Pearl Jam - Glorified G Lyrics

got a gun, fact i got two
that's ok man, cuz i love god
glorified version of a pellet gun
feels so manly, when armed
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a pellet gun
don't think, dumb is strength
never shot at a living thing
glorified version of a pellet gun
feels so manly, when armed
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a pellet gun
glorified version of a...
always keep it loaded
always keep it loaded
always keep it loaded
kindred to be an american...
life comes...i can feel your heart...
life comes...i can feel your heart through your neck...
life comes...i can feel your heart through your neck...
like some...i can steal your heart from your neck...

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Pearl Jam Glorified G Comments
  1. H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X

    I always feel a little bit better after having listened to this

  2. floyd Lay


  3. Michael Bailey

    In fact I've got 2

  4. Samuel Russo

    Who came here from the Felger and Mazz show?

  5. Gammaman69

    A lot of people are saying “glorified g” stands for “glorified gangster.” This is very dishonorable.

  6. Darth Synmor

    "Glorified version of a pellet gun"

  7. Rob Hansen

    I remember when this came out, and I thought then as I do now, I think they tried too hard on this record

  8. 672nic

    People in a pissing contest on the internet about wether a glock or a 1911 is better and I’m just sitting here humming this in my head while I’m cleaning my .500

  9. Andrew Hall

    Squeaky mazz

  10. Pete Pyeatt

    “Always keep it loaded!”

  11. RikTRFC

    "All 5 versions of a pelican".

  12. redz machine

    Glorified version of a pellet gun

  13. Lesser Brother

    I like Pearl Jam, but I also support 2nd amendment rights. If Jeff Ament was packing some firepower, he might have stopped those 2 muggers that robbed him in 2009.

  14. Grumpy Troll

    Somedays i think we all feel like a glorified version of a pelican.

  15. Tetractys Merkaba

    Pearl Jam were the corporate version of real grunge bands like The Melvins, Mudhoney and Nirvana. We can hear this in their trite, conformist lyrics.

  16. popvinnik

    The outro/ending kinda remind me of Backwater.

  17. Aras Toksoy

    Best drums with best drummer

  18. Chris Prosser

    In the running for most audio misidentification in lyrics history.
    Specifically: "glorified version of a pellet gun"

  19. Filiklik Lik


  20. Jeremy Jones

    For years I thought it was 45 virgins and a pellet gun.

  21. Chris Jones

    You're a fine version of a pelican...

  22. redz machine

    Always keep it loaded always keep it loaded kindred to being american

  23. redz machine

    Glorified version of a pellet gun, don't think dumb is strength

  24. Dean Stepp

    😁🤪😁🤪😁🤪😁....✌% Seattle's best....%2✌ my brother.....

  25. pinkfreud62

    I've got more than 2 guns.

  26. M Knottzi

    Damn right i have more than one gun... love the song but hate the message. Yes its always loaded!

  27. BL1400

    Damn you, youtube comments! Now i can't hear this without thinking of a pelican holding an AK-47

  28. Reker moma

    You can atleast respect this track because in this time of gun control uncertainty, Eddie has maintained the integrity of his gun control views. I'm sure his other bandmates share similar or comparable views aswell pertaining to gun safety laws.

  29. Tom Burb

    Such a musically and vocally brilliant song. Too bad the lyrics sound like they could be from an anti-gun propaganda song from 1930's Nazi Germany.

  30. Chris Bano

    One of my favorite guitar solos 2:41 just keeps going till the end of the song, Mike McCready way to go!

  31. Alex

    Lost my cousin on a pelican

  32. Mark Ross

    Pearl Jam sucks! To 2000

  33. Limits98



    Got a gun,
    Fact I got two
    That's ok man,
    Cause I love god
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Feels so manly,
    When armed

    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun

    Don't think,
    Dumb is strength
    Never shot at
    A living thing
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Feels so manly,
    When armed

    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a pellet gun
    Glorified version
    Of a...

    Always keep it loaded
    Always keep it loaded
    Always keep it loaded

    Kindred to be
    An American...

    Life comes...
    I can feel your heart...
    Life comes...
    I can feel your heart
    Through your neck...
    Life comes...
    I can feel your heart
    Through your neck...
    Like some...
    I can steal your heart
    From your neck...


  34. Michael Willett

    This song is absolutely terrible...and not because it's about guns...its the goofiest riff, just stupid melody...pearl jam is glorified nickelback...their music just doesnt stand the test of time

  35. Paul Stentiford Stentiford

    Read the fucking lyrics on the CD understood every word awesome tune by an amazing band paul from London peace and love

  36. Dean Stepp

    Glorified version of a pellet gun !

  37. wherearemybones2

    1:29 the shift there to fucking badassness is insane... I love Pearl Jam’s ability to be mellow at times but fucking BARK at other times. Great, unknown song by them.

  38. Márcio Souza

    Sonzeira 🇧🇷

  39. VoiceOfModeration

    i agree with a lot of the posts below that its a really epic, well-made catchy song despite the self-righteous left-wing loonie toon message. I don't let that bother me with Pearl Jam. I just enjoy all the really good songs. It is kind of stupid to be pro abortion but yet vegan, "all about the freedom" but yet they wanna make it illegal for you to disagree with them (i.e. leftist political correctness activist), anti-racism but yet hating the Jews and Israel is okay etc. w/e it is, all the left-wing insanity, endless series of self-imploding contradictions - claiming to be more open minded but yet controlling speech b/c "ppl need to be protected from your opinion", left wing lunacy, roman circus games galore. In terms of being able to sing and musicianship, and creativity coming up w/ really good stuff, I have to hand it to PJ - there's some but not many bands out there on the same level.

    Tom Burb

    Wanting to ban guns, hating Jews, and being anti free speech... sounds familiar doesn't it?

  40. summit

    Ma bois hear this shit everyday goin to work

  41. igotanM16

    Felger and Mazz anyone??

    Brian Lord

    Yes sirr!

  42. mike galasso

    Gonna find version of a pellet gun...

  43. Eric M

    I love this drum intro.


    Eric M seriously. Book ends on this song are amazing. Ending with great solo

  44. dorothy holt

    Love the song because its an in your face rocker with a bunch of passion , and eff you if you don't like it. Glorified version of a pellet gun! Also, one of mccreadys best!

  45. Defunct na

    felger and mazz?

  46. jjj

    Too many damn bootlicking conservative assholes in this comment section

  47. Mike Porten

    I just don’t let the sarcasm affect me and make this song my anthem. I love my gun and I do feel so manly when armed.

  48. anonymous youtube user #7

    I am all for gun control, but god damn this song is pure garbage.

  49. metalcircus


  50. David Ferrara

    My turn

    Glorified virgin on a pelican.

  51. scott adams

    glorified version of a good band

  52. M Knottzi

    I'm sure his security has firearms... even on the dirty north side.. 2nd amendment till I die but I like the guitar riffs

  53. Rabbid Squirrel

    Glorified version of a pellet gun. Anyone know how to use their fists anymore?

    Esta Subtitulado

    In Argentina we got a phrase that explains that situation: "Los machos se terminaron cuando se invento la pólvora"
    The best traduction would be: " The chads ended when the gunpowder was invented"

  54. Squid Vicious

    Haha, it's glorified version of a pellet gun.

  55. Retro Nerd

    This song sounds JUST like a Spin Doctors song when it starts, haha

  56. josé augusto de oliveira amorim

    nobody knows it's ironic the poetry sense of this song uh?

  57. miha debevec

    We miss Dave!

  58. John H Taylor

    Forty-five versions of a pelican. . .

  59. Rachel Edwards

    So this song is about gun control & not a pelican

  60. Dave Haynes


  61. generic anime pfp person

    Relevant more today than in 1993

  62. mason 23

    glorified versión of a auronplay

  63. CineVince

    Ahead of its time.

  64. mason 23

    what this song means?


    mason 23 The drummer they had at the time mentioned having guns and Eddie Vedder was offended by the idea, so he wrote this song quoting what the drummer said to him (“Glorified version of a pellet gun,” “in fact I’ve got two”) and he’s mocking gun owners by saying they feel like big men when they have guns and they feel powerful killing living things.

  65. channel 4 saturday mornings

    hes the one who like all are pretty song likes t osing along bu dosnet know wha tit means agun got two i lvoe god glor i fied virgin o na peelet gun glorifedversion on a pellet gun ......always keep it loded always keep it loaded ok metallica a list of sogntha tkick but can metallica retieve the mwiht gettng yeelld at 1000 tiems ontv agsaain angry chair angrywals that fill hteair ........guitar one guitar wo now guitar three now signer playing loud fast sandiego style hve o pla ytheir good rea lgood .....steal theri guitar book sale your sogn infortre your ow nband the corwd udnest6and sale your bnads udnerwear sale yourow nudnerwear sale fleas udnerwaerr will red al lthebooks team up sofleasste lall thebnad lyrics sheets icecube two reagoodlyrics dotn cal lus have usteal are band msuic unless ok unless ok okdea ltukamin tomb video game o kdeal walk thru the game i mmad immad im going thru first ime win the ngame over forever

  66. Bwahah Ahaha

    Dennis & Callahan, anyone?

    Defunct na

    felger and mazz

    Bwahah Ahaha

    Crap! I knew it was one of them, my bad I'm not really a big sports talk fan, I've just heard my dad watching it on his tv in the other room

  67. JRS One

    18 school shootings in 46 days. Gtfo, gun nuts. We’re coming for your assault rifles. You’ll still be a man.

    Johnny Highbrass

    John Short you need guns to take guns


    lol no liberals are taking anyone's shit

    Raven / Fuck Antifa

    But guns will never be taken away, pretty absured to even think about it.

    Danny Standish

    John Short 😂😂 you will be grabbin it from the barrel

    Zeke D

    Assault Rifles are already banned...and the 18 school shootings number that you probably got from "Everytown" has already been proven to be inflated to include incidents with no victims/injuries. Even the NYT and CNN said it was disingenuous to say 18 school shootings had occurred. Everything about your comment screams ignorance...but yeah...look out guys...they're coming LMAO

  68. Richard Suarez

    Best PJ album in my opinion!


    Ten is better but VS is really good too.

  69. israel bennett

    Got a gun fact i got two!

  70. globalnova

    Last chord melds perfectly into Govinda....

  71. Ela Lamblin

    Thank you Pearl Jam for giving us PROUD NON gun owners a voice.

    Bubba Mike

    metalshaper yeah listen to nirvana on that day

    Traci Davis

    Ela Lamblin Proud and willing slave is what you are, mind controlled by media/gov propaganda

    Grey Shadows

    Wow! That took a turn. If you don’t want to own a gun, then don’t. But don’t put it on the internet and make yourself a target

    M Knottzi

    Ela Lamblin you’re a retard. I hope you’re the next intended victim at a public shooting. I will pull out my glock and plug that guy so you can drink more soymilk with your boyfriend. Coming from Chicago this shits not a joke. Every weekend 20 to 30 shootings happen every weekend. Thats reported shootings! There’s nothing your purse or tiny fists can do about it. Get educated! Learn how to protect yourself and your family

    Zachary Scott

    @M Knottzi 😂

  72. Serpent Sepia

    A lot of people own guns not because they need them but because they love them.

  73. malicious1111

    The meaning of the song can be explained in this episode of a great tv show,

  74. Metal McFly

    Fourty five virgins with a pellet gun

  75. BigDog 4445

    Anyone here from Felger and Mazz

  76. Danish Dammit

    Fantastisk sang

  77. Riley Walsh

    suvk en fantastisk sang

  78. Southern Drinkstruction


  79. jett hamilton

    Very fucking relevant at the moment

  80. Andrew R. Hicks

    Awesome tune!

  81. Master Skeletor

    i dont own a gun. i am a democrat. i am mostly liberal minded.. but im also a scientific minded fella that wouldnt put gun control up as a real way to treat larger societal problems .. especially when americans have such a clearly protected right to bear arms as written 2nd amendment in the bill of rights.


    Firstly, the number of homicides committed per 100,000 people is directly correlated with how strictly that nation regulates gun control. It goes against all statistics we have available to say that a tightening of gun control would not treat societal problems.
    Secondly, the second amendment isn't as clear as most people seem to think it is. It was originally referring to state militias, not to individual ownership of guns. That's why it has the phrase "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" in it. It's only in somewhat modern times that the meaning of the second amendment has been reinterpreted to mean that individuals should have the right to gun ownership.

  82. Teo silva

    my favorite song of the pearl jam

  83. Charles Surette

    Felger and Mazz intro music.

  84. David Talany

    Okay so I do love some Pearl Jam but I absolutely hate their left wing politics. I have seen a ton of interviews with Eddie and I respect his passions against guns but what I don't respect is his cherry picking of the groups that he targets. I have yet to hear one mainstream media interviewer sit down with Eddie and ask him why is it that he only seems to go after 'White, Southern, Conservative, Christian, 2nd Amendment' loving law abiding citizens. I'd be curious for him to PUBLICLY be asked and FORCED to answer what he feels about black gangta' rap where in every video they are wielding guns, shooting cops, disrespecting women, or how about what is his views on Snoop Dogg's latest video where he blows President Trump away with a gun? You see it'd be nice to get him publicly on the record speaking out against groups other than just White, God-fearing, Conservative 2nd Amendment Christians who generally tend to be law abiding citizens and not those who glorify cop killers, or gangsta' thug rappers, waving their guns like idiots in their music videos. Way to be so bold and courageous Eddie, you damn sure tell it like it is lol! Anyone can call out White America why don't you do us all a favor and spread the love to other groups in America like Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, etc. You and the rest of liberal America is what got President Trump elected not the Russians with your assenine hypocrisy and political correctness. I have yet to see a liberal give me a good answer, ON the record, as to why only certain groups bear the wrath of their hateful rhetoric and venom.

    R M Steinwachs

    its more than a little tongue in cheek. dont be so defensive, christians are supposed to get made fun of. yall read scripture recently?

    David Talany

    Geezus Khrist all I said was call all groups out. Go after gun owners and white Christians but how about Muslims, Black gangstas and all of their buillshit. They deserve to be made fun of too.

    Peoples Hernandez

    Dave Talany so he should make fun of blacks and Muslims instead of gun owners? Lol you're a moron. The song is about a specific situation in his life and you're telling him to be a racist instead.

    R M Steinwachs

    jeebus lighten up

    David Talany

    @R M Steinwachs you're a little late to this jackass. I commented a year ago about this and then I just seen a notification of what you wrote.

  85. Defunct na

    Agenda free Fridays

  86. Erik Hobson

    bought a sig and glock after remembering this song. thx eddie!

  87. Jaredsfarm

    Its a pussy anti-gun song, but a good song all the same

  88. David Webb

    One of the best songs out there, I love it. Glorified Version Of Pellet Gun. lmao.

  89. Robert magrene

    pellet gun

  90. sean harrington

    I thinking the real words are pellet gun and they're glorifying to mean actual gun in adaption

  91. John Rocker

    Eddie Vedder gets sooo mad at people who wanna own a gun this creep has no business talkin politics


    IF he's an American, he has every right to talk about politics, whether you agree with it or not.

    Matt LaForce

    Beautifully said sir. John Rocker can eat shit with that dumbass mindset.

    Jeremy Furley

    Pearl Jam is my favorite band of all time but there's no denying that they're liberal pansies.

  92. Easton Hirsh

    Its actually a funny story how they wrote this song, the drummer bought a "coupla guns" hence at the begining they say "fact I got 2" I know the song mocks gun owners, but i always thought it was funny... (Im pro gun btw)

    okir rama

    Tactical Depression it's also the reason why they kicked out the drummer

    Matt LaForce

    yessir... they were very different people haha

  93. Oppie Oppenheimer

    Genius band

  94. Defunct na

    Alright everybody welcome to Felger and Mazz broadcasting on 98.5 the Sports Hub and streaming across the country on NBC Sports Boston. Anthony, how you doing?

    "good you?"

    "Good. Enough of the pleasantries. Let's talk some football. Jimmy after I wipe down you can release the hounds. 617-779-0985 is our number."


    Steve Parziale suck it Felger.

    Madzdad 85

    Steve Parziale Exactly what comes to mind whenever I hear this.

    Brian Lord

    "GOOD YOU" love mazz

    Brian Lord

    Release the hounds

  95. Steve Frost

    Always Keep It Loaded


    Steve Frost safety always off

  96. Jason h

    Good song but I hate the message, dosent mean I can't rock out to it

  97. Cocks Mcmotherfucker

    I really like this song, I think it's great. I am pro gun, but the lyrics are pretty good. And the music is catchy, even if some people call it a train wreck.

    Antonio Nielson

    Cocks Mcmotherfucker Same here, don’t really agree with the message, but the song is catchy so I still like it.


    This song is about pelicans, what does this have to do with gun control?

  98. Sean Milstead

    It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this!


    Gordon Ramsay this needs to be on a fuckin shirt, lol

    Ela Lamblin

    Gordon Ramsay lol

    Derek Landin

    Sean Milstead Very clever

    Harry Satchel

    This needs way more likes. This is gold.

  99. Tristan Batchler

    I thought it was "What a fine version of a pelican!"

    Harry Satchel