Peaches - Lose You Lyrics

I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you

How does it happen
All of a sudden
fingertip button
Push it and nothin
How does it happen
All of a sudden
Can't fight the feelin
Someone just stealin'

I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you

Touch on the surface
I've lost the purpose
Hittin' the ceilin'
No more concealing
Wires are crossing
Turning and dancing
Tossing and turning
your insides are burning

I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you

Ooh Oh
Ooh Oh
OOh Oh Oh
Come over here
Or do we stay clear
There's nothing to fear
Except when were near
I got a bad additude
I'm changin my mood
I wanna bring you
But its not true
Ooooh Ooooh Oh Oh

I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you
I don't wanna lose you

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Peaches Lose You Comments

    This is super gay for two pussy worshipping men.

  2. Brilchan

    Peaches is a BiCON I hope they will end in a loving poly triad :D love the video xD

  3. Barthek

    I thought this was a beautiful pop song and it should have been a huge hit.

  4. red caboos

    Love the song but the video is garbage

  5. Pat L

    I love It. Incredible feelings 😃

  6. Joanna Hess

    To co? Robimy trójkąt??? 😏😬😛 Numer 3 przynosi szczęście! 😉 A reszta jak jest taka głupia, to niech się bawią w robienie i rodzenie bachorów! I niech się żenią i wychodzą za mąż! Krzyż na drogę! 🤣

  7. Christian Jorquera

    bi sx song

  8. Yurii Moreira


  9. Glorious Warrior


  10. Castellan of Conviviality

    Bisexual problems.

  11. sashalabdog

    Massive Bulge Alert 2:58

  12. Sophia B. Williams

    I was looking for this song everywhere! Love you Peaches!

  13. ale gonzalez

    Peaches is life

  14. Ray Ray

    Love 👌💖

  15. Eddie Mills

    its crazy good somtimes .

  16. Bexley Dragon

    hahaha crazy n so Peaches xxx

  17. margaret gordy

    Yuck ewws skanky creep what man or woman would fuck this ridiculous parrot!!! CHEESY to the max

    Diego Patricio Amador Castillo

    margaret gordy I've found you at least in three videos of Peaches. If you hate her so, why are you stalking her this way? You have a serious problem.

  18. Rafael Camargo Urango

    She kicked them out abruptly after the corny show ends... It makes me ROFL so badly.


    this is so fucking corny !!!!!!!!!!! L LO LO LLLL so fucking good .

  20. Falon Taylor

    You cant get much better than Peaches! lol

  21. Lawrence Of Canadia


  22. Carmen North

    Peaches, you're so fucking hot hahahahaaaaa!!!!!

  23. thedementation666

    I thought this was weird but then I totally lost it when the dancers came in ☺

  24. Johnnie Black

    A music video show in Peaches walk in wardrobe fantastic.

  25. AitorBilbao68

    This is what music for the masses should be!

    Darhío Vo

    It's beyond my comprehension why its not that way, and it hurts.

  26. Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph

    Why didn't I see this earlier!?

  27. Stefano Kerberos


  28. Celso Principal

    otimo p/  zeus

  29. superpolyester

    I Love how the Track is so slick and the video is like amature night. And yet all so sincere. PEACHES FOR WORLD PRESIDENT!

  30. Needle Factory

    Taylor swift has let herself go

  31. jorge jez

    so weird love it

  32. emma gallagher

    she definitely has a sense of humor

  33. shigeolincolntaco

    Is this the same person in the "fuck the pain away" vid?

    LarpTroll 69er

    shigeolincolntaco Yup.

  34. SSHHABBA 1234

    Search more peaches

  35. Eva Stale


  36. Zero cultt

    Einfach geil

  37. NaShaun Mingledolph

    this is such a great track!!!!!

  38. Bollwerkpartyluder

    amaizing voice and I like that she doesn't give a fuck what people think about her =)

  39. issabelle cruz

    this babe got talent man...

  40. Amy Aberrant

    tatu - loves me not anyone? Great tune Peaches.

  41. Leo Reyes

    she has a stache, urgh! lmao. still love her

  42. Steady Bettie

    I agree w/ everyone. Peaches is the absolute She's fantastic and no one else comes close...and god help them if they try to. Ill boycott the shit out of them

  43. MyAndo123

    If you squint I think she looks like Ellen DeGeneres

  44. Chelsea Kinas

    So she was going to do that whole dance number twice if they didn't show up together?

  45. Mousey Housewife

    I love the song. It reminds me of Goldfrapp.

    Just imagine a Peaches/Alison collaboration! Two awesome women with fantastic voices who just don't give a fuck, that would be amazing.

  46. Momiji Sohma

    I love how terribly produced this is xD And how dramatic it is! Its so funny....But I looooooove Peaches no matter what she does <3

  47. Vanessa D.L

    Pour faire dans le bof on est dans le bof. Elle sait endosser ses rôles pour plaire doesn't she ?

  48. tritty84

    she can sing

  49. Eveson Adam

    i don't know exactly what she comes from in this clip, or even if it's meaning is more musical or consept expressed, maybe difference of though process, but it caused me a feeling that is either new to me or multileveled enough for me to misread it, and not in the mondain "wtf" kind of way. which is pleasantly intriging for itself, which a major thumbs up. causes me to be confident in calling her an artist

  50. blissdout

    Peaches is on some next shit . . . and I love it!

  51. bebe malobebe

    epic video

  52. and4rik

    this is sooo under produced

  53. MagicalFishycakes

    I like how soft Peaches' voice is when she talks. d'aww

  54. Kimberley de Cruz

    what did i just watch?

  55. diana pelen lopez

    q cagado el video..esa vieja esta bien fea

  56. Edgar

    This song ROCKS in a disco way ;) LOVE YOU PEACHES! WOOO!

  57. curious much?

    the coolest thing is - she does not give a about what we thik of her. and keeps working
    in her realm


    my god she is so fucking ugly, but I love her anyway!

  59. 8bitsMagicSock

    I thiought she was going to say she likes to eat vagina

  60. 2ndat1st

    to prostě nemá chybu.

  61. 1gagaslilmonster

    Lol they arive awkwardly x)

  62. RockMusic1994

    Wunderbar trashig! ;)

  63. Byzantine76

    If anyone but Peaches sang this song it'd be a smash hit.

  64. Katharina Sommer

    This is her most lovely song. I heard it when I was in love for the first time. Few weeks later we got together and that's kind of "our song" now. I'll never forget that time of hoping and wishing. I'll always think about it when I hear that song.

  65. Xth_iteration

    Peaches, please continue being absolutely fucking amazing!

  66. jean04100

    mais c'est la vraie qui chante ou est-ce une autre ?,je ne la reconnais pas !

  67. jean04100

    j'adooorrrrre, son meilleur titre pour moi !!

  68. Blixkrieg

    This is not weird and awesome at the same time. It is weird and stupid at the same time. I mean really. Come on people wake up. this shit is amature at best, and really crappy at that.

  69. goaprincess

    she's so Jewish! haha loves it =)

  70. Linda Villars

    This is weird and awesome at the same time

  71. Filconmop

    damn this songs great!!

  72. Dexshurun1988

    Why does this look like it could be from a John Waters film?

  73. LumyTheQueen

    Gotta love these home-made music videos. Anyone can do it!

  74. Liche Christ

    At least, that lady remembered to take her purse when she left. She could easily have been traumatized by that exposition...

  75. clatterblast

    @TallPoe No. Just... no.

  76. Scabbesr

    Um k what the fuck?

  77. Brechi Brechsen

    peaches is the fuck!

  78. XxHeavellxX

    The Afghan Girl poster : D <3

  79. butterbread1000

    @vampayne: ahm...that "cheap" look of the video is purpose........i think peaches has enough money btw...:D

  80. vampayne

    hahaha someone need to fund this artist. oh gosh look at the video

  81. TWIST3D S1ST3R

    Hehehe men in tights!

  82. bebobli

    Such a tough guy!

  83. Sungirl

    Amazing song but kind nana video...

  84. BCloWns3

    if she had her own show it would certainly be on adult swim LOL her songs are like porn never want to look away, love peaches

  85. dimcam7778

    I've seen her live show. While she was promoting the album "I Feel Cream". She sounds better live honestly. I was so shocked. All of the songs she sings every single word and kills it. When she performs this she does have the glitter outfit on and when she holds her arms out they do shine the two faces on the arm cape. She was spectacular

  86. zweilinks

    weird:-) , but kinda fascinating

  87. TheSebastianCP

    this is music for fucking hipster pussys!

  88. jjjj

    I am WAY too sober for this...

  89. anononomous

    There is a lot to love in this video, but I think I love the fact that she is wearing a radio mic when they turn up is what I love most :-D

  90. PV Donitsi

    I just love her. She makes me go straight

  91. Bruno Calisto

    VERYYY simple! and sexy

  92. Uri Kotzer

    Matanicola- the dancers are graet

  93. Alberto Ponce

    I like those boys!

  94. Wolf Rose

    @viktorhat Opiates will do that to you.