Paycheck, Johnny - Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets Lyrics

What a beautiful mansion he built you
Splendor Lord you got it wall to wall
And yet with all of that you're still not happy
Cause every time he's gone I get your call

Slide off of you satin sheets
Slip into your long soft mink
You know where to find my door
And I know what your cryin' for

Baby you once told me I was good for nothin'
And you couldn't live on dreams and crystal balls
His money buys you everything but my lovin'
So I guess I'm good for something after all

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Paycheck, Johnny Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets Comments
  1. Dl Allysin Kay

    Tiany Schuster always slid off her satin sheets for me Krum Texas Queen

  2. Katie Taylor

    Still love this song ❤

  3. Randy Porter

    I love this freakin song!

  4. Daliwoods

    This kind of country all day for me



    Frank Gonzales

    COMBAT DOC that’s right,,,🐺

  6. Gallop4Me

    Country music isn't "country" anymore . . . not like this. No more George, Gene, Waylon, Merle, Dwight, Buck and the others. Now it's just a cross between rock and pop and a light show. So sad. :-(

    Hammerschlägen M

    It's little more than a bag of dogshit

  7. Frank Gonzales

    Aww, my clubbin days!,good memories,,,lots of ladyfriends,,,Lol,,,🐺