Peaches - I Feel Cream Lyrics

You walked
the room
your lips
the light

you caught
my eye
but i
did shy
your hand
my thigh

i know i'd
rather complain
guys like you
need to relay
pretty boy
this will be fun
you'll be mine
for day has come

your skin
so smooth
the mood
you dance
like you
don't care

i work
the place
you lose
some space
but still
i feel
you still

i know i'd
rather complain
guys like you
need to relay
pretty boy
this will be fun
you'll be mine
for day has come

Let it roll off your tongue
i'm gonna have me some fun
don't stand there looking all dumb
like you've been hit with a stun gun
when you rub up my hip
i get a quivery lip
cinematic un-zip
deep dip
go for it quick
roll that back
to my flat
trust is broken
hit that cat
sack that fat
make that mack
just relax
wanna take a bath
I, play like a guitar hero
tolerence from no to zero
get you off like Robert Shapiro
talk to me DeNiro
lets get suspect
lets get wet
every little defect gets respect
just protect
what you expect
quicker on the reflex
hit the deck
lets get suspect
lets get wet
every little defect gets respect
just protect
what you expect
quicker on the reflex
hit the deck
lets get suspect
lets get wet
every little defect gets respect
just protect
what you expect
quicker on the reflex
hit the deck
lets get suspect
lets get wet
every little defect gets respect
just protect
what you expect
quicker on the reflex
hit the deck

i know i'd
rather complain
guys like you
need to relay
pretty boy
this will be fun
you'll be mine
for day has come

i know i'd
rather complain
guys like you
need to relay
pretty boy
this will be fun
you'll be mine
for day has come

every little defect gets respect

i know I'd
rather complain
guys like you
need to relay
pretty boy
this will be fun
you'll be mine
matches in love

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Peaches I Feel Cream Comments
  1. Law rah

    Im enjoying my life as a real human that actually ages

  2. Law rah

    Why is everyone obsessed with not aging

  3. luna diaz

    Con este tema la conocí, gracias a un review de Richard Kruspe y una colaboración con ella. La adoro.

  4. Maxim Cohen

    02:38 is amazing.

  5. Maxim Cohen

    She has such great voice. Love this song.

  6. Gawain

    I enjoy all of the tracks from Peaches,with so many small cues from early Rap fucked with so elegantly,but this is particularly beautiful.

  7. Shine baby shine

    Sexy af 🔥

  8. So Jun

    Before Peaches went nuts

  9. Shine baby shine

    I forgot how good this song is

  10. Scott

    Every time I hear this song I want to spank my own ass.

  11. Carrington Georgia

    the best kind if female role model, always

  12. Antonio Angotti

    max cooper's remix of this song is enlightened

  13. Diego Cardona

    she's a true artist

  14. Ashwin Shanker

    Watchmojo got me here

  15. Nolan Winter

    Raw and refined. Love

  16. mick g

    First time I heard this song I "feel" in love with peaches

  17. Jordan Gerlitz

    One of the best bands

  18. MeenieAlf24

    It has a Goldfrapp feel...

    Dani Fradella

    Rather, Goldfapp has a Peaches feel.

  19. Oswaldo Herrera

    I just made baby batter!! She makes me wild,hot and maniac!

  20. boudicca storm

    I feel like this will still be relevant in like 2418 AD

    Nolan Winter

    It is strangely timeless.


    Up there with:

  21. WeAreVolvox


  22. Karol Kosobudzki

    still watched :D

  23. Dylan McCallister

    do a project with Die Antwoord and Dita in the video.

  24. 5D Nick

    sucking on ma titties like ya wanted 2 wanted 2

  25. Remi Moore

    Peaches is awesome. Check out her cover of Tina Turner's Private Dancer. She blew me away!

  26. Rafael Camargo Urango

    This artist in the midst of the mainstream nightmare of 2009! Priceless, like water in the desert.

  27. Jzzalf

    ¡¡¡Una maravilla!!!
    search: PLAYGAY 188 (LGTB Video Music)

  28. kim forsythe

    What a beautiful voice!

  29. Rose R


  30. saint sea-hat


  31. Ramsan Kotiev

    Wow... Judge me as much as you want but I just hate listening to women's voices, in music it's even worse. I don't know where this problem comes from, like I don't have any problems with my mother or relationships and I'm also a good looking guy. I just don't like most women in general. Well I like them sexually, but everything else is just annoying. Maybe it's kind of psychological shit or something, I don't know. But Peaches is one of those 0,1 percent. She's just... different. And this song is just great! Happy to see I'm not that much of a hopeless case after all xD Maybe one day I can meet someone like her.

  32. Marlie Centawer

    amazing x

  33. Bexley Dragon

    This is how a chick is meant to be quirky n secksy as fuck 😘

  34. Bexley Dragon

    I give Peaches cream

    Bexley Dragon

    on a daily basis baby

  35. noir Belladonna


  36. VestigialHead

    Peaches and cream.

  37. Shuhei Hisagi

    LOve thy peaches all night long

  38. Alexeïeva Hummingbird-Ewok

    This song is absolutely AMAZING ! <3

  39. Rafael Camargo Urango

    This was one of my favorite jams to counteract all the Gaga and Rihanna shit at that time (2009).


    Rihanna has permanently stained music forever

    Rafael Camargo Urango

    @mitodabadee Oh, yes she has ... like a bacteria.

    I see it like this I feel like

    meanwhile Peaches has stained my mind, like … well let's have a moment of insinuation there ;-)
    total #respect to miss Peaches


    Gaga has some good songs.

    Anthony Quiroz

    Rafael Camargo Urango i love Gaga but her new album has nothing on any of Peaches albums

  40. Chāmp Bāiley

    im gona fu.k all night to this song at a rave

  41. emma gallagher

    another track I blast in my car

  42. jlerro1981

    This song is exhilarating. Reminds me of my clubbin' days at alternative joints. It's really methodical, melodic and genius. Very catchy. This chic was / is brilliant but what happened to her? I guess as with the rest of and age. :-(


    +emma gallagher Pahahahaha. I am rubbing! I am rubbing!


    +emma gallagher I guess I am sentimental to this song. Once you listen to it while on Ecstacy you kinda develop a life long soft spot for it

    velma dee

    yo her new album kills whatchu talkin about

    Jerry Hickman

    YES!! My thoughts exactly!! It's one of those, "I'm gonna need alot of room for this" type techno tunes that I get lost in

    Dani Fradella

    She's still out there!

  43. Ian Eglington


  44. Renzo Mauricio Pinto

    Su voz. :)

  45. Pilo Prit

    Peaches, i love you

  46. MsConstrued1

    i love you peachea

  47. atlagain

    There is no Dana...

  48. BadQuality

    is this the peaches that died? peaches geldolf?


    +Karicat Watts yea thats really helpful karicat , thanks. you know peachea geldolf ? bob geldolfs daughter who died? is this her ? do you understand that kat ? maybe youl be more help know

    Karicat Watts

    +BadQuality I took a minute to research it. Pardon me. Then at 4am I fell asleep. Grouch. No it is a different. Peaches. She's very much alive. This is Peaches Musician. That's her handle. The other girl wasn't in music. Just fashion, basically. Okay?

    Karicat Watts

    +BadQuality BadQuality... What a turd. Too bad you can't google your own queries. I know exactly who her parents were. So there. Don't be mean to me.


    +Karicat Watts I was just messing about, im sorry. you knew this peaches perents?

    Nic Tails

    Peaches is aka Merrill Beth Nisker, so no, not the same Peaches you were asking about.

  49. Veal Slab


  50. theclubunicorn

    Lady Gaga stole her act... PEACHES rocks!!!

  51. Julieta M


  52. Eric Eriksson

    Love you, Peaches!

  53. Andy Jones

    Don't stand there looking all dumb


  54. ChicagoDeepHouseHead

    Hands down the worst so called artist out there. She must be from San Fran.


    You racist.


    Better than anything YOU ever did.


    +atlagain wow. don't hurt yourself there. I don't want to engage with special need kids. so I'll just let you be on your way there gimpy.

    William Keith

    @Missy's Animals TV arshloch, ya?

  55. Pams smaP

    música e Peaches tezudas = amor infinito <3 <3 <3

  56. Leon Yyes

    babe please come back. u r the queen of unconventional pop, trash pop, whatever pop there is out there. and you r more than that. cheers to that, babe

    maciej wrotek

    Lyia Atita Yahaya this is pop?

    Nic Parker

    I got cream

  57. Yuliana Song

    sophisticated sex

  58. joydivisiongirl

    Fuck i love her so much. 

  59. Martin Del Carpio

    love it!

  60. the ziggyh

    Total badass!

  61. Your Mom

    I love Peaches! This song is always on replay.

  62. Dushku

    What a fantastic blend of trance and hypnotic vocals. Way to go, Peaches!

  63. Dawid Sagan

    I wouldn't say that she's twenty something

    Wout Vl

    She was 47 when you commented. (She's 52 now.)

  64. Gregory Stone


  65. Gaboon

    Because I need that celebrity dollar..... 

  66. Gaboon

    Kool Keith and Peaches should have a baby.  And I should be the babysitter!!!

  67. Pecut100

    satanic music, not good for a person...


    Satan is the best!!! FUCK Christians and their stupid fucking beliefs in The Never Ending Story!

    Christian Collins

    Jesus only ever played the accordion

    Jon Bradley

    @Pecut100 Hail Satan!


    E V O L V E

  68. LariBroo

    This song is so sexy :)

  69. gamatron17

    id slam that gash

  70. Johnny Vain

    i wish she would finally 'blow up" and all the world knew about peaches.

  71. James Rader

    Fuck yea! Trance-like. A top 5 Peaches song.

  72. davidscott1993

    It's not a pissing contest, it's a shitting contest... :D

  73. Reagan

    she should sing in more songs, love this track
    <3 uu peachez ;P

  74. Reagan

    that comment, was awesome :D
    i thumbed you up

  75. shane logan

    Wow! I thought she was all punk and spunk, but I was wrong! She can have a very angelic voice!

  76. Mateusz

    "love gaga when I'm feeling eccentric" if gaga is eccentric then I really don't have an idea what eccentric means.

  77. Juan Klein

    Peaches is crazy and I absolutely love her.

  78. getalife0095

    I like this... (:

  79. robberblood

    After a 10 year hiatus I suddenly want to go clubbing again.

  80. Christopher Poole

    Sounds a little like Benny Benassi! I like it!

  81. Lani Moochi

    Love this.

  82. UnderwhelmingPlywood

    My God, that was horrible.

  83. Adrian Lloyd

    why does everyone try and compare different and unique people , there is room for everyone its not a pissing contest , I love peaches when I'm feeling dirty , love gaga when I'm feeling eccentric , at no point do I ever disrespect their respective talents

  84. Jacob Allgeier

    She produced over half of the songs on her last album.

  85. nerdychick83

    in any event both ladies are talented in their own right but I respect peaches more since she has always been her self from day one, and gaga is nothing but a poser trying to be different.

    Wout Vl

    Erghm, maybe someone like Gaga is 'different' because that's just the way she is? Just like Peaches is true to herself. Don't act so ignorant.

  86. nerdychick83

    wow this comment just screams ignorance about peaches as an artist.not every song of them is about sex but a good majority of them do talk about it, and who cares if they are since 95% of gaga's songs are about the same damn thing. Gaga's piano skills are nothing special, she is just a good example of what proper training can buy you. Peaches instruments that she plays include:synthesizer, guitar, keytar, laser harp, theremin (which I'm pretty sure gaga cannot play any of these.)

  87. avedic

    man...all her videos are so fucking creative. this song is so sensual. just screams good sex..

  88. avedic

    gahhh...that synth tone is too perfect.

  89. thatvenusgirl

    I am so sick of everyone comparing Peaches and Gaga, saying one is better than the other. I am very proud to say that I love both of these very talented ladies and they both make awesome music. Now, is anyone going to hate me for saying that, and am I allowed to love both? (And don't judge me for saying so.)

  90. TheGirl

    Makes me feel so euphoric...*sigh* :)

  91. Momiji Sohma

    Damn I want her boots! :D

  92. Virgil Tharpe

    EVERY song is about sex. that's SO original and "truly" artistic! I'm not a real "fan " of either artist but you're CLEARLY ignorant of, at the least, the skill required to play an instrument at the level Lady Gaga does. write this down: simply because you deem something "mainstream" doesn't "devalue" it... that's an obnoxious and childish contrivance of a faux rebellious poseur... it's the pinnacle of conforming... it's also just plain boring. like your comment.

  93. James Duncan

    peaches is radical

  94. xoffender74

    why does lady gaga have to be mentioned on every Peaches, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Roisin Murphy and Bjork video.... JEEEEEZZZZZ - enough!

  95. bradley hill

    GaGa Wishes she was Peaches.