Peace - Wraith Lyrics

Close your eyes, my leather hearted boys
It's such a waste, cut your silky noise
Ooh, I don't wanna see you
Ooh, I don't wanna see you

You could be my ice age sugar
You lay me down and make me shiver
Blow me like a floating feather
We'll be dark, we'll be dark, we'll be dark forever.

It’s no surprise, she'd spiky jagged claws
She’s such a wraith, a lady of the sword
Ooh, I don't wanna see you
Ooh, 'cause I don't wanna see you

Ooh, I don't wanna see you

You could be my ice age sugar
You lay me down and make me shiver
Blow me like a floating feather,
We'll be dark, we'll be dark, we'll be dark.

You could be my ice age sugar
You lay me down and make me shiver
Blow me like a floating feather
We'll be dark, we'll be dark, we'll be dark forever.

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Peace Wraith Comments
  1. RestlessFeathers

    7 years?! you've got to be kidding me

    Nick Wheeler

    mental innit, and still listening !!

  2. Julia Mazzotti

    Okay we all know we came here because of Fionn and joe. 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ not gonna lie but joe and Fionn’s cover was soooooooo good.

  3. SkankCitizen

    Banging chavie

  4. Mélodie Chang

    i've been listening to peace since 2015 but just discovered this one T_T

  5. vanesita168

    I would like to thank Fionn Whitehead and Joe Colwill for introducing me to Peace... I absolutely love this band.

  6. Madison Mondry

    I'm here cause fionn

  7. Ashruti Mishra

    Came here because of Fionn😍😍😍😍

  8. Em Ali

    who's here because of fionn? i am 🙋🏽

    Fanny Valencia

    M Ali 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. lotty gocher

    Peace where have you gone :(((((

    za ne crow ther

    lotty gocher they got dropped by the label i think

  10. Thonkhaw sriperm

    saw them live at Portsmouth...amazing


    Check us out - brand new single

  12. Matthew Eyre

    Blows my mind how this was from 2012- how time flies jesus! Such a good song. 

  13. gaming dragons

    I want sum saucy oonderwear wiv dis nise print xoxo
    William xoxo xoxo
    Oh bee tee dubs pls check my channel 😉

  14. Patrick Fewins

    Saw them at Reading 2014

    Daniel Robertson

    I only recently gained a fucking appreciation for this band, and knowing that I was there and didn't go and see them makes me sooooooo angry at my existence.


    @Daniel Robertson just go this year?

    Daniel Robertson

    and see Circa Waves at the same time (Y)

    Tabitha Newton

    @Daniel Robertson yesss! Don't miss them, they are flipping awesome live!

    Daniel Robertson

    Agreed, seen them both live now for £11 each :')

  15. manro 8

    this shoulda been the next single after bloodshake!

  16. Myfi Dilston

    aaahhh tonight

  17. Laura Walton

    blow me like a floating featherrrr ahaha

  18. IAmKaneyBeretta

    Seen these amazing guys live on the 13th. You absolutely NEED to see them if you get the chance. Incredible.

  19. Jazz

    You could be my ice age sugar

  20. SECTION 3

    I take that back I got youraped.....

  21. SECTION 3

    Nigga please I can make better music with my ears closed

  22. sobazaar

    If anyone hasn't already seen these live, you seriously need to. They will NOT disappoint. Incredible.

  23. Alena Fora

    Saw em live in Chicago, touring with two door cinema club.

    Vibes were awesome.

    They started the show off excellent

  24. Molly The Odd

    LISTEN to 'Molly The Odd'

  25. Rosa Estela

    YES IT IS!

  26. soog

    and foals ripped off The Cure.

  27. Lorna Withers

    this sounds sooooooo much like foals. good song though

  28. JoHiggsCosmetic

    I'm not sorry to my neighbours who had to listen to this song on repeat for the last 5hours and a half.. But they loved it really.... Especially when they banged on the wall on so I turned it up louder for them :)

  29. IAmKaneyBeretta

    I think it means if you Google it you probably would have a hard time finding the band because of other stuff relating to the word Peace:)

  30. atangentuniverse

    this song takes me to another realm :) i want to see them live and play catch with their vibes so bad :P

  31. Colby Clark

    Love that chorus

  32. James Lenin

    It's no use! Everytime I hear this tune I can't help but think of those really hot strippers in the music video! :O

  33. Steph Camargo

    You could be my iceage SUUUGAAAR

  34. Kimia Ak

    haha or any type of searching engine really

  35. SwooBats

    i don't get it ??

  36. Nu'blessed

    Love, love, love, LOVE!

  37. Mellyanda Ratu

    not a google-friendly band name

  38. Leonardo Calabrano

    Yeahhh that's true. The progression o the guitars is very similar. But the voice of this singer is more soft and likeable.

  39. oscar brown

    the music reminds me abit of bombay bicycle club,

  40. Luanda Yasmin

    you could be my ice age sugar, lay me down and make me shiver

  41. Luanda Yasmin

    I see what you did there!! :'D

  42. Rach T

    I'm in love with their new album! See what i did there? In love? ;-)

  43. Branwen Cleaver

    Gaaah constant fangirl over peace.

  44. Bob Simpson

    can anyone tell me the chords? cheers x

  45. Vicky Birkill

    been in love with peace for over a year - constant overload of feelings. just too good

  46. IHateEveryoneLots

    The intro sounds so much like Foals wow

  47. unfxir nbhd

    have no idea what you're on about but this song is the shiz

  48. Carmen Stella

    Fantastic single choice!

  49. Hushed COD

    Not very well hidden lol

  50. IHateEveryoneLots

    Foals-esque, with the classic "PEACE" kick ass lyrics and rhythm. Quite superb

  51. Hushed COD

    For me this is there best song but that's just my opinion

  52. Tommy Hearne

    I really feel like this song could do with just one more BIG chorus to top it off at the end. Ah well, still a fucking fantastic piece of music.

  53. Omar Reyes

    8 people dislike this video because they prefer the video with the two booty dancing black girls

  54. Isa Bel

    Why is some dance about Justin Bieber in the Suggestions bar? Da fuck.

  55. Johnny Showbones

    Yeah, wicked, right? think i saw ya' there actually. Were you the hipstery looking one?

  56. GypsyNee

    omg last nite. NYE amazinggg

  57. Jamie Goddard

    Last night.

  58. Kanyan Britten

    Soccer am?

  59. Mandy mccartney

    I think it is indie rock ....

  60. Shannon McDonald

    published on ma bday :)))

  61. nippleschannelITALIA

    egyptian hip hop

  62. Alice Owers

    Love this!

  63. Sam Peters

    MJ's 'Thriller' mixed with Bombay's 'Beg'.

  64. noisyfredproductions

    woahhh. THIS!

  65. Ben Cook

    Ha, just realised what blow me like a floating feather really means... I smirked more than I a grown man should have...

  66. E Williams

    Heard this on Radio 1 and now can't stop listening to it!

  67. lauraeab23

    favourite by far boys

  68. Maisy Farren

    am indeed! was hoping someone understood the song reference, and didn't just think I was being all deep !

  69. karina

    <33333 so sick

  70. Joel Williams

    So good!

  71. Maisy Farren

    please please check out my brand new music blog in which I talk about this song! letsenjoyitwhileitlasts.wordpress. com

  72. No Trophy

    just turn it up and enjoy it bitches

  73. Patrick J

    It's a good single, better than Bloodshake if you ask me. I think it might be their best track

  74. Liam Wallace-Cook

    they changed it after the comments, we were only doing them a favour

  75. Harley Holman

    it says (audio) so its not the music video you fucking idiots complaining

  76. Charlie

    live version is way better, i hope this is just a demo

  77. Cameron Connell

    Hmmmmmm yeah

  78. Really Hungry

    after about 2 minutes i realised that there was a peace sign in the fur

  79. TheArtoisOfficial

    I have needed some 80s cop in my life for a long time.

  80. James Harris

    Love you guys! Seeing you in Southhampton on the 6th

  81. radiogrrrafico

    Most creative music video ever.

  82. Liam Wallace-Cook

    Interesting music video...

  83. Joe Sullivan

    First Comment!
    Fucking Awesome Band.