Paycheck, Johnny - Song And Dance Man Lyrics

Well I'm a song and dance man come on gather round me and clap your hands
Bring your tips boys and put 'em in the ol' tin can
Buy me a drink boys and I'll do a little bit of the old soft shoe
Put a little somethin' in the kitty and I'll sing and dance for you

I'll play a number and you can do the buck and wing
Or sing any sad song that you wanna hear me sing
Just name your pleasure then dig down in your jeans
My body needs a beverage and my guitar needs some strings
'Cause I'm a song and dance man...

Well I caught pneumonia from walkin' in a pourin' rain
But I found heaven in a little room in New Orleans loved me till I got strong
Then I caught me a freight right out of her heart and I wrote about it in a song
'Cause I'm a song and dance man...
I'm a song and dance man...

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Paycheck, Johnny Song And Dance Man Comments
  1. Bill Bright

    Johnny just needed a little more brim but he passed the hat nonetheless.

  2. christy Williams

    My favorite song

  3. Jamie Schott

    Put a little somethin' in the kitty and I'll sing and dance for you.

  4. Conne Dillon

    Love this classic Paycheck hit. The hat in this photo probably belongs in some Hall of Fame somewhere....

  5. nicole15

    omg this makes me think of my papa

  6. Setebos

    My parents used to listen to this all the time.  Absolutely had to hear it this morning.

  7. augie romonov

    Great song but that hat you could plow snow with it!


    And plow some snow ol Paycheck did!!! ;) RIP

    Marcellus Wallace

    @makthnife he was on that ole cocaine train he sung about.

  8. brenda garten

    very pretty

  9. natalie sharp

    I started a fb page called save real country music. Please join me if join would like to help me bring real country music back to the radio!


    just hit the like button

    Connor M. Music & more

    +natalie sharp It don't need saving, people just need to stop calling crappy pop music country.

    James Daniels

    I just liked your page
    Im too drunk to type on a cellphone.

  10. sparkescadman

    Also a big hit for SammyDavis, Jr.

  11. Steve

    My mom had this song on a 45 record when I was a pre-schooler. :)

  12. Setebos

    Thanks for uploading this!

  13. Arika Kimberlin

    wtf..I never posted that comment haha..wth..

  14. Arika Kimberlin

    we will miss this man for sure one of the best ever better then lots of them that make it he was better then willie n. or chris c. and lots of others them promoted..

  15. wilburscott

    Ain't it the truth! Thanks so much! :)