Pearl Jam - Brain Of J. Lyrics

Who's got the brain of JFK?
What's it mean to us now?
Oh, it's sound insurance
But I can tell you, this is no lie

The whole world will be different soon
The whole world will be relieved

You, you've been taught
Whipped into shape, now they got you in line
Stand behind the stripes
There will be order, so give it a good mind

The whole world will be different soon
The whole world will be relieved

And by name
The name they gave me
The name I'm letting go

The whole world will be different soon
The whole world will be relieved
The whole world will be different soon, soon

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Pearl Jam Brain Of J. Comments
  1. El Palomo

    The best album of PJ

  2. Jaden Frank

    Your shower thoughts: area 51 and shit
    My shower thoughts: I wannabe eddie vedder someday

    Probably Mel Gibson

    lol same

  3. Filiklik Lik

    Irons stole this song with bad drums fuck you irons and i love you mike and jeff

  4. Chris Balfour

    I'm boxing this Saturday coming the 18th of May. This is my ring entrance music. Pumped.

  5. Carl Ybarra

    Stones best solo

  6. Steven Davies

    I like Jack's drumming on this and in general with PJ in this era, but this is a song that would've suited Dave A probably more.

    Aras Toksoy

    Steven Davies Abbruzzesse's right foot> irons

    Iman S

    While heartedly agree. I have always thought that about this song.

  7. Eric Ellis

    Stone gssrd

  8. Jesus Alejandro Salomon Camacho


  9. Jesus Alejandro Salomon Camacho

    Bueeeena rola😎❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Propjoe10

    Jack Irons, ladies and gents. A fucking powerhouse.

  11. HypnotiX Sounds


  12. 4Realzeaz

    The main riff is very similar to the bass line of the Dead Kennedy's song Holiday in Cambodia. Considering the subject matter of the lyrics is this a coincidence or subtle tribute?

  13. Zane Budhabhai

    I wish the World WAS relieved already

  14. melanie townsend

    the whole world will be different soon! I believe it, i'm ready, i'm willing.

  15. Rumple Simpson

    That chorus.. ..FUCK!!!

  16. marco zeballos

    Qué tema más BKN por las rechucha

  17. gotpot47 PSN

    Holy shit this is about Violent J from ICP holy shit

  18. YogurtLPS


  19. Jason Peter's

    I was LUCKY enough to be 14 in Fall 1991. Freshman in High School

  20. Jason Peter's

    top 5 Pjam albums and my age when they came out in parenthesis.
    1.Vitalogy (17)
    2. Vs (16)
    3. No Code (19)
    4. Ten (14)
    5. Binaural (22)

  21. Jason Peter's

    best song off Yield. Top10 Fab Pjam song of mine

  22. Brian Patrick

    tomorrow, the whole world will be different.

  23. Sergio Barajas

    Who's got the brain of JFK?
    What's it mean to us now?
    Oh, it's sound insurance
    But I can tell you, this is no lie

    The whole world will be different soon
    The whole world will be relieving

    You, you've been taught
    We'd been the same, now they got you in line
    Stand behind the stripes
    There will be order, so give it a good mind

    The whole world will be different soon
    The whole world will be relieving

    And by name
    The name they gave me
    The name I'm letting go

    The whole world will be different soon
    The whole world will be relieving
    The whole world will be different soon, soon

    Written by Eddie Vedder, Mike Mccready

  24. ItsMeAgain John

    Awesome song; the chorus is fucking killer.

  25. Jorge Gutierrez Orozco

    Una verdadera joya de Pearl Jam. Gracias EV.

  26. Reker moma

    my face melts everytime

  27. james beaet

    12 people believe in an Odd Flow

  28. Sanjak Pitakrat

    that intro reminds me of Fugazi - Burning Too

  29. Matthew Lomas

    Was willst du, du verdammnt Amerikaner, abschrauben!

    bar becue

    Matthew Lomas What?

  30. Murat ERTAŞ

    özgürlüğün ülkesi

    Kevser Uçar

    Murat ERTAŞ çok benzio ama demi

  31. Nicolás Riveros

    Jack Irons is a MONSTER in the drums on this track

    Dan Kavanagh

    If you haven't hear his work with Eleven, check that out, it's great \m/

    I covered this on my drum channel. Please check it out if that's your kind of thing :)

    Murray River

    I think Dave A was their best drummer.......but his style didn't suit the band. I think Jack's style has been the best for the band.

    Muhsin Toksoy

    Go and listen cammeron s brain of j jack is the worst drummer in pearl jam

    Aras Toksoy

    If you call Jack Irons a good drummer, you have a problem with your ear. Pinkpop 2000 for your treatment.

    Nicolás Riveros

    @Muhsin Toksoy dude. I'm a Drummer myself. And let me tell you, Jack is super tight in this album and No Code, and it's a shame he couldn't stay in a band, because not only was a great drummer but the perfect fit for the sound of Pearl Jam imo. I'm not saying he is better or worse than anybody. Neither I'm comparing him to the greatness of The Matt Cameron (in terms of technical level, he is arguebly the best drummer PJ had, and yes, Pinkpop 2000 is one of his most raw performances) I just say I prefeer his style for the PJ sound. It's just a personal taste. Chill out ✌️

  32. R!OT EARTH

    Love that riff, it's vicious.

  33. Aron Lewis

    this is probably the most underrated PJ song

    Daniel Coy

    @samsquanch1996 Well it is a lot better then the crap they have put out since 2006...

    Sean Tomkins

    While I would place Backspacer at the end of my PJ selection IMO Lightning Bolt was their best since Yield.

    Razor Mavis

    They have about 50 underrated songs after Vitology

    James Cardy

    yes along with state of love and trust

  34. suzette L.O

    Que buena rola no me cansare nunca de oirla

  35. scott hall

    The whole world will be different soon..................................

  36. April P.

    "Rel-ie-ved!" I love the way he pronounces that part. Great song.


    April P. Same haha

  37. Richie Steil

    Ilikepearljam rockbband

  38. trey burke


  39. Alex Flores

    7 people need JFK's brain.

  40. Sean Tomkins

    Best PJ opening song ever.... from PJ's best album IMO

    Aaron D

    Last Exit easily

    Eduardo Mota

    Go or Sometimes ...too so good like this.

    Josh Muz

    No and no

    Nicolás Riveros

    Thinking in retrospective, I realize that Pearl Jam had amazing opening tracks in almost every album... Once, Go, Last Exit, Sometimes, BoJ, Breakerfall, Can't k... Alright maybe not Can't Keep but as I said, "almost every álbum"

  41. Stuart Wilson

    Best Pearl Jam albums anyone?
    I say Ten and Vs., followed by Vitalogy and Yield.


    Any of their first 5 albums to me

    Muhsin Toksoy

    Vitalogy ten vs no code

    James Cardy

    vitalogy is the best, then Ten

    James Cardy

    Muhsin Toksoy I agree!

    Muhsin Toksoy

    Actually, No Code might have been their best album but jack's drums were too dull. If it was Dave or Matt, pj could have made the success of the previous three albums.

  42. Alex Martin

    The whole world would be different soon... This is one of my favourite PJ songs.

  43. fwuvie

    I was obsessed with this album when I was 13. I'd listen to the whole CD repeatedly on headphones while playing crash bandicoot warped (on the PS1) because this album and that game came out at around similar times.... :)


    fwuvie Cheers!


    Wow your comment touched my heart. I can tell we about the same age. Dunno what it is about pearl jam that goes so well with ps1

    Stealthy Mongoose

    I feel like i wrote your comment myself lol. 100% same.

    Ross Purchase

    I remember too bro

  44. Maximilian Bernard

    Pearl Jam's best song...

  45. BearWindAppleyard

    Can't believe Last Kiss was at the same time as this. I always hated that song (really sappy and boring), and I kind of always come back to this song and the following three songs on this album. This was my favourite album with them, it has this fresh uplifting energy to it, partly because of the drums I think.

    Matt Massie

    Agree wholeheartedly. Jack Irons brought a certain kind of zip to the music. I love Pearl Jam but Yield and Vitalogy both had a feel to them that you just don't find on their other albums (including No Code for some reason). An up tempo energy. Matt Cameron is a good drummer but I find his sound to be a bit boring. 

  46. trey burke

    figured this would have more views then this, like at least 2 million i figured

  47. FoxHound

    Eddie's voice in this song...remember me lLemmy Kilmister

  48. Dan Hanlon

    I take the line the whole world will be relieved to mean the whole world will be relieved if their job through outsourcing, streamlining and general bad business practices. It could just be a pacifistic view but I think the first line of who's got the brain of JFK, it's asking where are the great leaders of the world today?


    No literally who the fuck has the brain of JFK and does the fact that they blew his fucking head off mean anything to us today as a people. Don't worry just a few weeks left and the whole world is gonna be different. Unless of course Trump blocks the release of the JFK documents. But of course then we know the truth anyways don't we?

  49. Gabe Kortez

    One of my favorite fast tracks from them.

    Aron Lewis

    +‫جبريل أوفال‬‎ yeaa dude, Spin the Black Circle too

  50. Richie Estrada

    This song punches you right in the cranium accessories.

  51. john eastwood

    what a track!

  52. nyphonejacks

    I respect your ability to understand that everyone has their own views and that perhaps there is not always a black and white..

    Your interpretations of the song perhaps with a more optimistic take on the lyrics are just as valid... "the whole world will be different soon" COULD be interpreted as everything is all fucked up NOW, but soon everything will be better just as it COULD be taken more pessimistic in things are going TO GET all fucked up soon...

  53. Malikarcanum

    I don't think you're wrong, it's just not a way I can see the issue. Time rolls on, the world turns, & another day begins. Life goes on.

    Now, I would prefer we both not turn the comment section of this video into yet another YouTube political flame war on a video that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, so I'd be willing to respectfully agree to disagree & be done with this debate at this juncture, as it's very clear neither of us is going to gain any ground with the other.

  54. nyphonejacks

    Really? It was ONLY the MINDSET of the american public that changed? So the PATRIOT ACT did not happen? "War on terror" was not global? Madrid, London, Boston, Benghazi were not at least inspired by the course of world events occurring as a direct result of the actions and responses to what occurred in 2001? Obviously you are too young to remember what the world was like before. The events of 2001 changed the whole world.

  55. Malikarcanum

    No it didn't. he mindset of the American public changed. We realized we weren't invincible. The world at large didn't change at all.

  56. Dominic Annese

    they never play this live when im there :/

  57. nyphonejacks

    really? still waiting for that?

    this album was released in 1998, and to me that line of the song sticks out as one of the most prophetic lyrics of any pearl jam song, because we all know what happened 3 years later - the whole world changed


    nyphonejacks i dont think the world was "re-lee-ved' thou

  58. Barry McCockiner

    then do something for it and stop complaining in your computer you fat ass

  59. MhStrat

    Dude, JFK. He says it in the first line of the song..

  60. supergrover777

    yes, completely agree. especially no code, which is a BRILLIANT album, VERY underrated, really only true fans appreciate it for its quality songs. and Binaural is top to bottom amazing as well, and i feel contains some of their best songs in their catalog, insignificance, grievance,

  61. CHRIS_PLAYER2013

    Brain of J.?? Jeremy??

  62. Ted Faas

    12341234...duh nuh nuh nuh, sorry, 12341234.... Great way to start this album!

  63. Cfr Oiy

    Sure That's very good :D

  64. Ela Lamblin

    i know somethins coming..not sure what..but it doesnt look good...n its comin for all of us..


    Ela Lamblin It's called Donald Trump.

  65. Aron Lewis

    oh, and the cd too. This, Binaural, Riot Act, and No Code never got as much attention as they deserved. Though their first 3 were the best: Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy

  66. Aron Lewis

    dam, this song rocks. def. one of the most underrated and underplayed PJ songs

  67. John Smith

    Tommy Lee for secretery of the interior? You know what I'm saying. :)

    James Cardy

    John Smith no

  68. John Smith

    Mike McCready threw his guitar at the end of the song, producing that great sound. So glad they left it on there!

  69. Johan Oenomaus

    The whole world will be different soon...

  70. Cfr Oiy

    And bono in first ministre of ecology ;)

  71. Lunamoonsong

    I feel the same way. For the album itself is one of my "road albums".

  72. lyonslaforet

    and the best band I've seen live

  73. jose luis barajas perez

    Perl jam the best

  74. Jimmyjewels

    um, are you serious?

  75. Kacy Ortiz

    not a bad reason lol its just to entice listeners, but then this killer opening track seals the deal that given to fly isn't the only song on the album worth listening to :)

  76. Busta

    The only dissapointment with this track is not knowing whether to play air guitar, drums or vocals...usually I do all three at the same time! ^^
    I defy anyone to listen to this and not want to move.

  77. guesstimator77

    f***ing ace!

  78. Negative3Three

    best song by pearl jam

  79. Sakolas81

    i always find funny the sticker on cd "include the hit single" ..Yeah ok one reason to buy pj record lol

  80. luis gutierrez

    LOL this is the first time i listen to this :D

  81. 고도치

    So cool

  82. cwriley8


  83. Dennis Leavitt

    this song reminds me of their second album vs.

  84. Colin Lincoln

    this song rips so hard

  85. MJP474

    thank U2

  86. Angelmusicsi

    best album of pearl jam

  87. ghostwhiskey

    this still feels new to me and i've listened to it many times each year since it really was new

  88. MJP474

    :))?>))>Yield?>>:))))))>51planets org
    thank you

  89. MJP474

    :))?>))>Yield?>>:))))))>51planets org

  90. Paul Chadbourne

    @hobomonkeysbox no

  91. Miloš Rais

    @davyh2503 yeeeah that´s the best !

  92. fiveyearwinterkiss

    what a way to start the album. i love yield

  93. davyh2503


  94. Dave Richardson

    i love this album...i just ordered it and im aching to get it and play it...definitely a great addition to my grunge collection

  95. Lucas Equi

    Amazing! the guitar, the voice, the drums, everything

  96. thagoff

    probably one of the best intro kickers ever.

  97. Carlos Dorticos

    dedicate this to my girl... her name is J....

  98. SharinganJedi

    I love waking up in the morning and
    putting on this song on, great way
    to start the morning