Paycheck, Johnny - I've Got Someone To Kill Lyrics

I know you'll excuse me if I say goodnight
I've got a promise to fulfill
Thank you for listening to my troubles
Pardon me, I've got someone to kill

I warned him not to try and take her from me
He laughed and said if I can I will you know I will
So tonight when they get home I'll be waiting
Pardon me, I've got someone to kill

I know I'll surely die for what I'm about to do
But it don't matter I'm a dead man anyhow
This gun will buy back the pride they took from me
And also end this life of mine, that's worthless now

By the time you tell the sheriff, it'll all be over
He'll find me at their big house on the hill
He'll find a note explaining why I killed us all
Now it's time to go, I've got someone to kill

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Paycheck, Johnny I've Got Someone To Kill Comments
  1. Sid Kayne

    This song is badass..

  2. Lewis

    Damn, this messed me up.

  3. S BC

    Aubrey Mayhew co wrote this one too.👍

  4. Southern Trucker

    Badass Song!

  5. Jimmy Martin

    I sent this to my ex. Police come to my house 😂😂😂

    Cleadus buckmaster

    "This gun will buy back the pride they took from me"

    Jimmy Martin

    Cleadus buckmaster pardon me

    Cleadus buckmaster

    @Jimmy Martin I've got someone to kill

  6. Jalbert1995

    They just don't make country like they used to

    Casey Chapman

    cheers I'll drink to that

  7. Sam Williamson

    Holy shit, that's real as fuck.

  8. Alex Garnett

    I’m the 666’th like 🤘🏿

    Big_Lenny v1

    You're the Target

    Alex Garnett

    Big_Lenny v1 Ha! hell, I don’t know? I’ve called out for Satan many a time, he’ll find me at the big house on the hill..

  9. Dano Man

    love it . almost wish mine would cheat !

  10. bramity101

    No wonder country music has gone on to become the music of choice for the NRA set. Wow.

    Mark Blalock

    People like you are snowflakes

    Cleadus buckmaster

    Stupid liberal

    ruger 38

    What a dipshit

  11. John Doe

    funny he really did bust a cap in the top of dudes head


    Damn fr?


    he shot a guy and did some time for it later in his life. the victim was just injured and was acting drunk and belligerent,so it was sort of considered self defense though.

  12. John Doe

    Why you have to kill the guy? The woman was with you and she left you for him. Blame her for not being loyal. Kill that bitch

  13. L. Salisbury

    This would be an even scarier song title if used by GG Allin, the Mentors, Ian Stuart Donaldson or that guy from Burzum!

  14. Ross Egan Jr

    I never heard of this song before I heard it on the eves movie if you haven't seen it your missing out on a great movie you know how to sing a classic song Johnny

  15. Eat This

    This is the most beautiful song I ever heard.

  16. Irving Garcia

    This is Hard

  17. Brian Jackson

    That's a total true today times because I come close to killed a few from trying to mess with my ex gf and probably would still put a hole in them

    John Doe

    funny I dream about killing a old ex all the time, always wake up with morning wood and a smile from ear to ear

  18. TheAngryPolack 97

    This hits close to home.


    Not as close as Germany.

  19. Shannon Burns

    Paycheck, or Donny Young, Donald E. Lytle. He has been gone now 16 years. His early stuff off the Little Darlin label was the best he ever did, and was infused with the West Coast Sound. Aubrey Mayhew and the very great Lloyd Green on pedal steel. As good as it gets.


    I agree with you Shannon!!! Johnny/Donny was quite a singer, both his skill and the soul he brought to it. Old Violin, and especially this performance of it, is one of the greatest things ever done in all of country music:
    I hate it that for a lot of people Paycheck = Shove It and nothing else.


    And I miss him & his music.

  20. Gяэмliи · Тшеитчтwo

    Check out my music if you like dark twisted music. I will also be doing a cover of "Psycho" by Eddy

  21. Louis Mcelwee

    Great performance of a very unpleasant song.

  22. James Brown

    This fits today's world!!!! But not Johnny Paycheck's time!!! I surprised it got radio play back then!!!! His little darlin years were the best!!!


    no way a country station would have played this in the sixties, this was strictly an album cut, and something you would have heard in the bars, and only in the bars.

  23. Mickey Bowser


  24. Mickey Bowser


  25. Travis Fletcher

    One of the darkest songs ever. So Awesome!!!!

    Brad Beavers

    This is child's play compared to "Psycho" by Eddie Noack. Give that one a listen when you've got a free 5 minutes

  26. Eric May

    best cuntry song ever

  27. Derrick Bullock

    I think if the horror movie ‘The Eves’ when I hear this song b/c it’s in the movie multiple times. Creepy song, but awesome!

    Linda Oldham

    Yep..I think about the movie b.c. also.

    Jimmy Martin

    Linda Oldham lol I Love that movie

  28. Emmett Cool

    The ballad of Chris Benoit

  29. Jim Musa

    This is SICK. Murder and Suicide. What kind of sick minds wrote this and then sang it.
    God help those that even think of doing something like that.

    Oregon Music Fan

    Jim Musa You'd probably lose your mind if you listened to some of those old bluegrass murder ballads. REALLY dark stuff. 'Pretty Polly', 'Knoxville Girl', 'Darling Cory', and 'Little Sadie' are just a few of them. You might also want to consider 'Down in the Willow Garden' by the Everly Brothers and 'Tall Lover Man' by June Carter Cash. There's a long, long history of murder/suicide ballads.

    John Doe

    Fuck u nerd

    Joseph Molina

    You obviously haven't been hurt to the point of doing something like this.

    Cleadus buckmaster


  30. bugman971

    Little Darlin Label ------ can mean only one thing -----Lloyd Green - picking [ the picking is atleast 50 % of the music ----- this is what the "new " country just can not understand

  31. Shelly Lynn

    Such a waste of talent.

    Suburban hoodunit

    @Eat This he was a dick

    Gallardo Alex

    horrible old crone so? Lol

    Suburban hoodunit

    @Gallardo Alex

    I was answering the question, lol

    Gallardo Alex

    horrible old crone oops lol

    Mark Blalock

    Eat shit

  32. Mikel Sr

    Great singer but an as*hole of a human.

    Shannon Burns

    Blue In red , just after you!?! Now I know, let’s have a spelling contest like in Tombstone.

    Eat This

    @war ran I Laughed, fuck I laughed. I tuned in to CNN just so I could watch that bitch ass Van Jones cry like a little girl. I fucking laughed so hard, I still can't stop.

    Eat This

    @Thiicc You fuckin liar.

    Jimmy Martin

    Fuck you

    Big_Lenny v1

    @Blue In red do you need medication?