Paycheck, Johnny - Someone To Give My Love To Lyrics

I could search from now to the end of time
And never find another you
I'm so glad, because I know you're mine
Someone to give my love to

I believe, my love, that you're one of a kind
For there's no one else like you
You're the light of my life, so let it shine
Someone to give my love to

I find happiness is lovin' you
I'll do my best to make your dreams come true
I will follow you to the end of the earth
For my place will be with you
I have taken you for better or worse
Someone to give my love to

I find happiness is lovin' you
I'll do my best to make your dreams come true
Days of man-and-wife-time are precious few
I will spend them all with you
Then beyond forever, I'll wait for you
Someone to give my love to...

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Paycheck, Johnny Someone To Give My Love To Comments
  1. ehonsinger

    Amazing! What an awesome song! I sang it to my girlfriend at my 40th birthday party as I got down on one knee and proposed to her.

  2. O Oh

    Don’t ever give a woman your love. She’ll break it of in your ass

  3. barbara Lynch

    Best song ever

  4. Scrubs

    I found his vin record in my grandpaws collection

  5. shawn donathan

    Now this is real country music.

  6. Marilee Woods

    Sad him and my mom die alone

  7. Allie Grant

    I never found give my love to. I was married for 13 yrs..No love there..

  8. Andrew Sandlin

    Bird can watermelon crawl the hell out here

  9. shane matthews

    This guy was batshit crazy but man could he sing wow !

    Jorden James

    THAT HE WAS...!! Played in a band that our bass singer (in the 70's) sounded just like him... I STILL play out, sing this song, but could never sound like those 2 guys!

  10. Marilee Woods

    Nobody else can sing this. NOBODY

  11. Marilee Woods

    Hello Willburscott

  12. Christina Stier

    Wish I seen one of his concerts. Another great opportunity slipped on by.
    He needed some good loving.

    Marilee Dent

    I knew him

  13. Faith Logsdon

    My husband Russell Logsdon dedicated this song to me on WIVK FM in Knoxville TN one night back around the late 70s when we were both children. I would laugh and tell him we wouldnt ever grow up and get married. Well the joke was on me because in 1997 when he was 30 years old and I was 27 we did marry. He would play this song for me at times.
    He passed away January 24 2014.
    I believe that like in the song says, beyond forever he waits for me.

  14. Marilee Denr

    Happy New Year

  15. mark johnson

    Even as a rocker, always like and knew there was something about his style of country.
    Sounds better than ever, he really worked hard, and was respected by all the big names

  16. Marilee Denr

    ❤..shared Marilee

  17. Superior Hannah05

    It was my grandpa

  18. Superior Hannah05

    I know who wrote this song

  19. Andrew Sandlin

    I was 12 dad was 45 he would buy us some beer tie the canepoles to the side of his elcamino and wed head to the lake listenin to paycheck on the 8 track don't get no better

  20. Andrew Sandlin

    Paycheck was a bad ass

  21. gwendaellard1950

    My husband of 49 years got this played when we renewed our vows at 30 years. He was a truck driver, pulled in the driveway one day and said, Come get in the truck and listen to this song I’m going to play for you at our Church wedding! Beautiful and I will always treasure it even though I lost him to cancer last year! I miss him so much!!! But I’ve got great memories and the cd!

    Amanda Dyson

    God bless you 🙏I'm sorry for your loss, you've got a lifetime of wonderful memories 💖

  22. Mike C.

    Great fucking singer...

  23. Kenny Betsill

    Awesome song 👍👌

  24. Stormy Seas

    I like Tracy's version too...but the depth isn't there. Your right, hard to improve upon pefection.

  25. joe trucker

    this song is top 10 of all time

  26. Marilee Denr

    To my man...

  27. Marilee Denr


  28. Marilee Denr

    R.I.P miss ya

  29. Marilee Denr


  30. Kenneth Kiser

    And He turned out to be...... the only "Hell" his momma ever raised. R I P Johnny Paycheck

    Dennis Johnson

    Perfect example of why we should "Never judge a book by its cover"...why we should never write anyone off...why it's best not to judge at all.

  31. William McCloud

    Like to decade this song to my very best friend eloida who shown me what true love means and she is love of my life forever to

    William McCloud

    And my very best eloida who showed me what True love means she helpedme get over my Hurt and she is my only love who ever liked my Comment thank you

  32. Joe Kennon

    I want to sing this song at karaoke to a woman that I really really love and that I might want to marry. I'll find her someday

  33. Dan Phipps

    This song come into my dream recently from nowhere. I hadn't heard it for years. Absolute beauty.
    Thanks for this Wilbur.
    from Dan in the UK.

  34. Berit Samuelsson


  35. Marilee Denr


    William McCloud

    Yes it is like too decade this songto my very special Lady in my very specialLady in life eloida who showed me what True love meansshe helped me get over my Hurt

  36. goat 68

    the original..the best!! rip J.P.

  37. Mark R

    About as good as it gets.

  38. John Goffin

    rest in peace Mr. Paycheck

  39. jaimejaime

    perfect production, as you say.

  40. Burger Jaqueline

    Quand j'écoute Johnny Paycheck, j'ai l'impression d'être à cheval et parcourant les plaines de l'Ouest ou le soir au coin d'un feu.... comme dans un suis un peu mélancolique et à la fois comme protégée...rien ne pourra plus m'arriver....

  41. Marilee Denr


  42. Marilee Denr

    knew him. He told my mom he'd send her a song when he got famous and he did

  43. Al Balderson

    To the one and only love of my life ( Mrs.A)

  44. Bobby Manning

    great song

    William McCloud

    Yes it is

  45. eric sager

    this was me and my ex 's song she broke my hearst and is in jail      lol but it still hurts

    Cynthia Stanton

    wow....great musuc though

  46. Geoff Overturf

    Lots of memory's

  47. Farrah Teague

    This is my favorite version of the song.

  48. Paul Young

    Always the best die ... as less unknown.. poor and broke. What a shame.. :( America will regret not honoring our true musicians and world's true heroes. America will regret not listening.

    Paul Young

    +paul clifford # 4. wow. very good. top 50 from 67 to 82 were the best years.

  49. Mike Mullins

    Sadly he died n a nursing home. Broke. George Jones donated his burial plot to Johnny and there he lies today.

    Claudette Fuqua

    Nothing like real friend! Ride or die..🖒😎

    Marilee Dent

    Yep. Mom's friend

    Marilee Dent

    True. No $ goes with you

  50. goat 68

    this is a badass song! thats a fact

  51. Angela Giddings


  52. Donny Moose

    wish I had this to play at my wedding 42 years ago no one figure it would last she was 16  I was 20 and three kids later we made it  

    Farrah Teague

    +Donny Moose I know a couple in my church who had a similar situation to yours. The wife was 16, and the husband was 19 when they were married. I think they're nearing 50 years of marriage. I don't know, but they're still together, and still love each other very much.

    Marilee Woods

    God bless ya'll. Johnny was my mom's friend

  53. TheSeoulsista

    ...just woke from a dream...I was at a party and some big biker guy started singing this song....said he liked it....but he changed the lyrics a little.....he was singing, "someone to give my chub to"......

    matthew king


  54. Christina Jobes

    Classic Johnny, love this song............thanks for sharing.

  55. Sarah Gregory

    I wish my husband would request this song to me.

    josef mengele

    ill request it for you, what will you do for me? lol

    Donna Clark

    What years ago 44 years married model off in 4 years ago ok

    Allison Wilson

    I wasn't sure how the man I'm in love with felt about me until he told me to listen to this song. OMG am I a happy lady!!!! Thanks Mr. Paycheck.

  56. Patsy Lane

    Great singer he was

    William McCloud

    Yes he was

  57. Old Navy44 !!!

    Dedicated to my rock, my friend, my wife.

  58. Ididnotsaythat didI

    my Husband and I's wedding song...he;s across the pond....depolyed

    paul hicks

    when you see the Moon he there looking and feeling better knowing your his!

    Disraeli Gears

    God bless

  59. TheBulldogmom3

    Only a MORON would thumbs down this song or this artist. You my friend are a complete IDIOT because you obviously have no clue as to what country music is all about. How sad.

  60. Joey Stillwell

    My all time favorite love song! I wanna sing this to my girlfriend one day

    Marilee Denr

    Joey Stillwell do it..

  61. pat McCormick

    I don't even listen to mainline so called country stations anymore, the only way to listen to the classics is on here or online, paycheck was one of the best.

  62. Jeff Stanton

    I heard this on the radio April 23, 2013 on my way to work. I forgot just how good this sounded. Love it.

  63. givemyall4tn2day

    he was the ultimate hell raiser, hands down.

    Marilee Dent

    My mom's friend

  64. Tom Ace

    This is my kinda shit right here.

  65. a redman

    I first heard this song in a club in NY and I got it!!!!!

  66. Allen Odom

    One of my favorites from this awesome country singer.

  67. Conley Burns

    If there's a better song out there to say "I love You" then i have yet to find it

  68. Dexterluckful

    Real nice. Mellow music in overdrive.

  69. bcl1953

    OMG! If you don't like a song, for God's sake, don't listen to it. I personally love it :)

  70. jimmymcmi

    I don't understand how it never made it to number one?

  71. nowledge

    I am not a huge fan of all his catalog but I have to say that I fucking love this song.

  72. a redman

    The first country song I ever heard, and I got it!!!!!

    Marilee Dent

    He sent it to my mom

  73. Troy Singer

    awesome song and an awesome guy!!

  74. pedalman

    This was one track on a great album that first got me listening to Mr paycheck , produced by billy sherrill , Pete Drake player some lovely pedal steel .

  75. derkdirtydiggler

    this song is bad ass i wish i had it

  76. concreteoutlaws

    Still think someone gave this guy a serious pop knot on that dome!

  77. CashPresley32

    But my top ten favorite singers of all time are:
    1. Johnny Cash
    2. Elvis Presley
    3. Ricky Nelson
    4. Carl Perkins
    5. Jerry Lee Lewis
    6. Roy Orbison
    7. Conway Twitty
    8. Charlie Rich
    9. Willie Nelson
    10. Waylon Jennings

  78. CashPresley32

    That's ok. I like Johnny too, and my favorite outlaws are:
    Willie Nelson
    Waylon Jennings
    Johnny Paycheck
    and David Allan Coe.


    don't forget Gary Stuart

  79. CashPresley32

    Does there have to be fight here? Please stop.

  80. concreteoutlaws

    yeah youre right, I should not have said that. I like Johnny but just noticed his head looking a little rough. Mustache is out of whack also.

  81. concreteoutlaws

    whats up with that horn in the middle of his forehead.

    Jay Foster