  95. Dino Rubio

    @amstell13 was jack irons..

  96. Darwin Luna

    I found my mind too clear (8)

  97. Robert Ito

    Best part starts at 2:51

  98. pedroooos

    One of the best albuns of the last 20 years. Brilliant lyrics, great music, just rock&roll.