Peaches - Kick It Lyrics

How do you do that cool dance?
Baby don't split those hot pants
I got these moves that we can do to and sing
I don't look too good in pink

I used to slash myself up
I like to play it tough
Cuts, bruises, blood oozes, bones breaking rough
You gotta handle that stuff

Yeah, yeah, tear it up, rip it up, kick it up
Yeah, yeah, tear it up, rip it up, kick it up
Yeah, yeah, kick it, kick it, kick it

I wanna be your cat
…Screw that!
I'm not sixteen but I got leather boots and suede
Ah, go fuck your pain away

I heard you like kinky shit
That just depends who I'm with
What is it S&M or some kind of toy?
Like you said search and destroy

Some people don't like my crotch
Because it's got fuzzy spots
But if you play moses you need burning bush baby
And that is just what I've got

Yeah, yeah, tear it up, rip it up, kick it up
Yeah, yeah, tear it up, rip it up, kick it up
Yeah, yeah, tear it up, rip it up, kick it up
Yeah, yeah, kick it, kick it, kick it

And if you leave there with sin
Escape the city I'm in
Come on a knocking where its rocking non-stop
And make your way to Berlin

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Peaches Kick It Comments
  1. Hellcrasher Porter

    Haa thanks Jess......

  2. I Me


  3. Selena Briones

    How did I forget about this video??!!!! I loved this song 💕

  4. Tony Fabio

    святой человек

  5. Trip Lucid

    I hope this is what the Zombie Apocalypse is like lol I bet Keith Richards would out live it though.
    There's not enough blood in his drug stream

  6. Gregg Mitchell


  7. Stanislav_Nosov

    Midnight club 3?

  8. P.D. S

    The Dead don't die ;)

  9. David USmke? Little


  10. Ruben Baeza

    Iggy pop is always prepared for any apocalypse.

  11. A A

    I need to stop drinking after this video

  12. he's the Master

    "Some people don't like my crotch. Because its got fuzzy spots." Maybe a new blade in the shaver would help.ha,ha!

  13. Justin Hayes

    Where has this been my whole life. Just awesome!

  14. Pieter Zandvliet

  15. Undefined Undefined

    Love this vid and have seen Peaches many times. The lyrics at the top say, "I got these moves that we can do to and sing I don't look too good in pink" but that's not correct.The actual lyrics are, "I got these moves that we can do to nsync I don't look too good in pink" Nsync were a cheesy boy band.

  16. K3LV1N

    _midnight club 3_


    Midnight club 3 Dub Edition I MISS THAT GAME

  18. Григорий Григорьев

    Два пидора

  19. Tha TROOPER

    Remember kids, say no to a chick with fuzzy spots...

  20. Sebastian Tickleberry

    Frank Gallagher on the Friday night sesh

  21. KryHanX

    Peaches: "I wanna be your cat"
    Iggy Pop:
    Iggy Pop: "Screw that"

  22. Uaeb Ttocs

    Great collaboration!


    Iggy,let's see Alice. I'll add Marilyn to the list. Pop is the man..


    In a way peache' s music is basicly a weird kind of spoken word-ish

  25. Timothy Skaggs

    They look like heroin addicts😂

  26. Jacob Bond

    The only Advice.

  27. zimmy zimmerman

    Iggy looks like a literal caveman

  28. some one

    How have I only just found out THIS was a thing

  29. Tyler Epley

    Me and one of my best friends used to sing this song flyin down the highway. Miss you D

  30. David Bloom

    OH my god, why did I not know about this before?

  31. The Road To Mars

    LOVE IT!!😆😆😆😆😆

  32. Keemo Sobby

    What a fukked up song and video

  33. Choli Xbox

    Nice to see Peaches helping a smaller artist.

  34. Rob T.V.

    I want this to be my wedding song

  35. Free Skier

    Drugs are bad...

  36. Mike Washburn

    Love this shit!

  37. Suzen Jump

    🌈👩👨, 👸👨👩 , 👨👸👨🍷

  38. Edward Benkleman

    Fuck the pain away brought me here...and now what in the shit did i just watch

  39. Michael J

    I'm still not sure why I like this.

  40. petekay67

    Like yin and yang, dark and light, we need the crap to show us the good. What shite this is

  41. David Miller


  42. jack master

    She's pretty hot I think anyhow

    Lovely Cat

    Nah she's an ugly jew

  43. Boat Axe

    She seems like trouble, my kind of trouble!

  44. Nitty Gritty

    Take the fucking keys out the ignition

  45. Jessica Fischer

    Awful. Protip- zombies are boring.

  46. David G.


  47. Im on the net

    Well this isn't very good

  48. Sarys

    This is horrible lol.

  49. Java Searcy

    Mid night club baby (green dodge and viper, and rims)

  50. Speez71rm

    Iggy "fuck the pain away", Peaches "like you said, search and destroy"

  51. Chris Asimopoulos

    The 2009 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback Advert in Australia had this. Was a cool ad.

  52. Kaz

    Midnight Club <3

  53. Vikes218

    After the Dawn of the Dead, a Tasty Peaches Pop would be Iggy. Sweet!

  54. ஓீ͜-Castro Sixx-ஓீ͜

    2018 BR?

  55. Assassin Mongoose

    modern day version of Sid and Nancy 😃

  56. Jeff James

    peaches was a man. not that i care,but i just cant believe that 14,000 likes arent aware of it

  57. Potwheelz

    I like em woolly and willin!

  58. Maycon Martines

    Midnight Club 3

  59. Blei Hagel

    2:38 Axl?

  60. Murilovsky !

    Been seraching for this song since I was 10

  61. kelly roberts

    The original Iggy.

  62. Will Seiber

    sooooo, she banged all those people with her fuzzy mold crotch??? now they are zombies. makes sense

  63. Neil Wilson

    This playlist spammed me with real madrid shit when I wanted punk music. Fuck you, bots.

  64. mikefinney423

    This is like a take no prisoners, cage match of "Which Sucks Worse?" between the song and the video.

  65. Crusty Cobs

    Iggy wrote da book

  66. John Shedlock

    They call this music? A flipping slut, and her pussy boyfriend... pathetic..

  67. Serum Fighter

    I Wanna Be Your Cat!

    ............Screw that.


  68. Drstu2 bob

    And people thought Alice cooper and ke$ha was a weird combo

  69. Jay Kahl

    Whoa, i don’t know who Peaches is but i’m gonna find out. I LOVE this. Makes me wanna move back to Detroit.

  70. djnodj

    I could never listen to this again

  71. Kurt Hines

    Is Iggy hurting for money?

  72. sonsofliberty 078

    This was awful. They cant sing dor shit.

  73. Dark Star King

    If 3000 grams of heroin didnt kill Iggy zombies arent shit.

  74. Darksaga 666

    Woe that was horrible :P

  75. Ernest Walker

    That dude is pushing 70!!??

  76. John Mcfayden

    I like!!

  77. Alejandro Garcia

    Only Iggy Pop and Peaches could dance their way through a zombie apocalypse.

  78. jetvette66

    Young people may see this!!!! This......this is an outrage!!!!

  79. Darker Sandman

    Weak Moshpit, 'send more brains!'..

  80. mr sir

    so shit

  81. I Amilius

    This rocks.
    Fucking replay the vid

  82. Dale's Drum Channel Zero

    After surviving all the drugs that Iggy put into his system back in the day, a zombie apocalypse would be a walk in the park for him.

  83. Ten Dragons

    What the living fuck am I watchin?

  84. Reed Reed

    Hehe ! Love you iggy hehe

  85. Michael Gomez

    This Song Rocks,,, Iggy is Punk Icon,,,,,,

  86. MintSauce !

    Mr.Iggy will survive the zombie apocalypse.

  87. Igor Jajic


  88. lavender fields

    Music now days.... And then there's real music

  89. IL-Matt

    1:35 LOL at the "Fuck The Pain Away" callback.

  90. Michael Luciana

    vajina Juice!

  91. wheeliedart

    Amazingly on point plus entertaining. The interaction dynamic didn't dissapoint at all. As well, likely within probability is my inclination toward fuckin dat bitch square up in her skinny ass.

  92. Peter Kruchowski

    God damn, this is good. I wasn't expecting this today.

  93. Certified American

    Peaches blowin' like a freight train!!!

  94. Nick Marchino