Peace - Flirting USA Lyrics

In the morning, in the evening, in the night
We'll be talking, we'll be teething, we'll be right

Tomorrow I'm leaving your flirty ways and the dirty days
I'm feeling bohemian and free and stuff
I know because I know

In the morning, in the morning
I will fly away, fly away
In the morning, in the morning
So flirt with me, flirting USA
Flirting USA
Flirting USA

Who's the guy there? Does he know me? Does he care?
Who's his girlfriend? She's so pretty
But she's staring through me, caring crudely





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Peace Flirting USA Comments
  1. NowhereLad

    Bloody brilliant tune

  2. Ignas Jodikis

    amazing! I made a piano cover of this. I think it sounds just great :) but thats for you to decide if you'd try to listen to it ;)

  3. George Rendell

    The kind of robotic backing vocals in the chorus either remind me of Dandy Warhold or Gorillaz, I can't tell which