Paycheck, Johnny - She's All I Got Lyrics

Well, I say, friend, don't take her, she's all I've got
Please, don't take her love away from me
I'm beggin' you, friend, don't take her, she's all I've got
She's everything in life I'll ever need

She is life when I wanna live
She's everything to me in life that life can give
She's my water when I need to drink
She's the first thought in my mind each time I try to think
Let me tell you now, friend...

She's my fingers when I want to feel
She's the only thing in life to me that's really real
She is love, she's all the love I know
She could kiss the ground in the wintertime and make the flower grow
Let me tell you now, friend...

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Paycheck, Johnny She's All I Got Comments
  1. Johnny H.

    Nice 👍🏼 👍🏼🌺🍻🇺🇸👉🛤☝️🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻don't take her she's all I got ☝️👉👍🏼🛤🏕🎻🇺🇸😎

  2. jamie landsborough

    I love her ❤️

  3. Luke Tibbs

    Sounds a lot like Merle

  4. BG Love

    I was raised up on country, soul, and rock-n-roll, back in the 70s. I sure am glad. Love the oldies but goodies. So personal and heartfelt. Beautiful sounds for the heart and soul. Deep in the music can be felt. Humanity thrived and was at it's best during trying time on civil unrest, hippies, and lots of fun everywhere. Love was in the air. Now we have hate and confusion. I miss those good old days. God was alive then. But missing in today's world. Peace on earth. Please?

  5. Punky Brewster

    I can't find an answer online about this, but are there two studio versions of this song (yes, by Johnny Paycheck...not any of the other cover artists). The audio in this vid sings it "she's allllllll I got" but the one I grew up hearing goes "she's all I've got." The only thing I can find so far that sounds close enough to it (if it isn't the song itself) is the live version someone else posted here to YouTube. If anyone has any info, it'd be much appreciated; thanks! 😊

    Edit: I could've sworn the version I remember is the same instrumentals as on the song playing now, but the vocals are more like the vid in this link--> It's driving me crazy that I can't find it... It is possible it was a live version I grew up listening to though. For example, I grew up listening to my mom's copy of Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits album, and a few songs on it were live rather than studio versions for copyright issues. So now, to me those songs sound strange when I hear the actual studio versions of those particular songs lol. The same probably happened with Johnny Paycheck. I don't think my mom had any of his albums, but she did collect record singles of everyone at the time. She also got compilations on tape of various artists...I'm betting it's a tape the song was on though; and/or came on the radio a lot. Anyway, thanks again if anyone is able to help. 😊

    Arakasi Acoma

    He says I've in this one. His drawl just covers it.

  6. April Ison

    Best music ever!

    Eric Mendoza

    April Ison True


    Rest In Peace Mr. Paycheck.
    Job well done Sir -------

  8. James Langley

    She could kiss the ground in the winter time and make a flower grow

    I still love you

  9. Benjie Fields

    This is ol skool country right here

  10. MR SPACECAT 1980

    I don’t like country but this song man..

  11. Mickey Bowser


  12. Get money

    Written by "Swamp Dogg" Im here from "tales from the tour bus"

  13. Marcus Davis

    Good stuff

  14. yung ghost

    He asked, whyd you shoot him
    Johnny said "that son of a bitch had it comin to him"
    Crazy guy but lit ass song

    Get money

    Tales from the tour bus

    yung ghost

    Yeah boi

    Get money

    +yung ghost nice

  15. Dr Phot

    Tales from the Tour Bus: Swamp Dogg brought me here!


    As soon as it starting playing on there I knew I had to hear the entire song.

    Steven SteveO

    Lol. Me to.

  16. Eddie Brandenburg

    Haggard bonded Johnny out of jail when Johnny shot that guy in a Ohio bar.

    Trapper Cody

    Hag, George Jones, David Allen Coe and I believe waylon Jennings and willie Nelson wrote letters to the governor of Ohio back then even the guy he shot Larry Wise the governor pardoned him

    Dave Mills

    Eddie Brandenburg that’s what Brothers are for

  17. jimi ange

    Kiss has the song Hard Luck Woman sounds an awful lot like this song.

  18. ThisGuy Here

    Extract brought me here! What about y'all?! #JustCurious


    Stories from the tour bus

    Ryan Paul

    Me too!! Not first time. But this time. Roll Tide

    Get money

    +Gage Tales from the tour bus

  19. the moehammad all cracker

    fuck the comme bastards that thumbs down this.

  20. Bucky Fereke

    So damn good

  21. rick wolfe

    Please don't take her away from me

  22. Douglas Patterson

    Anyone can hate on country. (But this is pure white soulblues!)

    Simon Peter

    But the song was written by a black man.

  23. Jack



    funny thing is he sings about shit he actually did