Paycheck, Johnny - Lets Walk Hand In Hand Lyrics

Let's walk hand in hand face life together each day
And if darkness surrounds us love will show us the way
If trouble should find us we'll take our stand
Sorrow's glitter can never bind us if we walk hand in hand

In you I found the dream I've looked for for so long
And with your arms around me nothing ever goes wrong
Your love is the answer to my every dream
And with you I know love is everything that it seems

Let's walk hand in hand...

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Paycheck, Johnny Lets Walk Hand In Hand Comments
  1. Eileen Bennett

    Brilliant singer and a beautiful song the words brought a tear to me i am thinking of my Terry - one day sweetheart -

    Eileen Bennett

    Love showed us the way i,ll forever love my Terry

  2. Cel Joy

    feels good to hear this beautiful voice... love johnny paycheck

  3. Ras Cornett

    I wish I could find the song working my fingers to the bone

  4. BluegrassFan

    Thank you, Tom

  5. Shane DM

    I wish I could've seen him in concert; George Jones as well

  6. Mr. Lineman

    no words!!!

  7. PabluchoViision

    How this music is supposed to sound

  8. James Apedaile

    I did not have the pleasure of listening to Johnny Paycheck until very recently, I am sad that I missed so much over my 78 years. Many thanks to the people who posted his music

    Eileen Bennett

    Yes a beautiful singer i to have only recently heard him -

  9. rockeycountry

    Just love Paychecks voice. Thanks for posting