Pearce, Carly - I Hope You're Happy Now Lyrics

It's all on me, it's my mistake
I said "I don't love you" a little too late
But I guess there ain't ever a right time
And I don't know why it's called a goodbye

Go run my name into the ground
Tell everyone you know just how
How I slammed the door on our forever
But I promise you it's for the better

I hope you find what you were looking for
I hope your heart ain't hurting anymore
And you get moving on, all figured out
And you don't hate me somehow
'Cause I hope you're happy now

Who knew this heart could break this hard
Or a love like ours could fall apart
Without so much as a warning
I thought that I was what you wanted

Well I guess you found what you were looking for
I guess my heart ain't worth it anymore
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess
And I ain't got nothing left
And so I hope you're happy now

I hope you find what you were looking for
I guess my heart ain't worth it anymore
Hope you get moving on, all figured out
And you don't hate me somehow
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess
And I ain't got nothing left
So I hope you're happy now
Happy now
Oh, I hope you're happy now

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Pearce, Carly I Hope You're Happy Now Comments
  1. Mitchell Graff

    About time you hear some real country music...

  2. Roger Garcia

    I lied to a good girl because I was afraid. Now I face losing her because I was dishonest. It’s never worth it.

  3. Robert Kennedy

    Lee Brice is one of the best

  4. Baseer Yousufzai

    Rest in peace, my dear friend. You will always hold a special place in my heart. God bless you. <3

  5. Isadora Nesmom

    It’s that the girl from Spy Kids and James Blunt? Lol

  6. Владимир Анатольевич

    WYRK number one music song

  7. Владимир Анатольевич

    from Russia 👍

  8. Daimon Smith

    My heart is broken and I don’t ever wanna feel that anymore

  9. Daimon Smith

    Damnit Carly this song hits us all

  10. Ricky m

    She looked back, she ain't ready to move on

  11. michael B

    i love the song

  12. Lola Empress

  13. Braxton Smallwood

    I have been divorced for seven years now and still can’t move on for some reason. She moved on before the divorce was even finalized and has never looked back. Obviously my heart wasn’t worth her time. It’s funny being 49 and unable to move forward

  14. Summer Sherrell

    Don't regret all your heart-breaks

  15. Neon Moon

    This song is soooo goooooood! If y'all like Carly Pearce you may dig our new song "Smoking Gun" Let us know what you think! #SupportIndependentCountryMusic

  16. Ladywitthadragon

    Great Duet!

  17. Noah Ballard

    A breakup is definitely the hardest thing I've been through so far. I gave my heart to a girl I loved so much, then one day she decided I wasn't enough I guess. It's almost been two years since then but it still hurts like hell every single day. She's on my mind 24/7 and I'm always thinking what I could've done to change her mind to make her stay. It's just an endless hurt that seems will never go away😔

  18. christian taaga

    This song just gets what I’m feeling

  19. Colin Mccombe

    James Blunt doesn't have any luck lol

  20. natasha bernard

    Love it

  21. becky Love

    Well i am single but he marry someone else already and there nothing to talk about between us.

  22. cassandra piscitello

    No matter how many times I said goodbye to my ex there will always be portion of my heart that keeps missing him..🥺

  23. Lila Chesniak

    These two are awesome together. I could listen to them all day.

  24. Carrie Horvath

    Very beautiful song ❣️

  25. aitech nasus

    I Hope You're Happy Now Is A Great Country Music By Beautiful Carly Pearce And Lee Brice.

  26. J J

    Doesn't matter what the decade is... there's always a heartbreaking song that I can relate to

  27. Drew S.

    Song is like my heart singing aloud right now.

  28. Shadow1969 LM

    100% I wish you the best of luck little boy, may God bless you, always & forever. I pray you know what you want before you go after a real woman next time 💋

  29. Seraphina Green

    The other side of Charlie Puth's "We don't talk anymore ".

  30. Raul Batista - The Rapper Brazilian

    I never hurt like that, never had a relationship, why am I feeling hurt? This is so strange.

  31. Nita Line

    No kidding, 10 years, 2 kids, 1 divorce, I hope your happy now!

  32. tom ondrus

    Your best yet by far carly. This is going to #1. I wish you would play dollywood again. I would be there. I know your probably to big for that now.

  33. John Creasy

    Carly sounds just like lee ann womack in this song and it's kindof scary

  34. Cheyenne Blackstone

    I love this song so much it got me threw stuff

  35. Cheri Keysacker

    Love this song 😸

  36. Colton Dufresne

    Damn lee Brice voice with hers is amazing

  37. john newk

    A song that shows how much a guy actually hurts after a breakup

  38. John Barber

    I remember back when I used to have a girlfriemd . Now I don't and this song is like a way of talking about my life without food friends that I got

  39. Caleb M. F

    Had this song stuck in my head all day.

  40. Brian M

    This songs fucks me up every time I here it

  41. Tracy Olson

    True Story

  42. Jenna Heller

    Response to an end Think of You?

  43. Justin Weaver

    Why didn’t Lee unleash like this years ago?
    I felt every word he sung.
    Ton of passion

  44. janie constabile


  45. Braylon Frame

    The guy gets hurt first but in the log run she gets hurt most

  46. Neil T

    wow..fab song and video!!

  47. Joseph Myers jr

    This song was the last thing a friend of mine posted before they took their life such emotion in this song. Rest In Peace Tracy 02/13/2020

  48. X X

    This is my life. Pro-tip...she’ll never leave him for you...don’t wait for’ll just hurt more hanging on. Then every bloody song like this cuts your heart up.

  49. BuckshotGeorge

    Wow, you guys knocked it outta the park with this one!

  50. Chris William

    I love this song.........

  51. Shannon Zittlow

    Song is very classy and smooth it’s a great duet 🤠

  52. Kia Mercury

    1:22 😍😍

  53. F Howell

    Literally in 8th grade and i this song hits to close to home with me and my crush. Its kinda sad someone young like me has to feel like this but yet here i am

  54. Thomas Hardy

    Let’s sing along ....” its all on me it’s my mistake”

  55. Brenda Stroud

    Awesome song love it

  56. Eric B

    Friends turn into lovers....lovers turn into strangers. Crazy how life is.

  57. Ted Tech

    Why do man always have to pay the price on heartaches?! But I guess its for the better on the long run for both sides of the relationship.. Dang song hits the spot and brings back old memories.

  58. Tyler Louis Kuretich

    How about quit deleting my Justice comment you little bitch

  59. Tyler Louis Kuretich

    I don't know why but I love the way the song sounds right now in this moment in the past moments when I've listened to it since 2 days ago

  60. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    I don't know why i like the sound of this

  61. Christy Klein

    I know this song word pre word and I am only ten

  62. Rose Graunke

    I would never blame when you found me on FB 😂😂 I was so happy , maybe I spoiled it cause I do love even after all the years. I blame my heart 💔💔 I will get through this I 💔 pray you will be ok I would have never 🙏 hurt. When my case comes in I am going to leave you will be in my heart 💔🙏 forever I guess I hoped to much it will be hard for me.but most of all God bless you 🙏 keep you safe, think of me ever so often. I will love you forever ❤️.🌹

  63. Maggie Doe

    This fucking kills. Mirrors my exact situation right now. I ended it, should be happy, but I can't help feeling I could have done more.

  64. Brian Wells


  65. SingularMix

    I straight up cry to this song

  66. aishwary ,

    Inspiring song

  67. Jon Adams

    Carly pearce I hope you're happy now Lee brice song music video.

  68. Lauren Ng

    That hit to hard.

  69. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    I'm Faultless in the facts of the matter that the Fremont County Sheriff department, canon City police department, and the 11th Judicial District Fremont County District Attorney are all in error and incorrect
    And i want everything back that mercy today ministries and affiliates stole from me from 1336 elm avenue Canon City Colorado 81212

  70. jarrod Simpson

    Anyone know who actress playing the ex girlfriend is? She looks so familiar.

  71. Teri Cote

    Outlaws Travis tree

  72. Michael Hammond

    Great vocals. Great song

  73. beacon student

    This is a beautiful song an I love it happy valentine day everybody 😘😍😘😍😘😍

  74. ANTHONY N.

    Does anyone else thinks that Carly Pearce kind of looks like "Stormy Daniels" ?!?!

  75. C.L Sadler

    I feel for him . Living it.


    I love this song it sums up my last relationship :(

  77. GRSS

    Can't get enough of this song! Look forward to more great stuff from Carly.

  78. Fatima

    Lovely song I do miss you Sam

  79. John Gioia

    The only thing that matters is that your happy now

  80. Mark mark

    She'll never know how munched I love her I always did and always will hope she's happy

  81. Alma Naylor

    love these two together and this song is great.

  82. Lucas Charles

    I wish, more than anything, I could be how I was before.

  83. Steven Made-It

    Please help me .. what country song has the same beat/rhythm at the beginning of this song!? First 3 secs in this song has the same sound in what other song??

    Steven Made-It

    Just 0 to 0:03 secs, 0:04 secs and on its different🤦‍♂️ plz help

    Steven Made-It

    And it’s def a male singer who sings the song I’m looking for that’s similar to the beginning of this song 0-3 seconds. Plz help 😔lol

  84. Dale F Gray

    She siunds like leanne womack

  85. horsegirl07

    Love this song! They sound great together

  86. Brittney Keech

    LOVE 👏🏼 👏🏼

  87. Michael Bruce

    So fucking trve hope happy amanda

  88. Johnrel Salta


  89. Dylan Burgess

    I love this song and specially the video

  90. Hayleigh Gideons

    This song is how i feel right now, it is so good and they are the perfect singers for this song.

  91. Mitchy Babe

    This song is painfully relatable.

  92. Joey Isabell

    I like how in the first verse, she seems sorry for leaving and hopes he is doing ok now. Then in the second verse, he is still hurt and bitter. Art imitating life (my life anyway).

  93. Ann Russell Ross

    I hope all are happy

  94. Marvin Gabriel

    You know you’ve developed & grown when you wish nothing but the best for the other person. Amazing song & video.

  95. Melanie Lehtonen

    Love you Derek J....the 😢😥💖💘👅💝

  96. Saanvi Sudesh

    Its soo hard to write a song that hits everybody. We've all been in a place where we either hurt someone, or had someone hurt us, and this does justice to both sides. That's why this will be timeless.

  97. Lieon Gaming

    Who the hell told these singers my love life😂😂 awesome song🙌🏽