Paycheck, Johnny - Wherever You Are Lyrics

When you hear this song
Wherever you are think of me
And don't forget to stand up and make a toast to me
Hold your head up high
And love the guy with the big fine car
And don't forget I still love you
Wherever you are

You just wouldn't love me no matter how I tried
And the day you left my world I just up and died
But every night you'll still find me wishing on a star
All because I still love you wherever you are

I've got to explain to the friends we once knew
They've got to get used to seeing me without you
If you all alone I hate to say I told you so
And I hope this song reminds you I still love you so

If he should close you out
Remember my arms are always open
'Cause I still love you wherever you are

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Paycheck, Johnny Wherever You Are Comments
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  2. Geoffrey Parker

    Great traditional country music. Great artist & great album.Thanks.

  3. Geoffrey Parker

    Thanks for this great old album. The tracks are fantastic. This is true traditional country music at its best. Could listen to this all day. The new country music is a waste of time. Thanks again.

  4. ed morrison

    could anyone tell me where i might find a copy of this album thanks

    George Jones Albums & More

    I got this one ebay, but it had a lot of scratches and i was impatient to wait to find a better one.

  5. TomBr

    Very Good.