Paycheck, Johnny - Thanks To The Cathouse (I'm In The Doghouse With You) Lyrics

The last time I touched you must have been 6 months ago
It was hassles and headaches
And every damn time you said no
But passion has feelings and cold showers did me no good
So I went out looking for something
Someone that could
Well I stopped at this roadhouse
That's known for it's women and fun
But the bartender told me
That all the good looking women's gone home
Out of sheer desperation found me at Rosie's back door
Everyone knows what the back room of Rosie's is for
But if I had of known
I never would have told you the truth
Thanks to the cathouse
I'm in the doghouse with you

Well I don't feel that guilty
I don't have that many regrets
You keep rubbing my nose in something I'd rather forget
If you don't want to love me
The next time you turn on the chill
Remember there's someone
In the back room of Rosie's who will
But if I had of known
I never would have told you the truth
Thanks to the cathouse
I'm in the doghouse with you
Thanks to the cathouse
I'm in the doghouse with you

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Paycheck, Johnny Thanks To The Cathouse (I'm In The Doghouse With You) Comments
  1. james youngblood

    Great one! "Check" has some good tunes! :)

  2. Aaron Lockhart

    Bartender pour me another! Love this one.

  3. Xavier Vicedo

    This man just got it. Underrated but still a legend. Rest in peace.

  4. Southern Born

    WOW ... 17 stupid ass kids on here !

  5. Chris Bennett

    One of my favorites

  6. Chris Adams

    15 people are in the doghouse.

  7. Michael McKenzie

    An original along with David Allen Coe

  8. Al Swearengen

    One of the original women of country music is Trish Yearwood. She's done more for country singers than anyone. She wrote this sing, "The Gambler", & "I Walk the Line". She was married to Conway Twitty for 15 years.

  9. Cesar Reyes

    Johnny's great song which turns back the memories of many of us whom have lived the crude live........God Bless you Johonny Paycheck,,,,,,,,


    paycheck was one of ,(if not(the) greatest country singer of all time ,in my opinion he is tied with george jones ,hank sr ,and merle haggard for 1st place !

  11. james youngblood

    I had the pleasure working with this talented man a couple times ~ He even played my steel one time ~ RIP Check :)

  12. bourbonfan1


  13. JLScott3178

    I heard he was a real f-er... But damn he was so good. This one is about as down home as it gets.

  14. James Wood

    He. may. have. led. a. wild. life. at. times. but. if. you. knew. him. well. you. would. have. a. different. opion. of him. he. could. be. a. great. friend. to. you.

  15. ZebraStandards

    Alternate title: I Fucked a Gross Hooker and Now my Wife's Mad

  16. Jeffrey Newlan

    This man was my grandpas half brother which makes him my second cousin and to let ppl know he went from the last name lightle to stage name paycheck the man is the best singer that I have ever heard I'm my 36yrs I habe lived R.I.P JOHNNY THE FAMILY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOUR AND YOUR MUSIC.....FROM CHILLICOTHE OHIO

    john Diamond

    Jeffrey Newlan star

  17. MaxRenn82

    Mike Judge's new series, Tales from the Tour Bus, put me in the mood for some outlaw country.

  18. Jeff Lingelbach

    I was once a DJ a long time ago and this used to draw the crowds in and the beers tipping up in the bars

  19. CamelotGuy

    One of his minor songs...but still the original PayCheck as usual. Good listening!

  20. goat 68

    reminds me of my first marriage.....................................

    Russ Liberti


  21. Corey Guillot

    one of the best song titles and songs ever

  22. Trapper Cody

    To me Johnny Paycheck is the true soul of country music, nobody is better than Paycheck, in my opinion he's better than Cash

  23. DJT2020

    He had so many great songs and NEVER received the honor he greatly deserved. We ALL make mistakes and NO ONE is perfect. He paid for his mistakes and that should not hold him back from the honor and fame he earned. He without sin may cast the first stone. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe Kelly

    His 'Take This Job & Shove It' was his undoing, His ballads were best.

    Ryan Thompson

    Joe Kelly take this job and shove it was written by David Allen Coe. Johnnys undoing was drinking and cocaine. If he would’ve been sober he would’ve been unstoppable.

    Hans Van den Brande

    amazing voice

    Debbie Mathis

    @Hans Van den Brande most definitely

    Debbie Mathis


  24. Scottie Jones

    Good music

  25. Long Live Outlaw Country

    Great Song!!

  26. Rick Moore

    A True Outlaw , Sadly Missed

  27. jaywhoper

    thank you