Pearl Jam - 04/20/02 Lyrics

So all you fools
Who sing just like him
Feel free to do so now
Cause he's dead

Using, using, using
The using takes toll
Isolation just so
Happy to be one
Sad to, sad to think
Sad to think of him all alone

Lonesome friend
We all knew
Always hoped
You'd pull through

No blame, no blame
No blame, it could be you
Using, you can't
Grow old using

So sing just like him, fuckers
It won't offend him
Just me
Because he's dead

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Pearl Jam 04/20/02 Comments
  1. Melissa missing Chris Cornell

    "Lonesome friend, we all knew...ALWAYS hoped, you'd pull through"...says it all. Love you my Savior

  2. Pink1ceCream

    who else started crying at the first second?

  3. Britney Barzin

    I was only twoo years old when his dead but it's hard to realize that man is dead, and a lot has forgot him...But he is the best singer ever, before, and after his death that's it!

  4. Chris Simpson

    Wait, why couldn't Ed do this for Chris? If I find out he was behind Chris' death or knew it was gonna happen, I'm fucking done with Ed. He didn't even show at his funeral, maybe Chris no gooded witch, Ooops I mean wife maybe she banded Ed, but he need to start speaking up and out. #justiceforchris.

    The Majesty of the Night Sky

    Vedder is a satanic scumbag, who Sold his Soul for fame and Money, the Lake of fire is reserved for him....

    Chris Simpson

    @The Majesty of the Night Sky Why do you say this?I know you right, after all Chris had did for Ed, without Chris, there would be no Pearl Jam or Temple, you know?

    The Majesty of the Night Sky

    @Chris Simpson because it is the truth...

  5. Celtic Moon Hutcheson

    Layne has come back into my life this past month. I truly miss the 90’s and all the greatest artist to come out of Seattle!

  6. Gisselle S

    I love you Layne! I wish you peace and love wherever you are. ❤️🖤🖤🖤

  7. Male

    If you've had too much wine, this stops you

  8. slayerdearly

    Grate I’m tearing up

  9. Kenneth Flowers

    The best tribute to him Pearl Jam just fantastic.

  10. Isabella

    I just wanted to say that if you were a teenager in the 90’s, you are soooo lucky. I was born way after Grunge “died” so I’m gonna have to grow up to horrible music being popular. I would give anything to travel back and see Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains or Soundgarden perform just once. Now all of the main guys are gone except for Eddie and if I want to go to a Pearl Jam concert I have to save up a crap ton of money and just hope that they come to a place near me. So cherish the memories if you have them

    Christen Kimbell

    I grew up with these guys but I felt this way about Led Zeppelin and the Stones and the Who and the Ramones and the Beatles.

    It's always easy to romanticize the past. Distance and time means you can lie to yourself about how great it was.

    These songs mean the world to me, and I'll love them forever, but the 90s weren't much better than now and no better than the 60s and 70s. Just different, that's all.

  11. SoundgrungeTM KefTM

    1967 - Forever

  12. Jay Are

    It makes me happy to hear Eddie basically telling guys like Aaron Lewis and Sully Erna to go fuck themselves in the end of this song.

    Death In The Spotlight

    and the guy from Soil (can't even remember his name) also tried to rip off the vocal style of Layne. None of those guys could get it right though.

  13. Tom Fredericks

    Here’s the tab for it
    Ur welcome

  14. Flip Jupiter

    Amazing tribute.

  15. Joel Villarreal

    Why do artist of the 90s live a short life? What a shame :(

  16. Tyler Brooke

    I wonder who eddie is talking about singing like Layne? No one could ever compare. #riplayne 💜

  17. Vulgar Hyena

    Nearly 18 years later and we are all still so crushed. Rest in peace buddy sometimes when the drugs take hold too deeply there's only one way out... I'm glad you're finally free. You made your mark on this world and will never be forgotten

  18. Sharnie Smith

    So all you fools
    Who sing just like him
    Feel free to do so now
    Cuz he's dead

    Using, using, using
    The using takes toll
    Just so happy to be one
    Sad to, sad to think
    Sad to think of him all alone

    Lonesome friend, we all knew
    Always hoped you'd pull through

    No blame, no blame
    No blame, it could be you
    Using, you can't grow old using

    So sing just like him, fuckers
    It won't offend him
    Just me
    Because he's dead

  19. thomas potter

    So all you fools
    Who sing just like him
    Feel free to do so now
    Cuz he's dead

    Using, using, using
    The using takes toll
    Just so happy to be one
    Sad to, sad to think
    Sad to think of him all alone

    Lonesome friend, we all knew
    Always hoped you'd pull through

    No blame, no blame
    No blame, it could be you
    Using, you can't grow old using

    So sing just like him, fuckers
    It won't offend him
    Just me
    Because he's dead

  20. Victor Karvalho

    Então todos vocês, babacas
    Que cantam como ele
    Sintam-se livres para fazê-lo agora
    Porque ele está morto

    Usando, usando, usando, o uso cobra pedágio
    Isolamento, tão feliz por ser um
    É triste, é triste pensar, é triste pensar nele mais

    Solitário amigo
    Todos nós sabíamos
    Sempre desejei
    Você iria superar este obstáculo

    Não culpe, não culpe, não o culpe, poderia ser você
    Usando, você não pode envelhecer usando

    Então cantem como ele, filhos da puta
    Não vai ofendê-lo
    Apenas a mim
    Porque ele está morto
    R.i.p l.s

  21. James Xilef

    Was always a fan but now, years later, and as a parent, I can only imagine how broken his parents must feel...

  22. Secular Prophet

    The thing I can't forget. Layne was dead for 2 weeks before anyone missed him. The enemy could never create a more potent weapon than drugs.

    Tyler Brooke

    Seriously. I can't imagine

  23. Donna Franklin

    Sometimes you can't put words to feelings.. you just have to let it ride out like a wave and remeniance how it engulfs you from inside and be grateful for those stolen moments in which it brought instead the agony that would have lingered within your heart. Always close in thought.. RIP Layne.

  24. Ghost_Bear

    Completely improvised song in the moment of hearing about his friend's death. There's magic in these kind of moments.

  25. Nellie Silvers

    Using takes toll.
    I know the pain this beautiful Soul suffered. My choices became addiction and addiction is now my life. Liquid handcuffs will always be a part of who I am. Layne deserved better.xX

  26. offshegoes

    Wow, Eddie isn’t usually this literal: “So sing just like him, fuckers, it won't offend him, just me.. because he's dead” 🖤

    Tyler Brooke

    This part in the song gives me chills everytime.

  27. ren

    always missing you -
    layne staley
    mike starr
    chris cornell
    shannon hoon
    kurt cobain
    andy wood

    Adrian Cantoral

    Scott Weiland too

    Scott Hescht

    Scott Weiland

    KermitDaFrog Nicht-Nicht!

    Chester Bennington too

    Susan Harrison

    Why do talent and fame eat their own children?

    Old Skool Wax

    John Baker Saunders too

  28. ren

    so sing just like him, fuckers
    it won't offend him
    just me
    because he's dead

    oh eddie 😭

  29. frankie worm

    You were gone before I was even born but I will always feel connected to you and your music. You will be forever missed Layne, and your legacy will always carry on🖤

  30. Oliver Mace

    This song is so ssd

  31. Elizabeth

    I’ve been listening to Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Mad Season, and Chris Cornell’s solo work a lot lately, and I thought it was really helping me with a bad time in my life. The more I listen though, the worse it gets. On top of everything now, I’m so, so sad that I missed all of this, that I’ll never see Layne or Chris or Andy on stage, that they all met such terrible fates. I wish I’d been born twenty years earlier than I was and been here in Seattle from the beginning of the grunge scene, I wish I’d had the chance to meet them.


    I'm 31 and missed the grunge era, so I've been catching up for the past 3yrs and it's breaking my heart. it says a lot about those we lost, that people are still listening to their music and mourning them over a decade later. so many beautiful souls 💔

    also if you haven't yet, you should check out blind melon. shannon hoon reminds me of andy wood. we lost him 10/21/95.


    ren I love Blind Melon! Shannon’s the best, I’d put him in the same tier with Chris Cornell and Layne Staley easily. First rate, incomparable, and irreplaceable. ❤️


    I was 2 years old when Andy died. I was a baby in Ohio, how could I have known what was happening on the other side of the country?

    Not being able to meet Andy and now Chris is really what devastates me the most. I always had this idea that I would meet Chris and ask him nothing but questions about Andy. You can talk about Layne, Scott, Shannon, losing Andy is the biggest loss. Andy was supposed to be Freddie Mercury for Generation X and instead they got Kurt Cobain. Such a shame.

  32. Kevin Miller

    Throughout my life I've had premonitions. They've saved my life and others on more than one occasion. The one premonition I had that I didn't do anything about was of Layne's death. I had a vision of his death 5 years before it happened. I only wish I had taken it more seriously and tried to do something about it. His loss was a big one for me. RIP Layne.

  33. Lori Marine

    "Using" is a symptom, just not a popular one.

  34. TheGrapestar23

    This is just Eddie Vedder not the whole band

    Jacob Dexter

    But it’s on Pearl Jam’s b-sides album ‘lost dogs’ therefore it IS technically a Pearl Jam song

  35. M Duncan

    Does anyone know where I can find a guitar tab to this?

  36. Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes

    Beautiful song... amazing interpretation great Eddie

  37. Dan

    Wow this song is crap. No wonder I never heard it till now.

  38. Mikkel Andersen

    Here again my, never meet, dear friend. I or we all still think of you. Today I ride thought Copenhagen in warm sun and I know you would have loved it. Miss you Layne.

  39. Mikkel Andersen

    Shit it still hurts all those years after.....I will never ever forget you Layne. Wouldn't have made it without you voice,lyrics and music. All the best from Denmark.

  40. Jim Stogey

    Just so you know Eddie wrote and produced this song on his own. It only says pearl jam because Eddie didn't really have much of a solo career so they put it as a bonus track on one of there albums.

  41. Austen Marshall

    One of the saddest Fucking songs ever written ❤ we love and miss you Layne Staley

  42. rjonzen34

    Anyone that doesn't think that epidemic wasn't pushed by the government, needs to wake up :( it cost us so many lives and talent!  So they could fatten their pockets off of opium!

  43. Mickey T

    Dam do I miss him Kurt, and Weiland... rock is dead

  44. subash pandey

    Rest in peace,my favorite vocalist.

  45. Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes

    so all your fools....that sing just like him....jajajajjajaja.....

  46. Ylimreh

    I read somewhere that when Eddie found out Layne had died, they were in a recording studio making their next album. He was so upset that he left and came back with this song and he wanted it to be a hidden track. I believe it was Alice in Chains that Pearl Jam (then Mookie Blaylock) first toured with and the two bands really bonded. I think it was Jeff Ament who said that Layne's death affected Eddie deeply. PJ also paid tribute to him about a year ago on his birthday.

  47. BC 00

    Eddie vedder is the only one left. I respect him for being as strong as he's been over these years.

  48. Ryan Kessler

    Eddie and Pearl Jam... man.... almost wish they had sold out.... The Seattle sound was so good

  49. asdaslkkjn

    now this song is for chris cornell, too...

    Jacob Dexter

    asdaslkkjn except chris Cornell wasn't a heroin addict and that's what this song is about

  50. Bernievids

    Eddie, if you are out there, come and say hi when in Sydney, we should talk.

  51. rahul sharma

    Kurt, then layne and now chris!! :/

  52. Corey Taylor

    I thought layne and cobain died April 5th
    Kurt in 94
    Staley in 03?


    Daniel Malone Layne's body was found on the 20th

    Corey Taylor

    @N64px damn that's right cuz the person controlling his money thought it was weird money hadn't been leaving his account for two weeks so that's when they went to check on him

    Niomi Elston

    Daniel Malone
    Layne died April 5, 2002-
    NOT 2003.
    His body was found on the 20th tho!

  53. Brian Fitzsimmons

    "Sing just like him, fuckers. It won't offend him, just me, because he's dead." Definitely a diss to Seether, Nickelback, and Staind at the very least. So many artists have tried to copy Layne.

  54. rachael simmons

    17 yrs today. rip. love you layne.

  55. LaxerFL

    Fuck!! I miss Layne so much!
    RIP My friend. Until we meet again, on the other side.
    And thank you Eddie, for expressing what so many of use felt on this day. This song helped me get through this so much!

  56. AlexanderW

    Eddie is one of the best musical ARTISTS ever...pure soul with no apologies.


    So all you fools
    Who sing just like him
    Feel free to do so now
    Cuz he's dead

    Using, using, using
    The using takes toll
    Just so happy to be one
    Sad to, sad to think
    Sad to think of him all alone

    Lonesome friend, we all knew
    Always hoped you'd pull through

    No blame, no blame
    No blame, it could be you
    Using, you can't grow old using

    So sing just like him, fuckers
    It won't offend him
    Just me
    Because he's dead

    Gisselle S


  58. channel of known

    Kurt and Layne die the same Date April 05 aprox --> 1994 and 2002 respectively.

  59. PeckerwoodTheClown

    First time hearing this... I'm rather speechless. It's just such a powerful song.

  60. L H

    my fav Seattle band. Layne is missed.

  61. demonweber666

    I always loved his voice,and miss him dearly.I also love the band God Lives Underwater,and their singer sounded somewhat like Layne,and he passed very early too.

  62. targo21

    Can someone write the lyrics, please? Sorry my english


    Here you go!

    So all you fools
    Who sing just like him
    Feel free to do so now
    'Cause he's dead

    Using, using, using
    The using takes toll
    Just so happy to be one
    Sad to, sad to think
    Sad to think of him more

    Lonesome friend, we all knew
    Always hoped you'd pull through

    No blame, no blame
    No blame, it could be you
    Using, you can't grow old using

    So sing just like him, fuckers
    It won't offend him
    Just me
    Because he's dead


    Thank's a lot Bronco.


    No problem!

    boo you whore

    JRC99 it actually says sad to think of him all alone*

  63. Ethan Wood

    this is a secret track from bee girl on lost dogs btw

  64. dedpxl

    I love that picture of Shannon kissing Layne.


    they were so sweet 💔

  65. Sascha Frömter

    words cannot express how much we miss u Layne

  66. arrayz Mazzboard

    RiP Layne,Kurt,& Scott.. :(


    @Charlene Pickett Linkin Park was shit never say that man's name with everyone else.


    TheCursedMessiah - Regardless of what you think about their bland music, Chester was a great vocalist.


    @TheCursedMessiah you fucking inbred nincompoop

    Umbrace Titan

    @Charlene Pickett Chester ain't grunge


    are we forgetting Shannon Hoon???

  67. Joshua Top

    Such an amazing musician Another whose life was unfortunately cut short by the short time.

  68. Alchamilla Drayton

    Layne Xo
    I just watched a video of the "Tribute" band Facelift... I apologize but imo It kinda pisses me off at the obvious fact the singer imo is "mocking" more then having his own style (I am only 1persons oppinion,not trying to offend)

  69. chestica 01

    R.I.P. LAYNE

  70. Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes

    muy buena

  71. Ad FS

    Têm pessoas que amam demais e não conseguem se conformar com uma perda valiosa, eu sou assim também, Layne não suportou a perda de sua namorada e mergulhou naquilo que podia alivia-lo e ao mesmo tempo liberta-lo, descanse em paz Layne..

    felipedeśa MACHO

    DISSE tudo mano,... realmente

  72. Giancarlo Pacelli

    i can't stop to cry,to much love for u layne <3

  73. Hannah Walker

    I'm crying,and I can't stop listening to this beautiful song.Rest in Peace,Layne Staley (and Mike Starr).Thank you for contributing so much to the world! We love you.


    Agreed. I love Pearl Jam and AiC and never knew this song existed. Also never expected for this song to have really brought a tear to my eye. So raw and passionate; I would have killed to have been around in that era.

    Not going to lie, I saw the playlists on your channel and they're bloody amazing. A bit sad too, because I hardly know anyone in any of my circles that listens to such a sort of music, and I could talk or even sing of that music any time of day. I would kill to meet someone with such a diverse taste in music (Old school 90s rap is amazing; the fact that you listen to just music and sound instead of genres is great!).

  74. Deep Shade

    great song, we love Layne Pearl Jam and all the best music, have a listen to us please X

  75. Taryn Osborn

    talking to all the fake motherfuckers

  76. Taryn Osborn

    thank you layne

  77. Talking Heinz67 Tarek

    #rip layne.
    #rip kurt
    #rip great music!

    Hannah Walker

    Yes two very talented,beautiful people who impacted the lives of millions are both gone...  Now we're left Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and Chris(soundgarden). RIP Layne;thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. I love you


    no more chris...

  78. Rob Full man

    Balling my fucking eyes out. Love you Layne RIP

  79. Amanda Elizabeth

    Rest in peace Layne & Kurt ❤❤❤


    ...and Chris... ;-(

  80. Federico Moretti

    Layne vive.

  81. RZ1012

    Susan Staley Simpson, what is with you?

  82. Cody Smith

    i'm only 16 i'll turn 17 in march but the first alice in chains song i heard was them bones and i never heard one without Layne until last year and though i never really knew him i'll still miss him R.I.P Layne and thanks for the good songs

  83. Sassymess mess

    Not a big Part Jam fan but the words made me tear up. Whoever made this should have used the picture of Eddy V at Laynes' condo building standing by the words he wrote on the wall. "Layne Staley lives within".


    It's such a personal song for Eddie. He was said to have been close to Layne and they used to hang out at his place. He and Chris were described as distraught when they attended Layne's funeral. It's funny though they have very few pictures together and you don't get the impression that they were good friends but they actually were.


    didn't know either of these things. poor eddie 😔 god I love how fiercely he loves


    @Ylimreh Back in the 90's people didn't take pictures of themselves everyday. It was different times. Many moments only live on through those who lived them because there was no recording of its occurrence.


    @Ghost_Bear You don't have to tell me about that. I was a teenager in the 90's and I am in my 40's now. What I meant was Layne had very few photos taken with Eddie and Chris, but Chris had loads of photos with members of Pearl Jam and even with some members of Alice in Chains back in the 90's.

    swa bee

    Ghost_Bear That's such an amazing insight. You're right. A selfie-free era and far more precious.

  84. ABakanji

    He was great artist, sensitive in peace Layne!

  85. Lucelia Azevedo

    É triste pensar que este cara perdeu a vida por causa das drogas. .. ele tinha uma voz única e sem falar que ele era muito bonito também! triste! !!!

    Calango - Alex Anjos

    Triste demais, Layne Staley foi um cara incrível, e sua voz é capaz de me emocionar.

    Lucelia Azevedo

    +Alex Anjos E Emociona mesmo... viu!

    Machado Productions

    bonito nao era nao kkk Grande Layne sdds eternas

  86. lucrese1

    A beaurtiful song for a beautiful, so sweet young man who left this crazy world too soon! One of the "biggest" hero of our youth. Never forget...

    faron y

    He was never alone. only in his addiction. He truly had support. just chose his own path

    Karshe Oberon

    +faron y Addicts don't choose this, it was the only way he could find to deal with his demons.

  87. darthsadic

    Song sucks

    Tom Yost

    You suck

  88. Malika Staley ConorBuckleyHoon

    wait a minute Nice tribute song, but sorry NOONE can sing like Layne anyway Eddie Vedder. lol. Poor Eddie what was he thinking ??? I do however love the albulm 10. and part of another albulm by pj ... can't remember. ..back n the day I would have skipped a pj concert for an AIC I'd skip that new AIC Bands concert for a pj concert...funny how that happened or I mean weird how that happened. better choice of words ..not funny - but weird. It's all bc of Layne of course! lol

  89. Exolvuntur

    i was born in april 20 :'/

  90. Jell 1

    "so, sing just like him, fuckers"

    Brian Fitzsimmons

    Angelica Flores Feel like this was a diss to Seether, Staind, and Nickelback in particular lol

    Rich Thomas

    Shaun Morgan (Seether) sounds NOTHING like Layne. Start with Godsmack if you want to point fingers, then focus on the dozen AIC cover bands out there.

  91. C Arai

    4/20 BLAZE IT

    Vault Boy

    +C Arai Fuck off.

    C Arai

    blurryface it was a joke. it's been a year ffs don't be so butthurt

    Vault Boy

    A boring joke.

    C Arai

    Elvis Silva yeah I know...I don't mind people not finding the joke funny but I didn't expect everyone to get butthurt

  92. Ian Gabriel

    Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and save Layne, even if he doesnt like it. He will thanks me later I Know


    That make two of us :(.. I also imagine being his friend and losing my friendship just because I helped him against his will. I know he would thank me later too :'(. Same with Kurt :((

    Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes

    Ian Gabriel your are philosophical mind stupid....non sense.

    Rotten Apple

    Ian Gabriel "i wish i could save Layne" comments like that are really shallow and stupid quite frankly. The people close to him couldn't save him. They tried. Layne went through 15 stints of rehab and at one time had a 24 hour bodyguard to watch over him so he didn't relapse. His drug use created a divide between him and his friend - friends who were at his door like clockwork trying to get to him. Every single member of AIC tried to help him. If the guys that were the closest to him couldn't, how can you be sure you would? No, Layne chose this. Chose death over music, over his friends and loved ones and over his life. That was his decision and no amount of saving can save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

    Santiago Logioco

    The way to save him would be to travel far back in time when he was with demri and tell him you come from the future, and tell him to take care of that woman with his soul, he died when she died

  93. Stéfani Rodrigues

    lots of tears falling down 💔

  94. Justin Tyler Bomar

    I always thought Off He Goes was about Layne.

    FilmCraft Productions

    +Justin Tyler Bomar Layne died 6 years AFTER off he goes was released.

  95. ShreddNugent

    this song sucks.

  96. Hank Staley

    This is very saddening but amazing listening to this on what would have been his 48th birthday. R.I.P. Layne Staley

  97. Darrin Connor

    The very first pic I saw of AIC had to have been around Christmas time 1990, it was the four of them on a sled and they all had Santa hats on with sunglasses , I always loved that picture for some reason and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure it was around '90 on the Facelift tour and it was out of RIP magazine (I think?) I half to say Layne is one of the most Photogenic people ever to be photographed (body, face, eyes etc) I think of him daily. RIP Dime Mike Layne

    Oleksandr Shulha

    just search 'Alice in Chains Christmas'