Pearl Jam - Indifference Lyrics

i will light the match this mornin', so i won't be alone
watch as she lies silent, for soon light will be gone
i will stand arms outstretched, pretend i'm free to roam
i will make my way, through, one more day in hell...
how much difference does it make
how much difference does it make...
i will hold the candle till it burns up my arm
i'll keep takin' punches until their will grows tired
i will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
hey i won't change direction, and i won't change my mind
how much difference does it make
how much difference does it make..
how much difference...
i'll swallow poison, until i grow immune
i will scream my lungs out till it fills this room
how much difference
how much difference
how much difference does it make
how much difference does it make...

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Pearl Jam Indifference Comments
  1. Danny Irish

    This song is Lyric and Verses hidden gem. So underrated.

  2. Bianca Fry-Watego

    I’ve never felt so lonely in a comment section.. all these comments are from like 3, 4, 5 years ago

  3. Jason H

    Thankyou and good bless to you all

  4. Jenè PacMan’sMom

    I always remember this song helping me through my youth when I felt broken... I was ignorant to broken then...

    I lost my adored 20yr old son, Kyle on a Sunday morning...January 21, 2018.
    Broken is dying with him & waiting to die again to be with him. Broken is watching his baby brother suffer, broken is seeing his father fall to his knees-Broken is our family...the strongest link in our chain just gone...tragically & suddenly! All this Love, so much love with nowhere to go-Broken!
    Kyle, until I hold you again...I’ll navigate this life blindly as my eyes only look for you!
    There is true heartbreak in this life and to anyone reading this, never take one day with the ones you love most for granted...Broken my family is but beautiful memories are the glue that keeps us going. Love to all who suffer with brokenness-you’re not alone!
    Kyle’s mom

    •Kyle David Strickland•
    June 17, 1997 ~ January 21, 2018

  5. Savage Dawg

    Drug use and yeah.....
    My wife decided she wanted to fuck a guy at work. Now we are in an "open relationship". Listen to the song with that in mind. You wanna talk about tough.... you can quit shooting heroin. You can't stop your wife from fucking another guy.

  6. Christopher Jones

    this has more soul than any song ive ever heard. Uncle j brought me here

  7. Stoned Meadow Of Doom

    This might just be their all time best song

  8. venusia messina

    Non trovo neanche un cuore per mandartelo

  9. venusia messina

    Ci vediamo domani e poi...

  10. venusia messina

    Penso che morirò questo Natale senza te🐱💍🎯⛪️💌

  11. Zurab Dzhidzhilava

    1000 comment. Love. This.

  12. Paul Critelli

    They closed with this the first time I saw them. Amazing

  13. chris moroney

    6 wks take a shower!!!!not a bath  you reek!

  14. cttmattchu69

    One of the most perfect songs ever written.

  15. James Malinowski

    Very Lennon-like lyrics. Full of "I will's" and "I won'ts." Defining his own destiny in the course of a 5 minute song, the way John would in his writing.

  16. Brian Sharp

    Listening to this song right now and battling with my addiction to alcohol. I have so much hatred towards the world and I used to be a nice, gentle, happy person. But right now I'm angry and down right tired, this song just speaks to me.

    Mike Wicki

    Brian that nice, gentle and happy person is still inside you. You just need to make a choice to BE that person again. That is the first and most important step to become YOU again. Regarding the alcohol try to reduce step by step, don't keep a stock in your fridge, drink ice cold alcohol free beers in between. I believe in you!

  17. Jesse E

    I'm an addict PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!

  18. Максим Евгеньевич Попов

    Existence is a series of footnotes to a vast, obscure, unfinished masterpiece. ~ Vladimir Nabokov.

  19. T L

    This song reminds me of a person that was taken from my life. I miss them daily.

    Professor Heretic

    I miss me daily... Or at least who I thought I was..

  20. Austin Nardone

    This is Chris Cornell right y'all?

  21. Timothy Parsons

    All the presidents and candidates are scum.

  22. Kristen Abbatiello

    really gooooooooooooooooood

  23. Josh K

    Very reminiscent of the doors

  24. Starzan36

    1000th comment!

  25. grabman

    "I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm
    Oh I'll keep takin' punches until their will grows tired
    Oh I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
    Hey, I won't change direction
    And I won't change my mind.."

  26. Custom Concretenow

    100 years from now, who going to care, do you wanna live forever?

  27. John Wilmot

    I know you care

  28. John Wilmot

    Thanks for last song

  29. God: I Am ARMAGEDDON!!!

    Hi My MOST BEAUTIFUL Holy Arch 👼 husband❤️ together forever eternity. LOVE Infinity 🕯️ ur song really helps sort out My confusion in this Planet of The Hate... I love you Eddie🙋 Grace God 💋💏 . My beautiful wife, music doesn't make you strong.. you make it strong when you created the composer. You are The Everlasting Love that is going to END THIS HATE!!!! I love you My DeiBy, e🌈💕

  30. God: I Am ARMAGEDDON!!!

    Thanks expers :) Have a nice AFTERLIFE!!! U made Heaven 💕 I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋

  31. Nickolas G

    I will hold the candle until it burns up my arm

  32. cttmattchu69

    This song, as well as Nutshell are the two main reasons i didn't kill myself once upon a time.

    Arda Ciba

    Glad you didn't, see now the difference this song has made? Keep on living.

  33. S M G

    "one more day in hell"

    Huh. We are in the same place he is. Whatever could he mean by that?

  34. Liz Roubinian

    Can be about heroin or dying on the cross - physically dying on the cross is the feeling of hell

    Nick Hill

    I guess to different people it can have different meanings on battles they have been through and going through.

  35. Bigfoot

    I think we all have our reasons here as to why this song speaks to us. It might be from dealing with some kind of trauma, an addiction of one form or another, feelings of inadequacy or many other things. Just want to wish everybody here well, not just in your daily lives and in healing but also in THRIVING. I am a firm believer in redemption, though I don't believe that it has to come from God or some idea of a Messiah. We are fully capable of redeeming ourselves independently of some divine influence that may or may not exist. We are our own redeemers, our own messiahs, and we are fully capable of creating happy lives for ourselves. Good luck to everyone here.

  36. Scott Fitzgerald

    Always amazed me how he sings the words...

  37. Bob Cowles Jr

    That man has a voice

  38. Bob Cowles Jr

    So we are all just skipping along not knowing what's going on

  39. Bob Cowles Jr

    Like my ex-wife

  40. Bob Cowles Jr

    I always thought the song was about a control freak

    Bob Cowles Jr

    I thought they were talking about my ex-wife

  41. Bob Cowles Jr

    I did crack cocaine for 7 years and I beat that crap but on a lighter note not really I thought they were talking about a woman that did you wrong

  42. leather face

    Perfection on multiple levels. Those of us in teens and early 20s during this period are extremely fortunate, at least in our ingestion of timeless, far underrated music.

  43. VirulentKiss

    i started singing karaoke in the next state under a false name to get over my social anxiety, and eventually gained enough confidence to do it in front of my friends. this was one i performed as i knew it to be beautiful, and it stunned them. another was the last track from surrealistic pillow by jefferson airplane. it turns out stunning the audience isn't what you're supposed to do unless you want gasps and silence instead of applause. i don't want applause

  44. VirulentKiss

    this is my favorite song. the last time they played near me my wife bought tickets 45 seconds after they went on sale, and we were so close he could hear me ask for it as the encore and played it. best. moment. ever.

    Nick Hill

    That's awesome

  45. Hunter Waters

    Where my 2019 peoples at??

    Nick Hill

    Right here

  46. masquenada8

    I am still tripping...

  47. Kaspars Germanis

    When I listen to this song I just want to take a whiskey and think about life... suddenly I feel older and so much experienced

  48. Galderik

    Nice song to listen to on a cold foggy autumn morning looking out the window.

  49. Stephanie House

    I love you Eddie!!💖

  50. Karen Lee

    Wow* this takes me aback* damn, I used to and still do have nights of pearl jam marathons, dusk till Dawn* true* can never get enough of Eddie Vedder* was gonna drive to the middle of Australia to see you an all huh* magic* had obligations but* I'll do it now*

  51. Doogie Howson

    I came here to like all your comments

  52. preston Frank

    I miss my lil bro passed away to soon just only 29yrs

  53. Angie B

    Man, you can always count on reading some GREAT comments with PJ songs...very rarely do I see anything negative...and if i do see negative, its told and PJ is the reason may people are going on with their lives and just trying to make it in this crazy ass thing we call Life...rock on people. Much love to you ALL😍☮☮☮🕯🌍♥️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

  54. Ant Eye folkzz 77

    Iris? How much difference does it make? Everything. R.I.P you beautiful angel l will never ever forget or get over my loss of you...

  55. Cheryl Boyd

    No matter how never totally leaves your thoughts

  56. Micio Talijan

    One of my favourites of my favourite Eddy

  57. Chris Hulin


  58. Linde Eneik

    Respect & ♡ to Pearl Jam. Aren't they super amazing!? Greetings from Latvia!

    Park James Shaw


    Park James Shaw


  59. Cheryl Boyd

    I won't change direction and I won't change my mind

  60. VirulentKiss

    I used to listen to this song after sneaking out of the house and climbing the pump house on the reservoir at the top of the hill, and look out on the city lights below, and the stars above. The last time I saw Eddie my wife bought tickets the very second they went on sale, and we were so close that when he asked for an encore request he heard me yell "Indifference" and played it. I happened to be studying sign language at the time, and signed him thank you after the performance when he looked into the crowd where the request came from

  61. Chris Simpson

    RIP Tyler Skaggs- We love you always.

  62. Dries Braeckman

    You make all the difference to my ears & soul, brother!

  63. Maura Morgigni


  64. Bob Cowles Jr

    I know Eddie Vendor is deep but come on now it's about a relationship okay maybe it is a relationship about drugs but I thought it was about a couple married

  65. Bob Cowles Jr

    I took it out as a controlling ex-wife

  66. Ant Eye folkzz 77

    You know , you cool Pearl Jam fans l just wanted to say that I'm well aware of the meaning here and how powerful it is however l relate on a different level if you don't mind me saying so. " l will make my way through one more day in hell.." I lost my soulmate Iris a year ago and l still find bitter tears for when l hear that. Powerful words indeed.

  67. Alessandro Davi

    Eddie is a gifted magician of chords, vocals and lyrics...
    Thank God we have him.

  68. Dj Forever

    It makes no difference!

  69. thief25

    anyone who knows Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan will LOVE Eddie Vedder..

  70. Rick McKnight

    Music can do AMAZING things if you vibe w it. Close your mind off and just listen

  71. Art Fisher

    This was my wedding song in '94... Still married, and this song is a bond.

  72. Nathan-N14Nismo

    Hi Cass.... 😊

  73. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    Em I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋💏

  74. Scott Petermann

    630 losers would thumb down this song. Christ what is wrong with people.....there is no hope for the future

  75. Shawn O'loughlin

    To jesse e you have no fucken idea of the torment junkies or ex junkies feel dont talk shit until u have lived it great song i love pj

  76. kathé La Pointe

    Teach Only Love

  77. Vincent Schena

    Clean fucking slice

  78. Vincent Schena

    I like this song my initials r the album
    Makes me wanna rampage on victim

  79. Marius Van Gerven

    The boautiful voice of a man with a boautiful vision ..., love and understanding all the way ... Son of God, my big bro, thank you so much to end this isolation of knollege, to turn it in an valuable experience ..

  80. Jaren Vince

    eddie's voice transformed so much thru the years

  81. Carolyn Martin

    This song reminds me of my abusive childhood that I managed to live through and have some sanity left. It was hard for me to listen to but Eddie's voice and lyrics grip you as soon as he opens his mouth to sing.

  82. Timothy Tingle

    The beauty of music is that 100 people can listen to it on a very deep level and all have a different experience and thought process as to what the song means. Then you can ask the person who wrote/performed it and have a completely different meaning for the song. The meaning is irrelevant at that point. The real beauty is did it help all or most of those people get through the potentially troubling time in their life. If the answer is yes then the song serves it's purpose and therefore beautiful.

  83. Morphius Dream

    See When Your back is against the Wall . Every thing about you becomes under heavy scrutiny . And when you have already made your desicion. Who Am I to stop you. Or persuade your animus or even get an opportunity . Stacked Deck . House Wins. And it makes little difference when I've lost as much as I have . There is no way to restore time. Memories I never had the chance to have. But how much difference?

  84. Lillie Oliver

    In the long run, where cross roads appear, there is a big difference between never giving up and having let aspiration die.

  85. Luciano Melo

    Palmeiras não tem Mundial

  86. Tyron Gentry

    This song speaks to my soul!!!!!

  87. 2024_Aidan OKeeffe

    The lyrics are SOOOOOOOOOOO slow

  88. brickswisher

    I change by not changing at all.

  89. TransfictionTV

    This man has kept me from killing myself for like 20 years. Music is powerful shit.

  90. The Adonis

    Thankyou mr vedder

  91. TheSaxonViolins


  92. Todd Francis

    10 album and this forgot exrta or anyway saved my life growing up,but again took hard painkillers nerve pills 30ml morphine 16 a day 100s of nerve pills they wouldn't kill me sober now but i sill blast it.

  93. mason 23


  94. Spring Chic

    I swallow poison until I grow immune 🎶 I will scream my lungs out until I fill this rooom... oh much difference does it make🎶 #allthefeelz #shook 🖤

  95. Timothy Boswell

    Just how week an man are you ... Or was that just me off an a ... We ... Babies ...

  96. Keith Morgan

    Kills me everytime

  97. Paulina Guzmán

    This is my absolute favourite song! My happy place is being at their concert in Mexico City on November 2011, and this was one of the last songs they played. :)