Peace - Blue Lyrics

Whatever I need to say I'll say
Wherever I need to go I'll go, if you stay
You used to be happy, you used to be you
Maybe it is me turning you blue

Tell me I'm a fool, tell me I'm too young
Baby you're so cool, in between two lungs

[Chorus x2:]
I feel like I'm dying
I feel like I'm dying
I feel like I'm dying, I do

Everyone treats you like a king
Royally pretty when you sing to me
Everyone's dizzy, everyone's dumb
Turning you blue, baby it's wrong


[Chorus x2]

I feel, I feel, I feel like I'm dying, I do

Blue baby confusing me
Your slippy soul is bruising me
Every hurt is healing me
Sensational, but move the way you feel about it
You know the things you'd rather see
Your sunny days have gone and been
Blue dreaming that I'm standing still but honey
My stream won't flow downhill


[Chorus x2]

I feel, I feel, I feel like I'm dying, I do

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Peace Blue Comments
  1. daniela García

    Just mumbled this trough an admission exam for college and it really helped me to calm down. Give it a try lol.

  2. Chloe Daye

    would've loved to hear this, flirting usa and imaginary in LEICESTER

  3. Georgia Knights

    Favourite song off the album

  4. Alessandra Salazar

    I am obsessed with this song! Plus, i feel it has AM album vibes but mixed with peace style

  5. Hatty Horscroft

    this is so good :) it has a bit of a destiny's child vibe before the string solo (that might be just me)

  6. Savant

    Holy shit. There's a good song on this album.


    @Chez TheDon Actually, my taste in music is quite extensive.

    Azza Ghaidouni

    Extensively bad

    Joseph Parkes

    +Azza Ghaidouni DAYUM didn't realize this was a firing range. XD


    +Azza Ghaidouni savage


    Judging from the name "Savant", you seem to regard yourself highly. Begone, virtual genius.

  7. ioana onofrei

    I've literally listened to this song over 10 times today . Still not bored of it. Great song and great album

  8. MonticArckeys

    Chords sound like "Cold As Ice", bass sounds like "Cry Me A River" JT.

  9. Darcey Baxter

    This album is seriously so fab it's unreal.
    This one is one of my favourites!!!
    If they don't make it super big now, I don't know what's wrong with the world! Haha


    Blue, Flirting USA, O You, Imaginary are the only good songs. Otherwise its a mediocre album.

    Joseph Parkes

    +upcomingragequit You cannot tell other people what music they like? also just a tip the comments are filled with peace obsessives so be careful about dat!

    Darcey Baxter

    +Joseph Parkes It's okay. I realise that people have their own opinions. Under The Moon, Gods Gloves and Saturday Girl, well I'm not so keen on those as all of the others. But it's very good going to like 15/18. I think I just love them in general. Because they're so kooky, lyrics are really creative and they're super fab live!

  10. Betsy Foster


  11. Mario Guerra


  12. Al Abdalla

    I'm blown away by this song.... This album

    Lana Jane

    True that

  13. Lucas Marques