Paycheck, Johnny - Low Class Reunion Lyrics

When you've had your fill of the country club
Call me down here on the phone
When it's after dark
The car won't start
No one there will take you home
When your so-called friends that the top can't stop
To talk to give you a ride
Just come down here
I'll buy you a beer
It'll help to swallow your pride

And we can have us a low class reunion
Down here at Smoky Joe's
A low class reunion
Where the good-old good-times roll
With the sawdust on the dance floor
And dirty pictures on the wall
Well I'd rather be here with some low class friends
Than have no friends at all

Yeah, my my
It's good to see you
Sure are looking swell
I guess I forgot how good you looked
But you know it's been awhile
And you remember your old friends
Here's George, and Bob and Sue
They've helped me through a lot of nights, honey
Just sitting here waiting for you

We can have us a low class reunion...

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Paycheck, Johnny Low Class Reunion Comments

    pure country gold !

  2. Jeff Lingelbach

    let's all have a good low class reunion