Peabo Bryson - Romeo Gwapo Lyrics

have the face of the new millineum
have the face with a golden smile
can make me smile amidst of sadness
have the face that can melt a lady's heart

Romeo gwapo
Romeo gwapo
Oh baby
You're so
Oh so gwapo
Baby baby

have the face of the new millineum
have the face with a golden smile
can make me smile amidst of sadness
have the face that can melt a lady's heart

That's why Q27 band is alive
oh yeah,


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Peabo Bryson Romeo Gwapo Comments
  1. Crissy Tina

    The best version hands down. Black people know we can put our whole heart and soul into music! This version is 1000 times better

  2. green matrix

    This song could never be replaced with all due respect this is a time when music was made to stand the test of time weather u hear it now or 30 years from now you still gonna get goosebumps the passion the soul the power the feelings nowadays artists don't understand what it takes to make music just listen to this beautiful duet loving this still

  3. Emanuele Rantica

    3:49 - 4:07
    I am going to cry. Best version ever.

  4. julie ann cabrera

    Who’s watching 2020?

  5. Magnificent Long

    I dont think i could get that close to this beautiful woman without kissing her

  6. Samuel Rodriguez

    3,706 idiotas en youtube

  7. NYFanatic2004

    Happy Valentine's Day to all the ladies out there.

  8. J4K

    Absolute Perfection.

  9. The Jovial Brit

    1:02 When you're at a karaoke bar, and some random off the street hears you singing their fav song and decides to just like totally come in and take liberties!

  10. ophel_i Byhnaki

    Who is with me in 2020.

  11. Nii 12

    Aladdin 1992 : Like
    Aladdin 2019 : Comment

  12. Ray Lai

    Timeless classic. Anyone tried listening to this with a nice headset and your eys closed?

  13. Bailey Jones

    Man the passion in her eyes.... Damn

  14. Bernice Daniels

    Duck brick city ..this is a master art universe God song he had to write this the most beautiful song Eva sung since the. Beginning of time

  15. lucas min

    The song is so strong and so powerful!!!!

  16. sp0tman

    There's no other version period!

  17. Camilla E

    Zayn & Zhavia are not kids anymore BTW they are young adults.

  18. Sean Jenkins

    Peabo is one of my fav male singers. Luther Vandross kind of overtook him in R&B music, but Peabo had incredible achievements doing duets and soundtrack songs. He's won 2 Oscar's

  19. Dop Ra

    Nothing can replace this version they got everything right about this the phrasing the timing the adlibs the arrangement the only way to do this song is either a precise copy or in service of this version.

  20. skyper made it

    whos listening now? tuesday february 11 2020?

  21. vincent tay

    Original version is always the best!!!!!!
    Whos agree with me???

  22. Diana Cataylo

    Nothing beats the original version 👏👏

  23. mattgotjokes

    3:27-4:08 ...what beautiful way to close this song out.

  24. Thomas Sawyer

    the original is more more better than revival, more powerful voices and much feelings the artist gave to this version

  25. dbzking02

    Back when Disney had soul

  26. Khidr Nasheed

    The nasheed version

  27. Cilla1985

    In love with the original version, still get goosebumps 😍❤️

  28. Set-it-off Tasian

    Classic 🥰🎶


    She was 6 yrs old and the last place I took her was Disney world before she died and all I can remember is this song and her smile

  30. Allen Patton

    Is, was, and always will be the best version of this song period.

  31. John aladin Sapida

    2020 still watching


  32. Valerie Jamison

    The only version of this song and movie!! No replacing these two or Robin Williams 💜💜

  33. QueenB 1969

    Here on this snowy #TGIF...I feel like Im in a whole new world 🍷🌿💨 enjoying the PEACE of my own circumstances💯🙌

  34. Vincent France


  35. RR Channel

    This one deserves more views !!!

  36. Jada


  37. Chris Smalls

    Who needs all that wiggly-jiggly- dancing-your-booty-off new music when we have gold like this?


    I know right. This is far better than what's out today.

  38. Jayson Rogoz

    I remember this song on my mom and dad wedding video vhs

  39. Stephanie Gouldson

    My favourite song from Disney

  40. Jabril Moallin

    Nice 2020 missed some posotivity from my child years:)

  41. Katsuragi Takumi

    If some folks asked me on which version of "A whole new world" would i liked the most I'll *DEFINITELY* choose this one

    I gotta admit i love the 2019 Rendition of "A whole new world" but this one is *SUPERIOR*

    The Delivery The Tempo

    *JUST.* *PERFECT.* 👌👌👌

  42. Astinos Bente

    Ds one reminds me of yu

  43. jlx_music


  44. maroj edlairf

    this the winning songs for marcelito pomoy

  45. Viktoria Antonesko

    The original is best 🌹

  46. ine indriyani

    i love love this song

  47. Pepito Collado

    The feeling you get hearing these two version of it...maybe I am biased because I am a 80s baby but I think this version is the best so far


    So was I. Born in 85. I embraced this version of A Whole New World.

  48. Susan McKinney

    Celebrating getting my tickets today for the Broadway show. But this is by far the best version of this song.

  49. Andreas Widjaja

    there are songs that are not supposed to be remade, and basically all disney classic songs are ones of them

    please disney stop ruining our childhood songs by hiring overrated singers

  50. CurlyLife

    Their voices are beautiful 😍

  51. Nuke Indrasari

    This version is more memorable and it won’t be remove from my heart 😍 I feel go back to the the 90’ 😍😍😍😊😢 remember all the time when I just graduated from high school 1994 😍😘😘

  52. Yes! To date, February 2, 2020, still the best version! Such incomparable voices!

    Andreas Widjaja

    no body can beat the original version, the other singers ruined the vibe a lot

  53. dark magician

    #legend voice

  54. DC Madam

    This is so beautiful! I don't think it will ever be matched!

  55. kabe lander

    Man this song just opens up the flood gates of blissful memories...I had this huge crush on my older sister's friend back then..I don't know why she had that Janet Jackson vibe but I felt that whenever she smiled...miss the 90's

  56. Sleepylittle Monster_xoxo

    2020 i will still love this no matter what

  57. Glynis Morris

    Didn't they or this song get a Grammy or Oscar? Someone can you all remember? Or was him and Linda Ronstadt?

  58. Benjamin Kiggundu

    This version is too original

  59. hello my lovelys

    Proper singers

  60. John Roberts

    30 years old nearly. My god where has the time gone. I remember this song as it was my first along term relationship when this came out in 1992. I wish I could go back to that time.

  61. วิชชา Witcha ศรัทธาวรพงษ์ Satthaworaphong

    The irreplaceable version! No other versions will ever come close to this wonderfully perfect duet! Not in centuries!!!

  62. Amri Makdami

    The first and the original verse is still the best.

  63. New Miracle

    O summer 1993.. How i miss u so badly..

  64. p01 echeverria collante

    Te amo Sandra Calle Rangel!.

  65. 寅Style

    There’s nothing better than Original.

  66. Luis Fernandez

    This music soften the toughest people.

  67. Pedro Cees Jurado

    Perfecta cancion

  68. Nestor Isidro

    I agree. This is the best version ever recorded.

  69. lisa johnson

    They Did this song last year together. Both of them older now, and still have the voice. ❤️

  70. MomoSoulFul

    Black peoples got the most beautiful voice in the world FaCT

    Mikey C

    A bit racist,how do you explain Eva Cassidy,Karen Carpenter,Adele, Annie Lennox,Celine Dion,Amy Winehouse,Lady GaGa,Stevie Nicks, Maddona,Pink,Julie Andrews,Dolly Parton,Shania Twain,Judy Garland,Linda Ronstdatt,Cher,Sarah Mclachlan,Dusty Springfield, Pat Benatar, Enya,SIA,Debbie Harry,Amy Lee,Doris Day, Alanis Morissette,Connie Francis, Sheryl Crow.

    Trey Layne

    @Mikey C omg shut up how is that racist? Lmao you whites love throwing that word around don't y'all?😂 but she didnt lie blacks do sing better than whites, ya know why? Because they have soul👌

    Iris E

    Mikey C It’s actually true. Black people have one of the best voices. There are singers like Donny Hathaway, who you’ll never hear again.


    @Trey Layne So True just keeping it Real!!!


    @Iris E I will be even more accurate African Americans and I think it is because of history of oppression and slavery the Lord bless them with voices to him in times of trouble!

  71. Ren Sational


  72. Kavana Yumnam

    'Tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?'

    Oh man....

  73. Young Dboi

    they are not the Original singers of this
    song, it was Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

  74. Secret Hair Stash

    A straight CLASSIC! Your faves could neva! 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾🎶🎵

  75. Shirlin Chen


  76. Carla

    This was my husband and I wedding song. Been married since May 27th 2006. We had 2 of our friends that sanngggg this live while we danced!!!! Of course I cried my lashes off.🤷‍♀️

  77. Angeline Victorino

    Listening to this rn because he coming here in Hawaii 😍

  78. Rene Datuin

    This is not the original version, just another cover !!!!! The original version is sung by brad kane and Lea Salonga on broadway

  79. Henrique Drolhos

    Alguém em 2020

  80. Jonny Boy

    Not only my favorite animated Disney movie but one of my favorite movies of all time.

  81. Denise Sartin

    A whole new year 2020 and this is still magical to me.❤

  82. Fajar Alam

    This old version is magical things. I choose this one

  83. Zoe Barron

    In love with this version! ☺️😍

  84. wakawaka1976

    Reminds me of Carlton...

  85. Christina Jean-Baptiste

    Just watched new Aladdin and when they sang I just couldn’t get the emotional connection so I of course had to come to YouTube to feel it

  86. Marcelo Ferrari

    Quem veio pq viu no the voice kid?

  87. Llama Mama

    This is THE best rendition

  88. John Welsh

    Originally Done by Lea Salonga & Brad Kane

  89. Dinda Dindo

    No matter how many versions have been made. Still prefer this one rather than the newest version 😍😍😍

  90. Romeo Blanco

    Gonna be here first maybe marcelito pomoy sing it in the semifinals..hehe

  91. Mz Ying

    I love this song. The original version should never be redone. I was 6years old when I first heard this & loved it since. #Memories 🙏🏾

  92. Rhonda Mccoy

    The original singers did it the best 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  93. L T

    Now these are true singers ! Ears dont lie. This is the best version of the song, period! Finito! Done!

  94. Who’s Manz Is This

    To the 1%of you who will read this😞 may you have a great 👍 day #2020

  95. Momad Dos santos

    3.6k kids hating