Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Lyrics

I seem to recognize your face
Haunting, familiar, yet I can't seem to place it
Cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
Lifetimes are catching up with me

All these changes taking place
I wish I'd seen the place
But no one's ever taken me

Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away

I swear I recognize your breath
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Me you wouldn't recall for I'm not my former
It's hard when you're stuck upon the shelf

I changed by not changing at all
Small town predicts my fate
Perhaps that's what no one wants to see

I just wanna scream "Hello!"
My God it's been so long
Never dreamed you'd return
But now here you are, and here I am

Hearts and thoughts they fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away
Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away

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Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Comments
  1. Tony C

    I loved the 90s for songs like this and bands like pearl jam from the 90s such a great time in my life so nostalgic and these masterpieces from that decade were like getting in a time machine and being sent to a specific memory hearing this song every once in a while helps me remember how good i had it back then and to never EVER take things for granted I luv u Eddie!!

  2. Trever Pfeifer

    They sure dont make 'em like they used to....

  3. Ethan

    Hearts and thoughts they fade away 😢

  4. Chanessa Jadwin

    lifetimes are catching up to me

  5. Paula Todd

    "Our Song": He had been my best friend since I was 8 years old. I was literally the girl next door. The girl next door to him. I loved him for as long as I could remember. When I was 17 and he was 19, there was no longer denying it, we had fallen in love. I was a Senior in High School. We were going to run off and get married after I graduated. My parents were strict and rigid. They would never have allowed me to be with him, let alone see him, so our relationship was a secret. That is until March 1997 when my Mother asked me if there was something going on between the two of us. I didn't want to lie. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. So I told her the truth. I thought she would understand. I thought she would see the love in my heart, how genuine and cherished it was. She didn't. I was forbidden from seeing him. I had to repent at my church. I was home bound. I had to account for my whereabouts 24/7. It destroyed me. I lost 15 lbs, my parents pelted me with guilt constantly, told me how I shamed them, they had trusted me, couldn't believe I had been leading a double life. This went on for months. I was sick with guilt. Come January 1998, I was given permission to finally talk to him. We met up. He said he still loved me and wanted us to be together. Everything in me wanted that too, but my heart had died. I felt nothing. I looked at him and I saw a void. I couldn't even be sad about it. I just felt nothing. A week later I met someone else and married them within 9 months. We divorced after 5 years. A year after that, I met someone, got pregnant, had our son, then got married about 1 1/2 years later. We split up after 14 years. I'm 41 years old and have never felt the way I did about him. I can't talk about the pain I caused him and the pain I felt when I lost him without crying. It's a cut so deep, it makes you choke on your tears. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have called him from school one day, told him to come get me, and eloped. I was 18 by then. I just didn't know. I didn't know I was going to lose the love of my life. He's happy now. He was a beautiful wife and kids. He's living the life he wanted. I'm very grateful he has that. However, I hope, on those rare occasions, when he's alone, listening to Pearl Jam, and he hears our song, he'll think about how in love we were. He think about how we would just stare into each others eyes while the lyrics ran through us. How he would tease me with singing "I swear I recognize your breath..." Just for that small moment, we can still love each other, and life is perfect.

  6. Michael Cartledge

    This is the first time I've tried listening and not crying to this song. It was an epic failure! This is poetry, so much different than the crap you get now.

  7. Libby Malcolm

    This brings me back to Jr High School. I loved Pearl Jam so much. This defined a whole Era. Eddie Vedder is the greatest rock star of all time to me.

  8. Intoxicated Daze

    brings a tear to my eye this one does
    and Man Of The Hour 😢

  9. Therein lies your first problem

    *"I changed by not changing at all..."*

    *"But here you are and here I am."*

  10. Beverly Davis

    shit happens. its how you carry on .
    bitter or grateful
    i choose to keep em in my heart .grateful

  11. Sunnyzen Garavito

    Love this song reminds me of friendships and now we're all in our 50s, but we were young when this came out 😁

  12. Götterdämmerung -

    .... I miss you Krissy

  13. Brian R


  14. SunlightAngel87

    This song inspired a scene in my novel. A lonely 101 year old man who has lost everyone in his life relives his days of when he was the baseball star in the year 1916. His very last Saturday before passing away, the nursing home allows him to visit his old baseball stadium where he used to play. It's abandoned now, but in his mind's eye, the stands are filled, they're chanting his name, and his teammates, who have been dead for years, are all there sitting in the dugout. And he's up to bat next. As he is pushed in his wheelchair to home plate, he passes a puddle, and in his reflection he sees he's no longer an old frail man in a wheelchair, he's a strapping young 18 year old man again.
    I heard this song on the radio when I was driving and that scene came to me. By the end of the song, I had to pull into a parking lot because I was crying so hard. Then I went home and wrote it.

  15. Sam Jones

    "I've changed by not changing at all"

  16. James Jackson

    i swear, this song IS the 90's. Such excellence.

  17. ass ass

    corner... great translation assfart

  18. Michael Rodriguez

    Art and thoughts they fade, fade away

  19. kakarroto007

    I love this song.

  20. Gretchen Baskwell

    Eddie changes the words to alot of the music. They fn blow.

  21. kelly sharp


  22. Jimbo Carrol

    I love this song as it makes me reflect on my past and where I'm going, thank you Mom I miss you and you loved this song too, I changed by NOT changing at all! memories like fingerprints I'm sorry but their not going away! Love ya PJ

  23. Prototype Kev

    Life times are catching up with me. Help me I’m fading away.

  24. Zaidah Graziano

    I’m starting to play this song already for a talent show audition on October 30th, I am singing and playing the chords on my guitar, I am nervous but I have basically gotten the chords memorized, just gotta get the rhythm down. I am so excited, but nervous because at my school I’m not known as one of those kids with the big groups of friends or cool water bottles or air pods. And I’m glad I listen to this music instead of rap and trashy pop artists.

    That’s besides the point, thanks for this amazing music~

  25. zen sunraw

    arts and farts the fade … away


    Where are the damn lyrics

  27. One SoundEffect

    It's "Hossenfeffer face, fade away," right? That's what it is.

    Götterdämmerung -

    One SoundEffect ....peppered rabbit face..?

  28. robert paulson

    Dear God I was born in 1975 and I grew up listening to this music. Dear God I beg you I beg you please please bring back the 90's. We could all use a back flash of refreshment. But it is so very true I remember every single friend from my childhood and they have all faded away.

  29. Jennifer LovesChrist

    With age, I changed by not changing at all

  30. Catherine Smith

    The feeling of seeing someone in a dream who's passed away. "I just want to scream hello, my god its been so long, never dreamed you'd return, but now here you are and here I am..."

  31. MrLmm001

    I heard this song for the first time in probably 10 years. When asked who I thought it was, I said Neil Diamond. Ha ha really.

  32. Kalowkey Channel

    this song stay in my phone now

  33. Mike Smith

    I know I'm getting old I grew up on this stuff it came out in my teens the other day I heard it on the classic rock station wow before long they will play this on the oldies station WOW WOW TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH I never thought I'd live to see twenty now I'm pushing 50 my gosh where did it go shit I have a kid almost 22 I can't believe it I heard a country song the other day it said don't blink you just might miss your babies growing like mine did turning into mom's and dads next thing you know your better half of 50 years is there in bed and your praying God takes you instead trust me friend 100 years goes faster than you think don't blink WOW WOW TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH

  34. D L

    727 with bad taste in music sad.

  35. popvinnik

    Dave A is a great drummer but his tendency to overplay gets on my nerves sometimes. Wayyyy too many cymbal crashes in this song. Unlike Dave K, he doesn't get the concept of playing with proper restraint to serve the song.

  36. Mike Smith

    Who's still listening in 9)13)2019 I'm sure there's some other 40 something's here being that we grew up on this music and for some of us this music got us threw some troubled times and mind frame's


    Mike Smith 44 and still jamming it!!

    Mike Smith

    @Dell 45 here and still hanging


    This should have at LEAST 3 more likes than it does

  38. Martin Stuart

    Im not crying you're crying

  39. Eileen Sianez

    I always think of my grandpa and nana when I hear this song.Beautiful song.

  40. Penny Wise

    Everytime I listen to this song, I get goosebumps and chills. Such an amazing song. 🤘

  41. kelly goodman

    will always love this

  42. David Falletta

    my god its been so long never dreamed you'd return but now here you are and here I am .... i dream of talking to my dad and telling him that. wish he would come back to me and help me but hes gone never to return. life sucks



  44. trey burke

    hearts and thoughts fade away. they sure do over time

  45. swig swoot

    \ 😥


  46. Mike B

    I heard this song yesterday on the Rock radio about an hour after, it felt like a co-ordinated attack TBH, I was out delivering stuff in my truck in the small city I was born and raised in, and I'm at this place, and in the back of my truck doing my thing, and this waitress looks out the door at her manager sitting there having a smoke break, amd really all I could see was her waist down anyway, the door to the truck was only open about 3 ft up, and its an attractive woman. I'm 45, she could be mid, late 30's, possibly even my age. Very blonde dye job (that's alright I'm not judging), but she stepped out the first time, went in, came out and sat down with the manager and chatted the whole time I did the delivery. She faced away from me, chatted with the guy, the guy saw me checking her out as I walked into view and then through the door. I was checking her out because I'm a perv hoping she was doing some shoe play or something, but half of me was thinking she reminds me of an old primary school class mate I had. I left them suddenly in mid grade six, possibly even like 3 months from the end. Never saw her again. Not until about 10 or so years ago. I was driving a truck for the same company, driving literally 1 street over from the street she lived on back then, and who do I see walking towards me on the sidewalk.... I knew it too. Part of me moved away from the sidewalk, I actually did very slightly. Not because I'm trying to avoid her, but I'm thinking give her as much space as I can. Yeah avoiding her, but not in that way, in a protection way. Respect. Her hair was all tied up in weird designs and she had glasses, it was almost as if she was rolling her eyes too... Its like she knew it was me, even though I really didn't think she would know it had been so long, and I'm behind a dirty windsheid of a truck, but you know. Maybe. I always saw myself as a pest to her sort of. She sat behind me in that last year. I believed she saw me as a bit of a pest, and I was, but there's no way it didn't hit her even a little bit when I left.

    Anyways I saw that and then I get back to the shop, and I hear it out of the getto blaster on the pop machine about an hour later. They don't play EWBTCINST often. They do but its a once every 2 or 3 years.

  47. Schera Do

    I was in a cafe (coffee) and they had a guy playing guitar and singing (amplified). He sang this song and I was reminded how much I loved this song. What a treat that was and the guy hit it right on the head. Christmas in August.

  48. Patrick O'Donnell

    Was this their 2nd album right after Ten? Talk about hitting it out of the park with no sophomore slump. Great album.

  49. St. O'Ned

    Might be just me....but PEARL JAM has never brought me to tears with their genius.

  50. Geoffrey Snyder

    What album was this song from? Next to "Release" this my favorite Pearl Jam song.

    trey burke

    damn serious fake pj fan here. its off their 2nd album vs

  51. Johnny Pottseed

    New internet game: auto correct or foreign uploader?

  52. Mazel89

    Makes me think of Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.

    jason cotterill

    Shut up

  53. PROPS

    Don't forget to care...

  54. Halo

    This song somehow manages to make me feel better no matter the circumstances.

  55. Erik Jasick

    Lifetimes are catchin up with me.....

  56. Puvin Terumalay

    so much love . so deep it is. its not the years man....its the roots of my connection to pj/mb.... this album gave me something pure . i love the whole fuckin lot of ya!

  57. Tammie Duncan

    I just love Pearl Jam!! Were ya'll going to be in concert next?

  58. Ed gAr

    This song is very calming but sad st the same time. I just graduated high school and I listened to this song for the first time earlier in the year nice lil growing up moving on song. Kinda reminds me of a girl who I had a thing with

  59. conversationskill

    I’m sitting here with a comforting drink in my hand looking out my window into the midnight show. I’m listening to this song and thinking about everybody. Everybody thinking....

  60. Jason Suarez

    I love singing this song with Everyone at a show, it is so healing. God bless you all who sing along.

  61. linda from ga

    So sad , most of the kids raised in the 80's , 90's who liked this music don't give two sh*ts about their elderly parents

    Mike Smith

    Or all people from GA are in bred hillbilly's well some things are TRUE

  62. nancy stabile

    Uauuu i love

  63. Logan Carlsbad

    this is the song I remember the most from my childhood, waking up taking an early morning ride to the grandparents where I'd be all day while my parents worked. I just remember this song being on the radio so frequently. Freaks me out that I'm 24 years old.. those good vibes and good tunes were such a life time ago..

  64. D Price

    What would the World be without PJ....?!

  65. Yakov Mikolov

    My first concert 1994

  66. Gabriel dos Santos Campos

    666 dislikes. The number says by thyself.

    Ljubo Bilić

    its still

  67. faridabarca

    3 min of pure emotions, one of their best songs...
    Press like, if you cried to this song

    chan ngo

    go fuck yourself.

  68. Orbital Butt

    One of the most Neil Young-esque songs in Pearl Jam's repertoire

  69. rjcflorida

    Dang! Eddie Vedder binging me back to the good days of the 90s. God bless Pearl Jam. I ❤️ this song.

  70. james Laskowski

    ....and after that she gave up on treating people


  71. Heidi Tinney

    I miss music :(
    My favorite song by pearl jam is come as you are🤘🖤

  72. Renan M. Sinhorini Gonçalves

    I just want to scream HELLOOOOOOOO. 🎶🎤🎼🎻🎵🎸
    I miss music :(
    3 min of pure emotions, one of their best songs...

  73. mistyify1

    Miss you Dad. .Everyday. Thank you for ever putting that Pearl Jam CD in my hand
    I just want to scream HELLOOOOOOOO. 🎶🎤🎼🎻🎵🎸
    beautiful song. Eddie Vedder is amazing.

  74. Rogerio Mello

    I just want to scream HELLOOOOOOOO. 🎶🎤🎼🎻🎵🎸
    beautiful song. Eddie Vedder is amazing.

  75. conor hughes

    beautiful song. Eddie Vedder is amazing.
    Miss you Dad. .Everyday. Thank you for ever putting that Pearl Jam CD in my hand
    I miss music :(

  76. Keith Miller

    Humble$$$ Chi&Do...
    !!! ENERGY!!!!

  77. molardog

    Farts and thoughts they fade.....fade away....


    Thank God the farts do at least.

  78. Martin Stoltz

    I just want to scream HELLOOOOOOOO. 🎶🎤🎼🎻🎵🎸
    3 min of pure emotions, one of their best songs...

  79. Skellingtøn AJ

    Um where are the lyrics?

  80. Filiklik Lik

    Best album best drummer

  81. Tyra Charismee

    My favorite Pearl Jam song, wish more people were aware of it
    3 min of pure emotions, one of their best songs...

  82. Lorraine Granada

    My favorite Pearl Jam song, wish more people were aware of it
    It's hard when you're stuck upon a shelf
    beautiful song. Eddie Vedder is amazing.

  83. Juliana martins stahler

    beautiful song. Eddie Vedder is amazing.
    this song will always touch my soul. amazing !!!

  84. 小林奨

    Press like, if you cried to this song
    this song will always touch my soul. amazing !!!
    I just want to scream HELLOOOOOOOO. 🎶🎤🎼🎻🎵🎸

  85. gfk lui;

    3 min of pure emotions, one of their best songs...
    My favorite Pearl Jam song, wish more people were aware of it

  86. David Bru

    When I was 16, I used to walk deep into the woods to a small, secret pond that only I knew about and go catfishing while watching the sunset and drinking beer, to this song. This was music. Music that inspired me to appreciate the simplicities of life. That all came to an end once I got caught up in adulthood... And also when I encountered a mountain lion trying to eat my catch of the night though.

  87. James Carroll

    Eddie Vetter, who is alive and Chris Cornell (RIP) Two of the BEST 😎

    Rusty Woodpecker


  88. Jon Grubbs

    Life times are catching up

  89. Johnny K

    Good gosh what id do to go back

  90. marciotemperante1

    Best song

  91. Jeepypasta Storytime

    This song reminds me of living in Sandpoint, ID in the early 90's and working/snowboarding at Schweitzer Mtn Resort. Beautiful memories!❣️

  92. Shemp

    But no ones ever taken me... poor Danny

  93. steven mandl

    longest title of a pearl jam song

  94. A Himmler

    So much emotion in Eddie's voice…

    Donald Pace

    and 🍺 beer

  95. J Mill

    What ever happened to THIS Pearl Jam?

  96. ben lindsley

    Tho no code & yield by far my fave, feel like this song led to those

  97. Casey Henry

    Fuck man... This song gets me every single time.