Peace - Drain Lyrics

Feel it in your bone
Feels as though the sun sets slower
Turns me into stone
Perforates my ozone layer
Say you feel drained
Say you never felt so empty
Never leave a stain
You're only young
You're only not

Swear you're having fun
Swear you never peaked at 20
Loaded like a gun
Your ocean doesn't seem so empty
Take me to the stars
Take me on a road trip baby
Take me in your car
You're only young
You only feel

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Peace Drain Comments
  1. andres ruiz


  2. Iggy Beary

    I forgot this existed omg<3

  3. Josephine Gray

    i listened to this band everyday like 2 years ago..... now i'm researching climate change and reading about the o-zone layer and this song just cues in my head lol

    Hugo Harrabin

    I only heard about this band recently and I'm currently revising how photovoltaic devices work. This is the first time I've heard this song before AND:
    I read "o-zone layer" as he said it 0.o

  4. Jake Mather

    can confirm they sound better when stoned, incredible band; hard to find one these days.

    George Holland

    +pls no weed is for losers

  5. Frances Stacey

    Harrisons voice though.. soooooo good

  6. Eve Wilson

    Every song they've released is beaut!

  7. charlotte price

    This live

  8. Javana Boothe

    This band just know exactly how to make incredible music

  9. Yan San

    wow these guys are amazing.

  10. bayley rea

    that drum line is such an amazing master piece of music and his voice, soo indie

  11. Paulo ES

    Fuck´n yeah!!!

  12. Tom Ashworth


  13. Jamie Goddard

    Connor you absolute man x