Paycheck, Johnny - Jukebox Charlie Lyrics

Hello Joe
The same as usual
I'm feeling low but a little more soul than usual
I wanna play that jukebox and hear that song
That tells me how I feel since baby's gone

Jukebox Charlie that's my name
Yes I'm well known throughout the honky tonk crowd
Oh you're right Joe
It's a crying shame
When I start drinking I start thinking
And wear my hurt real proud

One more drink Joe then I gotta go home
I don't know why I'll just sit
And cry the whole night long
But I'll be back again Joe tomorrow night
And we'll hear about baby
Who didn't treat me right

Jukebox Charlie that's my name...

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Paycheck, Johnny Jukebox Charlie Comments
  1. Chris Lopes

    That steel guitar lick is so sorry good, makes a great song even better

  2. klaus holter

    damn good from norway