Peabo Bryson - Love Always Finds Way Lyrics

We've said it all
A thousand times before
Been to the wall
And always found somewhere to turn
There was always more to learn
We've reached the end
And almost closed the door
And someone within
I never can remember who
All I know is that we've found
The strength to make it through

Love always finds a way
When the clouds have no silver lining
She comes thru shining
Love always sees the light
Through the darkest night
In a small way
Love always finds a way

Holding you near
After the storm has passed
It becomes clear
When all our tears have finally dried
That no matter how we fools
May try to turn the tide

And in this moments when the magic seems to fade
We must remember then that's the time to keep on
Believing and I'll be a friend

If we both trust
In what we really feel
The two of us
Can hold tomorrow in our hands
All it takes is just the faith to truly understand that...

Love always finds a way
When the clouds have no silver lining
She comes thru shining
Love always sees the light
Through the darkest night
In a small way
Love always finds a way

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Peabo Bryson Love Always Finds Way Comments
  1. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  2. Patrícia Carla


  3. Calvin Roach

    His voice has wings. It takes off and soars!

  4. brownoriental201

    sana Manalo si jophil sese! Sya ang fave ko!! He sang this song so well!!

  5. Bonnie F. McPherson, McNeil


  6. Lalay Amolata

    Ace dren

  7. Ahmad Yusof

    A superb singer👍

  8. Venecar Mullejon

    Love always find away no matter were far you🇵🇭💘🇦🇺

    Atomy Filipino Team America

    Venecar Mullejon long distance relationship kayo sis

  9. Di Bn

    Love always sees the light through the darkest night...

  10. Ruth Dias

    Uauuuuui que maravilhas........

  11. Philip Tupac

    The best music of all time

  12. Uma Rani


  13. Geraldine Gaggia

    Let us see the light. 💏💑

  14. Gemma Pariol TV

    my favorite song i love it so much

  15. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  16. Di Bn

    Love always finds a way...Never thought...I could say ...I Love You ..over and over again

  17. LadyAnne

    Our Love will find a way....? I believe yes it always will...

  18. Reina Virtucio

    Hope you made your day.can't use my cp while charging.Good nite my love.thank you are making your effort this September.I hope rainy days for us are over.take care.beware of those evil text.

  19. Atomy Filipino Team America

    Love it so much

  20. Ms Lady Tee

    Love Always Finds a Way.....Beautiful Lyrics 💖

  21. Carol Vaughan Davis

    Peabo Bryson is a best kept secret. Such a classic, magical voice...used by Disney productions...that speaks volumes. I can not wait to see you Peabo in concert this Fall 2019.

    Atomy Filipino Team America

    Carol Vaughan Davis where ?

    Carol Vaughan Davis

    Atomy Filipino Team America

    Carol Vaughan Davis thank you so much I’ll be there

  22. Reina Virtucio

    The truth is I have a contagious disease and can't play in bed.I don't know when I get well.tress and body fatigue triggers keeping busy to overcome problems in family and lo's ok.I understand.why I didn't see you when I'm fit????it's ok. Your the one might be having an ailment brought by too much stress and disappointments.

  23. sheila marie laurente

    who's here because of Catriona Gray?

  24. Jay Nozaut

    Catriona gray brought me here.. hahaha

    Mary chris Mendoza

    silver lining😁

  25. English Rose

    Love does always find a way it’s very true.

    me mann


  26. Killr_Nstinct

    Sung this at my brothers wedding

    Heather McDonald

    Do you have a video you could post? I would love to hear it!


    Hey Heather,

    Unfortunately, it got lost at sea when they were on their honeymoon. My brother caught an absolutely stunning mahi mahi and had the video in his travel bag. When they went to bring the fish on board, it flapped about and knocked the bag overboard. When he told me this I was so upset because it was such a beautiful video, but when I saw the fish, let me tell you Heather, this thing was a monster. I guess the moral of this story is that, theres plenty of fish in the sink

  27. Cristina Domo

    It's true love always find a of my favorite songs it bring backs old happy memories....

  28. Neisha Tate

    I salute u Mr. Bryson thank u 4 sharing your talent with us. Lawd yuh sing to mi soul wid dis song

  29. Lea Manucduc

    Love will always finds a way,no matter how hard the situation show how much you love each other very much❤️❤️❤️

    Zed Duran


  30. yvonne Finch

    One of kind: your music will never die: always sound like tracks was recorded yesterday : would love to do a duet: being a singer my self my kinda music : my favorite is Can you stop the rain: peace an love always Peabo:

    A Gogue

    Same too beautiful song love always find.

    me mann

    @A Gogue P

  31. Linneth Tai fatt

    Fantastic song listening to the words of this song make me rethink that love will definitely find you powerful song

  32. gelos monteval

    i believe

  33. me mann


  34. Jay Ganade

    Get well soon Peabo..

    Chan marcy Hidalgo belaguin

    what happen to him


    @Chan marcy Hidalgo belaguin he had a mild heart attack

    Sherene Beccan

    He is my favourite singer of all times since he had the heart attack my life has not been the same I pray for him daily because we lost James Ingram so can't afford to lose this legend 😭😭

  35. はしもとでりあ

    Really love this song and the singer.

  36. PA RIZ

    love it....much.🌎

  37. PA RIZ

    Keep safe and have a great day, everyone.


  38. Charlemagne Pabua

    Brings back old memories...

  39. Yolamda Kelly

    A beautiful song, that is priceless.

  40. Yolamda Kelly

    Our hearts has found there way through the darkest of time back to one another, extractly where they were meant to be .
    I feel at peace, with you is where I belong ......
    ❤❤❤💋💋💋... I adore & love u

  41. Lawrence Panelo

    i hope love finds me..

  42. Joseph Camino

    Silver lining👏👏👏👏

  43. Jun Cala

    Love always finds a way, totoo..

  44. Tholsie Francis

    A BEAUTIFUL SONG. Love always see the light ......I seen nothing but darkness, hostility, .....

  45. Kate Rivera


  46. Sherwyn Santos


    Kate Rivera

    why sad?

    Sherwyn Santos

    "Love Alwayz Findz a Way" pero sa huli ganun pa din..... Kakantahin ko nanaman "How Do You Heal a Broken Heart".....

  47. weng Ganas

    one of d best song ever..💘💘💘

  48. Soulless Mushu X4

    My love ❤️ found a way to my heart

  49. Calvin Roach

    Someone said it best, his voice takes off and soars!

  50. Christoph Prinz

    One of my idols! Peabo Bryson is RnB Royalty

    Mel Rizo

    Love always find a way❤❤❤

  51. Jo-ann Louw

    Love always find a way ❤❤

  52. 327 728

    Its been 12 hrs .... ano na? Ganun nalang ba yun? 😭😭😭

  53. 327 728


  54. MaryJane Delacruz

    Love it

  55. Chan marcy Hidalgo belaguin

    best song ever

  56. Geraldo Barbosa

    Best songs....

  57. George Michael learns to rock

    Yaa I believe... this

  58. Mahal 11

    I Love You So Much Margarette Perlas R. Damian

  59. Michele Beers

    mike come up for lunch ok yes we Tues ok at elevan thirty love you never leave you come over to see mini ok spend time tomorrow dont have your gift yet yes we kisses hugs spend time tomorrow dont worry baby see your baby boy mike too mike got mike save money no more fifty dollars got ninety seven Hanover st apt our home apt now and later five pm ok ok mike meet you at lunch sat morning sunshine come home mike only guy in need of us happy excited too mike about us too part of mini mike gal mini mouse clubhouse try five pm fri after six lebanon diner Sunday morning sunshine mike sleep with mini until five pm ok upstairs to ring intercome bonjure mike we sweet too

  60. Sandy joy Liton

    how'd i wish it could find a way for me!!!!!.

    jb capacio

    here i come,finding my way to you!!!

  61. Jean Mann

    That is so true I want you to talk to me

  62. Wirjabesari Jean

    Loves always sees the light ,trough the darkest night.😙😙

  63. yehlen pilare

    love will find the way

  64. Michele Beers

    there going to do the gingerbread houses next fri in morning make Emma's house wish you could help mini make her house see we ok too mini ok terrific us fantastic too us love we to go to see mini see mike lovet

  65. Mel john santamena Santamena

    What a beautiful music

  66. Nessa Flor!


  67. Rose Agaatsz

    True love will always find a way. Brilliant song and voice. 🎶🎧🎼👀

  68. flaviano gimongala

    very beautiful and lovely songs

  69. Tty Gonzalez

    Me encanta esta voz !! Me hace llorar 😭😭



  71. Bengh Buenafe

    Love always finds a way...😍

  72. Somewhere in Time sweet undying LOVE for you leaves me always speechless. I thank GOD everyday for bringing us together 25 years ago. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

  73. Enrico Torda Perocho

    I Miss You Mahal kong Riza,magkikita na ulit tayo😍😍😘😘😘

  74. Diamond forever

    Is it possible to be married for 10 yrs to someone who's not the one? Then after 10 yrs someone you've love and walked away from comes right back in your life then suddenly you can't help but wanna be with that person.

    rochelle knight

    It is possible !

    Kenneth J

    Nope! You’re just a trifling bitch!!!!!

    Atomy Filipino Team America

    I believe it.

  75. Carolyn Carter

    And that special someone its name is Bob Taylor please put back on your notes and looked at them carefully everyday Bob Taylor is the only man that I would do or feel that way about at this moment I'm sincerely honest

    Carolyn Carter

    What in the world do you mean by me why would I look for you

    Carolyn Carter

    Bob this is me are you there this is Carolyn let me know if you are here we have changed phones I put a message on there yesterday on the new one for you I am having problems with my son saying that you're not real you don't exist and I'm nuts for trying to believe in this I told him it was our story thing on Facebook and we argue all the time about this he wants me to quit writing and quit doing this is really getting on my nerves but I tried to stay calm and it is hard I was going to leave yesterday and didn't know where to go I am so sick of them telling me this is not real I guess by changing phone we have taken out of here this phone and put it into the new one my old phone number is on that one this one only has games iTunes and stuff like that so I have to try to play around to get you because everything's on the other phone and it's out of circulation right now I will try to get on it and get to your app you are the app with the guy on the horse aren't you there is so many Bob's on here and so many new people trying to get on here to be my friend that I am getting upset about that too and so is he

    Carolyn Carter

    Want you to know that I love you so much and there's many things I have to tell you a lot but I want to be sure you're the one I'm talking to when I say them I am so are you here how can I go where I can talk I'm got a lot to say but I don't know that it will all go on here or should I wanted to be right I want you to start telling me a little bit more about your life I am excited to hear why you chose where you live and what it's like there I would like for you to tell me some of your secrets because I have told you the biggest part of mine I feel like I would love to hear about you for a change do you work for the government sometime I feel like your Apollo Titian I said politician then sometimes I feel like you're work with the animals what do you do with the animals I would like to know what you love to do for enjoyment see all of these questions I know nothing about I know that I enjoy the woods and low hiking in the outdoors and I love animals and I love people and never get mad unless they try to make me do something that I don't want to do and that is to get you off my list they think you are somebody trying to hack me I need your input on this so I can prove to them that they're not I couldn't fall for someone that wasn't real you might dream about something like that but I'm surely that God wouldn't fall for somebody that's not real I went to school with you I seen you walk I seen you in the classroom so I know you're real now as far as The Story Goes I don't know if you're really involved in it or not but I guess I have to admit I am it started out as fun and then believe it or not I really fell for you but I already had felt a little bit beforehand when I saw how much you worked and took care of Charlene so I know you're real and I know I respect you so much and I know that I want them or no more I lost track of what you were interested in after we all moved in different directions I would like to know what what made you choose the the job that you're in I see that you work hard you're a hard worker I just need lots of good things about you but I want to hear about him you sound so interesting would love to see you honey and I don't care what they say they are not going to make me stop loving you You Come First they come second you will always come first in my heart I feel that a man should lead the woman and I want you to leave me anywhere you want to leave me you just need to tell me where you're going to take me I also see that maybe you work Inwood some way I love would I love to see how you could make it beautiful then I need to know what you feel sexually about good God you know what I feel sexual 8 I need to know if that makes you unhappy that I feel that way or if you're the kind that likes the old boring sex see there's lots of questions I need you to answer so that I will know what I'm talking about when I tried to discuss you with my family anyway try to get in touch with me some way so I can hear all about you I am so interested I want to tell you I like to go fishing but they have to be biting I do not like to try to fish if you're just holding a pole all day long that is very boring but there's other things there's other things I can be doing while you're holding that boring pole I said but if they're biting I'm going to be in competition with you for the biggest fish I like nature I like the trees in the birds and the bees and love everything about the nature I thought maybe we could invest into a camper and do lots of beautiful things around the United States you like traveling I noticed do you travel outside the of the United States and if so what countries how long are you gone for this just all kinds of things baby that you need to tell me and talk to me about I am so interested it seems like since you twerk I'm the one that does all the talking and let me tell you what baby I'm a good listener too and I want to hear all about you every inch of about you I don't want you to leave nothing out so please open up and tell me some of these things I would love to hear them and your beard your beard honey don't get your beard I saw the picture or remember the picture of you sitting in the chair with your wife and your family and everyone your kids or grandkids or somebody around you and you had a beard and you were sexy maybe it needed trimmed a little but that really turns me on you you had a nice beard and then I remember you saying you didn't have much hair on top and remember me telling you take care of that one little hair be sure you do that for me so catch love you miss you why do you keep writing why do you want me to keep writing I get so nervous and excited just by talking to you I want to hold you in my arms forever and ever and ever and ever and just listen to you talk I know you're going to hold me tight and tell me all about your growing up years after we left each other and about how you met your wife and have you do so soon love you catch you later baby love you

    Carolyn Carter

    Bobby Taylor from Walden I put lots of things in here tonight that I really mean I really love you more than anything in the world you are my leader my hero my man there's not anything in this world that I wouldn't do and share with you I hope this one isn't a not sent one meaning the messages it seems like a hundred of them has been not sent I love you so much darling and you're the world to me I will have a peaceful restful sleep tonight cuz I seen your twerk and once I get that twerk I know you're with me I love it and I understand a lot more about our life together it just took awhile for it to soak in and let me tell you it has soaked in good I need every part of your body and every part of your mind I need your guidance I need you to love me Carolyn I love you baby I have text all night and every word I mean from the bottom of my heart it may take you years to find all of the things I've said about you but they all are good I can't think of anything bad I just want to share every inch of you and I mean every inch from head to toe I love you

    Carolyn Carter

    Play the most handsomest guy in the whole world I want every inch of you and don't you ever forget it I will stay with you and you will guide me 4 through every minute of our life I know you will do it I have trust in you and I know that you and the knowledge to do what's right and I want you to know baby I love you to pieces

  76. Carolyn Carter

    Would only do this for the special guy that I love always remember that and especially for you since your him lots of emotions right now

  77. Jacey Duane Aldaba

    Find me love :)

  78. Maria Alona Ederango

    I miss you love

  79. Don Cogleone

    Why is it that I am the only one who is always finding a way between us?😢

  80. SYKiddo MALIK

    Di sila bagay ni KC. 😢

  81. Madison Bajo

    yes!I believe that when we love someone we need to work on it to keep the fire burning in our hearts.

  82. lea lacno

    Yes love always find a way khit sobrang hirap na i know everything has a reason :(

  83. Ignacio Michelle

    It's right, that's why I'm still here for you

  84. Aerton Ferreira

    Curto e muito a voz deste grande cantor e compositor. Peabo Bryson.

  85. Jovelyn Mosqueda

    I miss you so always find a way❤️😢

  86. Wilfredo Sismundo

    Nice love song memory.....
    I love it.....

  87. Emilio Rezo

    Love always find a way💋💋💋

  88. Hanzkhulet

    i miss him so much 😢

  89. Ie Hwa

    Yes that love always find a way no matter hard no matter difficult to be understand

  90. Carolina Martucci

    astonishing song..and voice.

  91. Happy compsognathus

    Love cannot be contain..

    Love breaks free..

    Love always finds a Way..

  92. Daniel Gutierrez

    Everytime i hear this song in every place ive always had a goosebumps as if im on cloud nine and ive wonder why!?!?😇

  93. Inday Anna

    Love conquers all the trials life might throw upon two lovers. It opens a door to those who believe in the power of their love in times all the other have closed. Tomorrow might be unpredictable but it will find a way to win everyday. Love always mends all wounds. It always brings back the smile to ones face that once become the shelter of sorrow, hopelessness and pains. In the darkness it shines. In uncertainty it gives hope. Love will all finds a way.

  94. Fony Yuliana

    This beautiful song speak truth that Love always finds a way.

  95. dreams never die

    these are one of the bests love songs than now....

  96. Donna Morris

    Will never stop loving this beautiful song always a favorite

  97. Andy Rocker

    Some might not understand the lyrics, but this song is actually for couples in a very long relationship and now struggling to stay together. At first falling in love is like a magic. You always feel happy, everything seems bright and perfect. But after a long time, couples may face problems and challenges that tears them apart (And in this moments when the magic seems to fade, we must remember then that's the time to keep on believing and I"LL BE A FRIEND). That's the reason why people tell you to marry a person that you treat as a friend, not just a lover, because after you got old,,, love, lust, and beauty will fade but friendships last forever.. Faith, Hope and Trust is the ingredients for Love to see the light through the darkest night(Trials).

  98. mercy mallari

    I believe surely it will find a way if its true love😎😍💜❤😘😘😘

    Tyrone Johnson

    Love is so elusive... I had it once....but I lost it a lot. How is that?