Paycheck, Johnny - The Old Blind Fiddler Lyrics

When I was just a kid I'd go to town on Saturday
And on the street I'd listen to the old blind fiddler play
He was close to no one though his life was almost gone
But to me he was my friend and always played such pretty song

People dropped their nickels in his cup as they walked by
Sometimes he would play so sad yet I just have to cry
And one day I went to town to hear the old man play
But he was gone and someone said the old man passe away

I can still hear him playing

And when people stop to listen
He would say God walked beside you all the way
And I'd listen to the old blind fiddler play

A week or so ago one night I had the strangest dream
I dreamed I went to heaven and I heard a million strings
A standing there I heard the music blow from heaven sky
And for the first time in my life I saw the color of his eyes

And I can still hear them playing

And he shook my hand and he told me
Son I knew we'd meet again some day
And once again I heard the old blind fiddler play

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Paycheck, Johnny The Old Blind Fiddler Comments
  1. James Brown

    My favorite from Johnny Paycheck and "For a minute there" another great song!!! " I f you think your lonely"

  2. betty stephenson

    beautiful thanks tom

  3. John Hopkins

    Very Underrated, very, very TALENTED, no one is perfect in this world, he made mistakes but Also paid for them and some of his troubles were no merit, Great talent from an old Soldier

  4. john crane

    This is real country music, by the greatest country artist of all time, bar none

  5. Mike mcelhaney

    the all time great,,,these aren,t around anymore,sad to see it go,Thank God for youtube....

  6. Albert Ruble

    Damn good listening

  7. john crane

    I defy anyone to tell me that there has ever been a better country singer than Johnny Paycheck, he was incredible to say the least. He had so many great songs, Old Violin, I Did The Right Thing, The Outlaws Prayer, I Grow Old Too Fast and Smart too Slow, I've Seen Better Days, Yesterdays News Just Hit Home Today, She's All I Got, The Woman Who Put Me Here, D.O.A. Drunk Arrival and this list just goes on and on, I would need a page to list them all. What a great talent he was, so so so so underrated

    James Brown

    I been following Johnny Paycheck and George Jones since the 70's !!!!

  8. Karen Lindsay

    What a lovely country song🎤🎻

  9. Harold Williams

    Today's Country can't even touch Music like this..These were classic's and can never be replaced...Thanks Johnny...


    Nashville WTF have you done! U turned great music into shit


    True County Music by a true CM Singer.......RIP JP........SING WITH THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN.

  11. Kurdt Nbk

    does country music get any [email protected] very cool thanks for sharing the memory

  12. Becky Messer

    I remember my grandma watching a VHS of this when I was little, writing down the words and chords, and playing it for many memories