Paycheck, Johnny - Or Is It Love Lyrics

You make my heart beat until it's sounding
Like it's on overtime
The chill of winter goes up and down me
And it's still summertime

And why am I walking way up on this cloud so high
Have I grown grown wings to fly
Or is it love

Each time you touch me that little tingle
Goes up and down my spine
I feel a trembling on my lips
When you press yours to mine

And these butterflies
Won't let me eat at suppertime
Have I lost my mind
Or is it love
Have I lost my mind
Or is it love

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Paycheck, Johnny Or Is It Love Comments
  1. Stacy Olmino

    Thanks Tom for posting this song written by my father Ray Buzzeo, so happy I could come here to listen!!!!

  2. Ruth Boykin

    One of his best songs for me! Thanks, Tom!

  3. Rebecca Jewell

    Thank you Tom Page Great song .
    2018 Blessing to you and family. Great choices

  4. latokatn506

    One Great Talent RIP Great Song Thanks T Page !!!!

  5. Karen Lindsay

    Lovely song🎤Thankyou for sharing 🎵

  6. osborne1939

    thanks Tom, love your pick of songs. Give me the old country songs any day.

  7. Denis Roberts

    Great song .Thank you for the the post.

  8. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Very good Country Godt nyttår

  9. Trapper Trey

    1rst view and comment