Paycheck, Johnny - The Lovin' Machine Lyrics

From the minute that I saw her
I knew I just had to have her
I asked if I could take her for a spin'

But I heard her engine purrin'
And I saw her tail-light blinkin'
I knew I'd never be the same again

So I drove her 'round the corner
Up the street and down the highway
Showin' off to everybody that I seen

She's a steamlined
Sleek lookin'
Smooth runnin'
Fast movin'
Lovin' machine

She's a-quick with dual headlights
Padded dash and positive traction
Instant heatin' and a six-way swivel seat

And it's no wonder that the connoisseurs
Of fine machinery
Feel so happy
When I drive her down the street

She's got two of the biggest
And the prettiest and the roundest
Softest bluest eyes
You've ever seen

If I leave her for a minute
All the hot rods gather 'round her
They just can't believe that such a thing is real

But they've never seen a chassis
Quite as slick and half as classy
They'd give anything
To get behind the wheel

So I keep my little lover
Locked up tight and undercover
Give no one a chance to yell
Mechanic's glee

She ain't too fast in the take-off
But she's a winner in the long run
And she's [?] when she accelerates

If she shimmies just a little
At high speed, well who's complainin'?
Fact of the matter is I think it's kinda great

With the proper restorations
Safety check and a set of glasses
Soon I'll take her anywhere I choose to be

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