Pearl Jam - Leash Lyrics

troubled souls unite, we got ourselves tonight..
i am fuel, you are friends, we got the means to make amends
i am lost, i'm no guide, but i'm by your side
i am right by your side...
young lover i stand
it was their idea, i proved to be a man
take my fucking hand
it was their idea, i proved to be a man
will myself to find a home, a home within myself
we will find a way, we will find our place
drop the leash, drop the leash...
get outta' my fuckin' face
drop the leash, drop the leash...
get outta' my fuckin' face
drop the leash, drop the leash...
get outta' my fuckin' face
drop the leash, we are young
drop the leash, we are young
get outta' my fuckin' face...
drop the leash, drop the leash...
get outta' my, my...
delight, delight, delight in our youth...
get outta' my fuckin' face...

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Pearl Jam Leash Comments
  1. cass xo

    Such a gem

  2. Ronald Moore


  3. Ryan Rebalkin

    Best song on the album. Hands down

  4. jim sari

    best song from their best album imo. have bought this thing at least half a dozen times. kick ass rock n roll!

  5. venture bullettrain321

    Drop the leash. We are young. Drop the leash. We are young. GET OUT OF MY FUCKN FACE

  6. venture bullettrain321

    Drop the leash. We are young. Drop the leash. We are young. GET OUT OF MY FUCKN FACE.

  7. venture bullettrain321

    I know people are going to hate on this and draw all kinds of conclusions about this no matter what I say. I can't stop anyone from calling me a snake or a spider, a snail, an endling, or an intruder. I do not care. Now, listen to me and listen closely. I don't. care. who. believes my motives for what I'm about to say right now are pure or purely selfish. No matter who you are, a boy, a girl, trans, gay, no matter what race you are, no matter where you come from DO NOT GIVE UP. EVER. DO YOU HEAR ME? You ARE NOT ALONE!!! STAND UP. IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER IF YOU LIVE OR DIE. Just DO NOT give up without a fight. STAND. STAND UP. FIGHT EXPLOITATION TO THE DEATH.

  8. Aras Toksoy

    Someones says jacks is groov drummer. Hahaha listen and learn groove. Dave you're best drummer in grunge era.

  9. Sean Lozier

    Dave Abbruzzesse' drumming is so good

  10. Mike Britton

    I dont understand how this isnt the biggest hit.

  11. wildhoneypie99

    Vs is a wild album, one of the best of PJ

  12. Chris Debattista

    Whenever I’m upset, whenever I’m really upset with anyone I play this song and it makes everything ok

  13. Roanna Kowal

    VS will always be one of my favorite albums. Never get tired of Pearl Jam

  14. Limits98



    Troubled souls unite,
    We got ourselves tonight
    I am fuel,
    You are friends,
    We got the means
    To make amends
    I am lost,
    I'm no guide,
    I'm by your side
    I am right
    By your side...

    Young lover
    I stand
    It was their idea,
    I proved to be a man
    Take my fucking hand
    It was their idea,
    I proved to be a man
    Will myself to
    Find a home,
    A home within myself
    We will find a way,
    We will find our place

    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash...
    Get outta my fucking face
    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash...
    Get outta my fucking face
    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash...
    Get outta my fucking face
    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash

    Drop the leash,
    We are young
    Drop the leash,
    We are young
    Get outta my fucking face...
    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash...
    Get outta my,
    Drop the leash,
    Drop the leash

    Delight in our youth...
    Get outta my fucking face.

  15. Artur Czechowicz

    "I'm lost, I'm not guide, but I'm by your side" - I love this line. It's really simple, yet so profound and truly expressing love, friendship and the will to be there for someone.

  16. Jeff Wynings


  17. Just Saying

    Quitting cigarettes atm... idk why but this song is helping me quit smoking... Fuck the leash,

  18. Katy Fowler

    Feeling so fucked off right now and this is like medicine.

  19. Fabian Teran

    Get out my fucking face!!!

  20. teez au

    Eddie Vedder is one of the best song writers

  21. Roto Sphere

    Hats off to Dave A.

  22. Peter Amaral

    Get outta my lucky face

  23. JohnMordaxt

    what a fucking hymn!

  24. Jeff Panetta

    Why is this song so fucking awesome?

  25. Annie REILY

    So many memories

  26. Erinski

    Wanted to blast the hell out of this when I was a kid, but I didn't think my parents would accept the liner notes as proof that the lyrics are actually "Get out of my 'lucky' face".

    Koops Cooper

    said this to my overbearing mother as i leapt out of a moving vehicle at age16 damn that felt good

    Darren Allen

    Tune !!!

  27. randy botelho

    Get out of my fucking face

  28. Master Pontius

    Anybody else think this sounds like mid-80s AC/DC?

    Inch Worm

    Master Pontius not at all

    Nathan Wellman

    Not in the slightest...

  29. sugar coffee green big pants man


  30. radioshu

    Pearl Jam in the memories of my life

  31. Paul Quinn

    23 people need hung by a leash!

  32. Paul Quinn

    Get out of my fucking face!

  33. John Suter

    Troubled souls unite!

  34. Mike Adams

    get outta my fuckin face

  35. Paul Quinn

    22 people need to be hung by a leash

    Aiden Caballero

    Paul Quinn u bet ur left cheek sister

  36. Jonathan Straka

    "Vs" is 100x the album "Ten" is.....

    Keven Klayne

    No, it's not.


    Jonathan Straka couldn't agree more.

    B Noble

    Jonathan Straka VS is def better but not 100x.

    Chris Campbell

    I don't know about it being a 'better' album, but it is recorded better.

  37. Michael Rainer

    I live my life by this song and is my personal credo:"Ahhhhhhh GET OUT OF MY FUCKIN' FACE." Every one should take this view, especially when it comes to the government. (NSA, please add this to my personal profile you have in Utah. Thanks.)

  38. Robin Shank

    A home within myself....❤️

  39. Michael Brophy

    a home within my self

  40. Trainy

    I always thought the picture on the album was a reference to this song.


    sprdvx I was thinking animal. Also the album was going to be called five against one

  41. Anthony Clouse

    delight in our youth

  42. sam james

    love this

  43. Frank Morris

    One of the Greatest Bands of All Time...

    Alex Jonees

    Frank Morris definitely in my top 3

  44. stujam29

    Drop the leash, I was young?????????????

    David Burnham

    drop the leash we are young!

    Aiden Caballero

    stujam29 nah man it’s we are young

  45. trey burke


  46. trey burke

    drop the leash, gett out a my fucking place

  47. YouTube Username

    Bands better than Pearl Jam > Pearl Jam > Bands worse than Pearl Jam

    Julien Dauvel

    +YouTube Username True logic... Except you can remove the first part, there's no band better than PJ ! :p


    YouTube Username eeeeerr yes. cant be different


    YouTube Username first category doesn't exist

    Madison Hallman

    Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?


    Agree people so fucking annoying always saying this is the best band ever or whatever fuck that

  48. trey burke

    what a fucking  joke that this song doesnt even  have a million views. what in the fuck?

    trey burke

    @***** no i dont like his voice

    trey burke

    @***** nope i cant stand his voice, also he was to glamour rock for me

    trey burke

    @***** see i dont like andrew woods voice. i dont like real high pitch voices and high screams i like more of the baratone but i do love candlebox and his voice is kind of high though,

    trey burke

    @*****  this song is so amazing


    Who is Aeowsmith?

  49. Alex Flores

    11 people need to get out of my fucking face!

  50. Sam S


  51. trey burke


  52. Robert Hanson

    11 people wouldn't know GREAT music if it bit them squarely on the ass...which this song does.

  53. Phillip Blount

    My rally cry

  54. Andrew Thomas

    This song smacks you in the face

  55. Carlos Navarro Fernández


  56. IntoTheHeartOfMusic

    This has to be one of the greatest PJ songs of all time.

  57. Brooks Estrada

    Im lost Im no guide, but Im by your side!

  58. fido8667

    We are young!


    the solo at the end is the best ever (PJ included)

  60. Alec Parsons

    Drop the leash drop the leash get out my fuckin face!!!!

  61. deamon850

    the best song about rebellion

    Elias Meyer

    This and pretty much any rage against the machine song.

  62. Cata Aguilar

    I listen this and I think One Direction And Justin Bieber are the worst singers ever.

  63. Cata Aguilar

    And Green river or Melvins.

  64. John Bellows

    My Top Pearl Jam albums that are on my list are VS, Vitalogy, Ten, Pearl Jam and Yeild! There are others but I still need to listen to them! Which I am looking forward to! :D

  65. Samantha Sam

    TROUBLED SOULS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Edward Maiden

    ten was the best grunge album ever

  67. Mason Puckett

    Their first two records you can definitely hear grunge. Trust me.

  68. iwannagosurfing139

    man I wish there were more bands like this now days. Maybe there are and I'm just not aware of it, but it seems to me that bands back then had something amazing to sing about as well as soul. Doesn't seem like that anymore.

  69. vengiameen

    i think FF are pretty popular ._.

  70. kerry kendrick

    eh idk man kinda just alternative to me

  71. 1nfinitysL1mit

    An AMAZING end to an incredible album. VS. was RIDICULOUS.

  72. MegaSlimes

    foo fighters isn't grunge


    MegaSlimes yeah they're more alternative pop. They're not bad but this is a million times better.

    Royland Owens

    MegaSlimes Damn, for some strange reason I agree

  73. M0RPED

    Your right except on the part of Foofighters, they are a great band but they aren't a grunge band, just saying.

  74. MrXtreme1234567

    i have this on my mp3

  75. drummerboy231434

    For some reason whenever I listen to the lyrics of this song, I picture a group of fed up kids going around on a riot, and rescuing more kids to join their rebellion along the way.


    drummerboy231434 that's what I picture when I hear 1979 by the smashing pumpkins

  76. Led Back

    yeah no that makes sense, but even though it was at the end one of the *creators of grunge was in a band, so it didn't completely end when the first album came out, but would have made more sense to name alice in chains instead i suppose

  77. mikey41rules

    Yeh but the band was created at the death of the grunge era, their style is totally different than any of the other bands he listed. I thought it was just weird to name the fathers of grunge and then throw in foo fighters instead of like alice in chains or screaming trees.

    Joshua King

    mikey41rules ya foo fighters is from after the grunge era. They def have a similar sound to grunge but i wouldnt classify them as that

    Annie REILY

    This band was not created at the death of grunge . Do the math .

  78. Led Back

    what do you fighters exploded in the 90's....there first album is practically grunge

  79. drummerboy231434

    Know ur pain. Hate when everyone at my school talks about the music they like and like the artists they listen to are so talented and write such meaningful songs.

  80. mikey41rules

    did you just put foo fighters on that list...really....

  81. outlawcountryman

    lol i bought this on cassette three days ago and listened to it.

  82. MrXtreme1234567

    drop the leash get of my fuckin face

  83. MrXtreme1234567

    get out of my fukin face

  84. Paul Bickle

    Oh, get outta' my fuckin' face... Love it.

  85. Busta

    I bought this on cassette many moons ago and forget to listen to it for that reason. Just yesterday downloaded onto my nano and think I'm gonna have to budget for getting everything else in this format on it too.
    I love this album, it has stood up to the test of time and is a classic!

  86. Richy Yates

    Even if the kid is 12, you can't spell for shit.

  87. TheNumberOneGuyDude

    what the hell does that even mean?

  88. Marc-Olivier Gingras


  89. cblakes2015

    Same here lol Ron Paul sucks ass

  90. Rob Davies

    please thumbs down this comment

  91. AwareWulf

    thankyou , finally someone , and might i admire ur name :)

  92. fgsltwhghobstwbihsnp

    You're welcome. My comment was a joke anyway - I don't even like Ron Paul and it would be an embarrassment for him to have music like this. And yes I know where Pearl Jam was in the early 90s. I was buying all their albums.

  93. em71383n

    @TheWanderingSkeleton Pearl Jam forever!

  94. doctorshifty83

    Because of all the 'F' words in this song, I'm surprised this album never got a Parental Advisory logo, and to think I was 14 when I bought this album, my mom was there with me! I dont care, cause it's one of my favorites off of Vs...Its cool cause in the lyrics sheet of the CD cover, it goes "It was their idea 'told me to get her pregnant'" which basically reiderated to "...I prove to be a man." as the final result. I'm just saying, gives you an idea of what the lyrics originally mean.