Peaches - Close Up Lyrics

[Kim Gordon:]
Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
You ready?

Don't follow that patronymic
Sploogy-oogy, look at that spillage
Scoop it up for the clinic
Try to keep it up in your lineage
Making me livid
Got no limits
Cyni cyni cynic

Wait, wait a minute
Who were you looking at when you grew fat
You just blew that
Can't re-do that, that

Diminish the pillage
A privilege to visit my village
Are you finished?
Saw shrinkage
Your seeds aren’t coins in my mintage

[Chorus - Kim Gordon:]
Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
Get on your knees
Roll on over
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
You ready?

Hormone zone, different wardrobe, testosterone
Blendr, Tinder, Findher, Grindr, romance the phone
Better go home, better get stoned
Set up in the mirror for a peek of the clone
You’re a person alone with a personal loan
‘Tasha Lyonne gonna break your hip bone

Just a line of scrimmage
Not real but image
A vintage gimmick
That you just can't mimic

[Chorus - Kim Gordon:]
Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
Get on your knees
Roll on over
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
You ready?

[Kim Gordon & Peaches:]
Look look
Looking real close and you’re showing it around like you know me now
Look look
Pumpin’ up the lens seeing holes and bends you don’t own me now
Look look
Close to the skin but I never let you in I’m a sacred cow
Look look
Put away the gear
Comma come on over here let me show you how

[Kim Gordon:]
Blink at me
Blink at me good
Blink at me, blink at me, blink at me
Blink at me good

[Chorus - Kim Gordon:]
Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
Get on your knees
Roll on over
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
You ready?

Look to the right
Look to the right
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
Get on your knees
Roll on over
Let me get a close up
Let me get a close up
You ready?

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Peaches Close Up Comments
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    Who the actual fuck listens to this shit?

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    Fucking love it!

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    Did peaches just eat poo?


    That's all shit..! 🙄

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    here for "imposters"

  7. Shafer Hart

    Post-White House life hasn't been good on CJ 🤣

  8. Paulo Caixeta

    She stands for what she passed on her face

  9. Samantha Rose

    Kim is iconic!

  10. Dermot McDermott

    That looks like a chill Tuesday night

  11. Angel Duran

    Peaches you beat Korra by ten miles.

  12. Jamal Jamalabad

    2019 and still trying way too hard

  13. tojiroh

    Hmm. Didn't catch this on _Glow._ Which episode?

  14. Eleareth Withywindle

    2 goddesses 2

  15. Angel Duran

    Your a true artist peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  16. Instagram: AWrestlingHistorian

    Joey fucking Ryan!

  17. SuicideKid1979

    Kool Kim!

  18. Jason Sea

    Omg this is so good I can hardly stand it

  19. pentlikbrzuch

  20. pistol850


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    Came for Joey Ryan, stayed because I fell in love.

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    Came here cuz of IMPOSTERS!!

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    always wondered what kim gordon was up to

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  29. lou bock

    why do I like this? I love it and it grows on you! I would have had some sexy womens doing other than fighting! Great music!!!!!!

  30. Brett Lauderback

    shit song with music video that doesnt go with it wat so ever.

  31. Martynka M

    SKAM 💗

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    Motherfucker shits his pants. LMAO

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    Skam anyone? <3


    aaa do you remember what scene it was used in?

    anna naneishvili

    season 1 episode 5

    kat :0

    Doridantoni yaaa


    it was basically in the end credits of episode 5 season 1, as far as I can remember

    Александр Нагорный

    Doridantoni me)

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    I'm a f***ing banana!!!!!!... BANANAS ARE TAKING OVER TRUTH OR DARE

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    peaches - kim gordon <3

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    so this is what I've been missing my whole life


    and kim gordon 😍

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    love it

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    This Beat Is fucking Sick, I Lovee it

  39. MaxDamageTV

    Her vids are hilarious.

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    +1 to the bonerland population

  41. LeeYoY 44

    omg!!! the shit stain!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!

  42. Lee 1450

    I love the music!!!;)

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    Why am I finding about this video almost one year later?



  45. crewmate

    Still a better wrestling story than WWE?

  46. Chemical Kids :-)

    GREAT Vid and GREAT Song. We are a German Electro Project and we love Peaches. Check out if you want to ;-)

  47. Brylantor

    Lactation prop xD I took the wrong subjects at school.

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    Yes I can imagine Charli XCX and Ellie from Wolf Alice covering this

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    eyes and earsGASM
    fun and addict
    thanx peaches for this

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    Peaches is brill, but Kim Gordon is pure badass hotness :)
    Go GRRRRLS, empowered girls!

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    Smashing! It's getting cooler & cooler with Peaches each & every year

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    "Sploogey-oojey look at that spillage, scoop it up for the clinic!" LMAO I adore Peaches!

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    just get in me

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    Damn, Peaches is kinda cute.

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    Disgusting :( both musically and visually :( Too bad, Peaches used to be much better than that. She's going down the slope I feel...

  67. Alexia Anastasio

    Love the ending - Great costumes and energy!

  68. Karicat Watts

    That was very different. Hmmm... Haha! She's great. I have to watch it a few more times to see if I can come up with an honest critique. I just love it.

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    damn that music production is so tight, most impressive... and great vid! i lol'd my ass off hah!

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    Decided to investigate this because I saw Peaches' new LP on sale and wanted to hear what some tracks sounded like. Sounds good, although this rhythm reminds me of an MIA song (not surprising, since from what I understand, Peaches inspired MIA). Video makes me think of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes" - of course different messages, back then people were worried about actual global nuclear destruction, and now it's more like third-wave Tumblrist microaggressions and trigger warnings while Europe collapses, the Middle East implodes, and China plunders the internet - but hey, see for yourself if there are any similarities: Meanwhile, I'll probably get the new Peaches album.

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    there is just something about a tough gorgeous lady in spandex, wrestling men.

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    Lame video. Disappointing because it's such a badass song.

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    Faakkkk! Yaaaaasssss beetch! Ur BACK! Finally!

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    I love the music, but the video..........

  79. 1134gh

    i love kim gordon. shes my HBIC

  80. xisobelx373

    YES! Kim sounds like she did during ciccone youth's" 'the whitey album" , hah no way! ! a dirty Sanchez in video! !!

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    She's fucking sampling HEADHUNTER ahahahaabahaabbabaaajc NJ fhdnxismz ok vngjejxbs I q ok cndisnejwjzbwiwjxn
    bloody brilliant!!!!
    she'll be performing at Numbers in November! love her.

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    Peaches and legendary Kim Gordon together...genius! Kim's voice is smooth, sexy, cool, disturbing and diabolical all at the same time. That voice combined with Peaches beats and hilariously clever lyrics is almost too much coolness for me.. I must rest before I watch this over and over. Okay, I'm finished gushing for now..

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