Peace - Lovesick Lyrics

I don’t wanna go to school
I don’t wanna take the call
I just wanna be a fool and get lovesick with you
I don’t wanna move my head, lay around and die in bed
I don’t wanna listen, I wanna get lovesick with you

I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you
I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you

I don’t wanna make no sense
I don’t wanna pay the rent
I just wanna lay down dead and get lovesick with you

I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you
I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you

You don’t need to drink or eat, stay awake or go to sleep
Trust me baby, I’m the creep and I’m lovesick with you
And now I’m lovesick with you

I wanna get lovesick (I don’t wanna make no sense)
I wanna get lovesick with you (I don’t wanna pay the rent)
I wanna get lovesick (I just wanna lay down dead)
I wanna get lovesick with you
I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you
I wanna get lovesick
I wanna get lovesick with you

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Peace Lovesick Comments
  1. Stephen Quinlan

    What a hook

  2. Prateek Sharma

    Underrated song 😊

  3. Greg Jones

    Love that black Woman Smoking 🚬


    She's hot alright.

  4. Yudha Bagaskara

    Top Gear brought me here

  5. Jeklin Games

    Wow, are you fucking serious "I don't wanna go to school ... I just wanna be a fool"
    I thought better of you peace, that line was directly stolen from the black out band's hit "Video games"

    You fucking hack frauds.

    Jeklin Games

    Also, the lead singer of Black out band? He's fucking dead, had to wait until he was cold until you stole his shit? Fuck you.

  6. Poojitha Iluri

    omg omg omg

  7. SunGazer osan


  8. Sabah Ahmed

    Who's here from Emily jade?


    Yup! I'm glad she's posting so soon on her own channel again after leaving SSG. :D

    Sarah Casewell

    Queen ari Xx meee

    Amina Farooq


    Zainab S

    Queen ari Xx me 😂

  9. Hinda Chabbi

    peace in love

  10. ana

    so good yet so underrated.

  11. Sophie Scott

    I love this song

  12. CA_TRV

    i totaled my car to this song yesterday..

  13. corinna leng

    wet imo but cute xx

    Finn Logue

    wtf your wet man #peace4everever !!!

    corinna leng

    gay peace forever <3

  14. James Stirling Wilson

    Very reminiscent of The Cure. especially Friday I'm In Love

    Josh B

    (Friday I'm) In Love - Peace

    Jonathan Bonn

    I'm thinking In Between Days, especially the "I dont wanna make no sense" part, the vocal melody sounds kinda like "Yesterday I got so old..."

    Daniel O'Driscoll

    Literally the same chords and melody big lol

  15. Mariana García

    La radio-alarma me despertó y estaba esta canción. Demonios. Recuerdos :(

  16. Lucie

    I FUCKIN LOVE YOU, GUYS !! My boyfriend prepared the stage for you when you had concert in Prague .. 2012 ? He is a drummer and that night when he saw you he told me, that you are gonna be amazing ... and there you are !! FUCKIN AMAZING .. keep goin, guys ! xoxo Lucy

    and here, for everybody: enjoyyyyy))))))) .!..!

    I don't wanna go to school
    I don't wanna take the call
    I just wanna be a fool
    And get lovesick with you
    I don't wanna move my head
    Laying round a dying bed
    I don't wanna listen
    I wanna get lovesick with you

    I wanna get lovesick
    I wanna get lovesick with you
    I wanna get lovesick
    I wanna get lovesick with you

    [Verse 2]
    I don't wanna make no sense
    I don't wanna pay the rent
    I just wanna lay down dead
    And get lovesick with you


    [Verse 3]
    You don't need to drink or eat
    Stay awake or go to sleep
    Trust me baby, I'm a creep and I'm lovesick with you
    And I'm love sick with you

  17. Jonny Cliffe

    Is there an instrumental version of this?

  18. Belanor Shigby

    more cure than the cure :) <3 sick

  19. brooke xx

    fucking love peace

  20. blackcrow

    This is so The Cure! Sounds like Friday I'm in love, even the title : Lovesick, Lovecats? come on man...

  21. kyciousness ю

    this should have 1mil + views

  22. mywhychromosome

    Just discovered this band on "Jools Holland" (it was a re-run, obviously, since they're already up to their next album) but I loved it...this is the type of music I was making in my first few bands...undoubtedly pop, but a little off, like with your head cocked sideways...they also remind me of early '90s U.K. bands for some reason


    mywhychromosome u got any trax online?:)

  23. Washy pafc

    Saw these at reading last year, unreal Scenes!!

  24. Ines L

    one of my all time favourites

  25. Iиcel


  26. Vivian Shalev

    I love it

  27. lrchaos

    i thought it's about school romance. shit! it's about night clubs...

  28. Emily Robbins-Pugh

    this is my absolute favourite

  29. ripnato

    ¡ME MAMAAAAAN! Espero que se vuelvan famosos algún día, neta se lo merecen.

  30. Simon Coy

    Just brilliant i lovr it

  31. Simon Coy

    Live it. Wih i could havey firet sex timr to thisod

  32. xfmkid

    anyone notice Harry sing "I wanna get lovesick with Doug" at Glasto? ;)

  33. Laurence Shingler


  34. Abbie h

    Trust me baby, I'm a creep

    Klara Olanders

    The 1975

  35. liv martin

    im lovesick with peace

  36. Azza Ghaidouni

    Why is this sort of music not pop music it's obviously superior and it has that catchy hook and easy repetitive lyric

  37. Matilda Murphy


  38. Esmé OBrien

    Favourite band ever can't even tell you how much I love this band and there music

    Mia Victoria

    Esme OBrien their*

  39. BOOM8883

    Great stuff!

  40. Savant

    They need to pick a fucking genre. I'm tired of scrolling their music and feel like they don't know where they stand as a band. This is so generic and their music just keeps getting more generic as they continue to produce more music. I'm extremely disappointed.

    Wavey Mavis

    @Azeddine Ghaidouni no they can't m8


    @BuckHD Oh dear... Who searches for bands in terms of genre? If you like what you hear, appreciate and that's that. Not all people want to make the same stuff for their whole careers.


    @upcomingragequit are you kidding? this is amazing as is every other song on their first album. their second not so much


    @upcomingragequit who ever would wanna listen to a band that sounds the same every album anyways


    +upcomingragequit Fuck genres.

  41. Benjamin Gregory

    he thinks he are robet fucking smith

  42. Só Ana

    Love this!

  43. enfant de la lune

    at first i thought it was "i wanna get lousy with you"...

  44. Matthew Delderfield

    As long as these guys keep putting these 2 ladies in their videos I am a fan!

  45. Top The Charts

    Nice tune guys!!!

  46. Jin fun

    check out moats - snakepit if you like this!

  47. Gabriel Darruiz

    Dont know why but my favourite part is on 1:57 hahaha amazing

  48. Mish Mash

    Nice video..Peace Y0!! check my channel.subbed..

  49. Larissa Bischof

    i'm so glad i found this band :)

  50. navit123

    "I wanna get Loucie,,, with you"

  51. Kage Williams


    Olivia Barnes

    I like both songs I don't think they're that similar

    Jack Mannings

    wish i could like more than once, far to many people are so close minded about music! If people enjoy it then let them enjoy it!!!

    Bella Coppack

    The cure are my favourite band and I can see the similarity but there is always going to be songs that are similar to others tbh it's called being influenced

    Harry Dargavel

    agreed hun

  52. SinatraDoctrine

    Love their 90s vibe!

    UwU OwO

    you mean 80's

  53. teckertime

    Brilliant record from beginning to end. USA here..

  54. Amanda Love

    @grog434 i agree, i thought it was "I wanna get lucid" the first time i heard it

  55. bipolarsunshine

    Such a banger

  56. greeg smith

    Couldve sworn rhe lyrics where "I wanna get lucid with you" hahaha

  57. kaori ito

    I Love Peace!!

  58. atangentuniverse

    it's the one song by them that sounds swim deepish, otherwise i never got that comparison myself as i love peace but have never liked swim deep. both bands sound better live though...

  59. Sarah Osborne

    My least favorite song by them, I dunno it just annoys me

  60. Kalise DeRoche

    These guys played as an opener for Two Door Cinema Club on Saturday and I was instantly hooked. I love them so much oh god.

  61. Morph The Stripy Cat

    Is it just me that gets goosebumps at 1:59 when he says looovveeesiiicckk i mean that bits just perfection .wow.

  62. psicosis91

    not bad. I was assigned to review this album for the college radio station I work at. This belong son the FM air waves

  63. Human bean

    This deserves more views

  64. Kevin H

    Pavement? They remind me of pavement :D

  65. Sophie Darling

    They've been playing this in Next where I work for a while now, and I've only just found out who it is! love it!

  66. Angharad B

    heard this on JJJ radio (Australia) today. Soooooooooooooo cool !!!!

  67. Headmasterritual92

    Aha! It's "Friday I'm In Love" with elements of "In Between Days"! That's why this song is awesome!!!

  68. Isabelle OLeary

    oh my god been annoying me all week ! where have you heard it

  69. jamesgofton

    Friday I'm In Love

  70. tiddleto2te

    That songs pretty meh

  71. SkyeDave

    Is that a 1976 Austin Allegro beside the pink neon peace sign? Of course it is, it's mine and it hasn't moved since....

  72. Cameron Law

    It sounds like Friday I'm in love


    Yeah, In between days.

  74. Lucas Belghatmar

    I think, I hear this song before, but where?

  75. Lucas Belghatmar


  76. Daniel Pereira

    Saw these with The Horrors, Simian Mobile Disco and Echo and the Bunneyman.

    Pretty awesome night may i say

  77. Aran Malhi

    cannot wait to see them at reading

  78. Chris Quinto

    i love this song so much i cant even explain....

  79. madvillainy

    saw these live wth palma violets, miles kane and django django

  80. Bobby Reynolds

    if you like peace holy shit y'all should check out this band "Raw Fabrics" so rad

  81. Mutale Malama

    It sounded alot better on Top Gear if I'm honest

  82. Don S

    It's In Between Days

  83. outglowyou

    Can't wait to see them on August 7 th!

  84. Borja G

    Is the car convertible or not?

  85. sscheckerrs

    reminds me of friday, i'm in love

  86. Nutta Sittirash

    welcome to Thailand 7 Aug. 2013 \^0^/

  87. softytop1000


  88. HHlivemusic

    When I first heard this I thought for sure he was singing "I want to get 'lustig' with you" meaning "I want to get 'funny' with you" and was wondering what the hell he was going on about.

  89. 80scazual

    Finally sumat decent on radio

  90. NatCastles

    I wanna get lovesick with Harrison ♪

  91. palpablepulp

    Love how the mid length hair is back in fashion for alternative bands

  92. alisha cheffey

    i love this so much omg

  93. brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

    I keep hearing "I wanna get loosy with you", wtf lol.

  94. Magnus Johansson

    Reminds me loads of the Cure

  95. Heather Veronica

    sounds a bit like the cure or is that just me?