Paycheck, Johnny - I Never Got Over You Lyrics

I couldn't keep my mind on all the work I had to do today
Your memories kept on clouding up my mind getting in my way
Next they'll up and fire me and I'll be wondering what I'm gonna do
The only thing that I can say that makes me act and feel this way is
I never no I never got over you

I still see your dark eyes
Almost everywhere I turn
I keep standing on the bridges
I thought I had burned
I can still feel you near me
In everything I try to do
And the only thing that I can say that makes me act and feel this way is
I never lord I never got over you

Old memories have the damndest way of showing up at the most unusual time
They can walk right through the darkest part of your mind and turn on every light
Or take a perfect crystal day and turn it into a misty shade of blue

And the only thing that I can say that makes me act and feel this way is
I never never got over you

I still see your dark eyes
Almost everywhere I turn
I keep standing on the bridges
I thought I had burned

I can still feel you near me
In everything I try to do
And the only thing that I can say that makes me act and feel this way is
I never lord I never got over you
Yes the only thing that I can say that makes me act and feel this way is
I never honey I never got over you

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Paycheck, Johnny I Never Got Over You Comments
  1. Marilee Dent

    Turn on every light. Love this. I wonder if he was talking about my mom. Her brown eyes

  2. Savage Man


  3. eyoung2289

    great song

  4. Francisco Santos


  5. frankoew1

    I’ve drank many beers and tried to cope with heart ache to this song.. though I’m passed it now it still touches a certain part of my heart that’ll never heal. Love this song.

  6. Marilee Woods

    RIP my mom's friend I remember him

  7. Ramada Thompson



    How can 89 people not like this song

  9. Anderson 687

    Old memories have the damndest way of showing up the most unusual time,they can walk right through the darkest part of your mind turn on every light...this was country music!

  10. Jamie Anthony

    That voice....damn.

  11. RickinFLA07

    Paycheck had demons that kept him from achieving that George Jones level of greatness, doesn’t mean he wasn’t great tho , just had no breaks .

  12. Mike Rose

    Just read the opinions below....they say it all !!! Country died when we lost Johnny ,George, Waylon, Willie, Don Williams, Merle Haggard, just to name a few....I'm 74, and still play it all....:-)

  13. Mark Cole

    I've listened to this song a 1000 times and it keeps getting better.

  14. Miriam Williams

    I have always Love Johnny his singing is so awesome....

  15. jrb that fuckn guy

    Absolutely brutal .wonderful song

  16. Marilee Woods

    My favorite song

  17. Leoma the black widow Gregg

    My husbands daddy was invited to perform with Johnny in the mid ups as a lead guitarist and steel guitar.2 weeks before joining Johnny Kenneth Gregg was killed in a car wreck returning home from a concert in Payden City Wv.Rip Ken Gregg

  18. Lee Veronie

    This song and Old Violin and many more ..... Awesome Music ... Those young southern boys who claim to sing Country !!! Well they can't hold a Candle to these older singers like John ...

  19. Gregory James Dilmore

    Johnny Paycheck was a great singer!

  20. Primrose Haran

    Fantastic love Johnnys voice great singer and song thanks for the lovely post

  21. eyoung2289

    I never got over you..

  22. Marilee Denr

    Happy New Year lol Marilee shared worldwide

  23. eyoung2289

    Great song!!!

  24. Daniel Catoe

    Hubcap Donnie rip


    Love this song! Tried to find it in karaoke but not available. Damn shame! I could sang the s#*t out of this one!

  26. Marilee Denr

    Happy Thanksgiving

  27. Barbara Brown

    Me and My love, got sprerated 20 years ago,because of lies and deceit by some family members.He found me through social media Turns out, he was looking for me,for a long time. We talked, and 20 years after the facts,we're still standing strong,in love, truth,dignity and much joy.We will never be sprerated again.BB

  28. Jimmy Martin

    I keep standing on bridges I've already burned

  29. Mary Otero


  30. mark reinders

    thisw is one of johnny's best in my eyes, r.i.p.MR HEARTACHE

  31. Neil Ladd

    True love doesn't just go away.

    Nedra Bradley

    You're so right

  32. ACE M

    I absolutely love this old gem here 😍🤠

  33. shadow run

    the a few songs in the 80's. and this one, I hated the music of this era. a couple of new ones were ok. 1979 was pretty much where good country ended!

  34. lindalovesal

    Thanks Wilbur loved Johnny great country song.

  35. J. Roberts

    Old memories have the damndest way of showing up in the most unusual time, they can walk right through the darkest part of your mind and turn in every light! Best line ever! Chills everytime I hear it...

  36. Marilee Denr

    He probably never got over my mother

  37. Chad Blackburn

    A true country song by a true country singer rip

  38. J. Roberts

    What an awesome song!

  39. Marilee Denr

    I miss my mom

  40. Marilee Denr

    Turn on every light

  41. Kathy

    Love, love this song. RIP Johnny!

  42. Ruth Boykin

    This is an awesome song! I love 💕 it! Thank you!

  43. Keith Jose

    This song is great,never heard it before.True love song with so much meaning.Recently lost my wife and I'll never get over her!But I do have country music to help keep the memories alive,Thanks for that11

  44. Pat Barnes

    Thank you for sharing love it !!!!

  45. Nancie Tighe

    How could anyone put a thumbs down to this song? Boggles the mind. GREAT song

  46. will goss


  47. Marilee Denr

    Love this

  48. Kenneth Kiser

    A real life "Hell Raiser" that could talk the talk...because everyday that he got up to face the day, he walked the walk. R I P Johnny Paycheck

  49. Ronald Dafoe

    I will all way love Connie Becker from port Huron much if u ever see this I will always love u

  50. Leroy Stepp

    First time hearing this one, what a voice !

  51. Just Me

    They sure don't make music like this anymore.

  52. Rebecca Jewell

    Thank you Wilburscott great song . 2018. Blessing to you and family.

  53. latokatn506

    In A Class all by His Great Self !!!!!Thanks Will ,RIP JP

  54. Trevor Bacelli

    Great Song

  55. Eric Underwood

    Damn good song, this should've been a number 1 hit when he put this out in the 80's. Thank you for posting.👍

    Cheryl Rios

    Eric Underwood johnny paycheck handcuffed to the. One I love

  56. william geitz

    Another great one from a true outlaw country singer

  57. Marilee Denr friend

  58. Timmy Davis

    That should of been a number one hit in the 80s

    Cisco james

    Well it was released in 96

  59. Linda Dustin

    Pray for DJT 45 as takes on the elite and works for the forgotten Americans.

  60. Joan Ray

    Love Johnny !!!!

  61. Geoffrey Parker

    Yes. He still sounds good. One of the true Outlaws. Thanks.

  62. DaanV9

    One of the best country songs for me!

  63. Chris Wilson

    luv you paycheck

  64. Karen 000

    Very good song, sure makes a person think about things. Has a awesome voice for this type of music .

  65. Mick Evans

    I'll never get over her. She brought out the best and the worst in me.


    one of a kind !

  67. JV Smith

    Wow! I had forgotten this song, probably have not heard it since 1985. Great song. Seems like Johnny had a good number of near hits around this period. I recently rediscovered "Drinkin' and Driven" and "Fifteen Beers", 2 more great, but forgotten songs.

  68. Marilee Denr

    Still beautiful song
    Think he wrote it about my mother.R.I.P.Johnny

  69. Dave Stout

    One of the greatest

  70. Chris Wilson

    one of the best songs I've herd hands down

  71. Ryan Everett

    Wow, so good. Getting over a woman.. or, perhaps, never get over

  72. Gary Giles

    Johnny paycheck didn't get a cock hair of recognition from Nashville or any of the powers to be at the time or a not dimes worth of air play he deserved all I can say is he blows away the whole bunch of that shit that comes out of Nashville now put together r I p Mr paycheck and thanks for the music

  73. Marilee Denr

    turn on every light

  74. Marilee Denr

    always remember him when I was a child

  75. Marilee Denr

    I never got over one

  76. Marilee Denr

    I remember him


    Must of hired the guy who did the Master P album covers

  78. Homer Jarvis

    Paycheck was pure country and never got the credit he deserved a true pure country singer that needs to be in the hall of fame

  79. J. Bird Dastardly

    she could walk right through the darkest part of your mind and turn on every light........ sheewww god damn

  80. David Payton


  81. paul mahon

    I must of played this song 50 times since Saturday

    Kenneth Kiser

    paul mahon
    Seek some physiologic help.

  82. Bam Miller

    Over and over I listened to this or heard this song. Cuts like a sharp knife and pour alcohol on it.

    paul mahon


    Jeff Avis

    You said it Bam!! It tears me up! And the alcohol on the wound fits perfect!

    Join the conversation

    ya Bam you are so right it's been over 25 years since left and I still love her, but I also think about how I messed up her life with my drinking. Plus not getting help from the VA for my PTSD like I should have.

  83. Wehrwolf Spirit

    17 pussies are still mad they never got over her

  84. josh riddle

    ol boy could sing

  85. Robert Miller

    great song its hard getting oversome u lovencare about love sint like a lite switch u cant turn it on and off sorry it dont work that eay i eas wit a eoman 4 5yrs i still love her n she nose it but its over

  86. Vic Arnold


  87. brenda garten

    He was a great back up singer, writer, and country singer also He deserved to be in the country music hall of fame and country writer hall of fame too, He was a legend.

  88. Jeff Dickinson

    this is truly one of the great songwriters they could tell a story in a song you don't hear that today guys like Johnny, Johnny Cash , Merle Haggard , Vern Gosdin they're one of kinds they can never be duplicated just

    Caleb Fagerstrom

    Tom T Hall

  89. Mary Ann Brothers

    some people we never get over.Ther always in our ❤

  90. Born Country

    You know what sucks. I can't like it cause it would be 666

  91. eyoung2289

    luv it...back again and again

  92. Leonard Gilbreath

    It's a pain when you keep seeing her face and hear her voice.

    Cynthia Stanton

    it gets better Leonard

    Jeff Avis

    no it doesn't!

  93. Frances Broadrick

    I was madly in love with a super guy named "Bill" When Johnny Was So Popular. I Will Never Forget Bill Nor Johnny Paycheck. Bill Loved his music and would come riding in to pick me up with Johnny Paycheck music blasting. He would sing "she's got more love in her little finger than all the rest. It was worth every minute of our time. Bill drifted off into the sunset and was a desperado for a while, until he kept meeting one after the other and I am not sure if he has ever been really happy! Just Life I Suppose! In Life You Meet One And Only One Who You Will Never Ever Forget! Thanks Johnny For Your Great Love Songs! You Are Missed! Your Music Lives On!

  94. Barbara Croft


  95. GettnBooted

    good one.  GB

  96. Chris Johns, Jr.

    Wow that's a tear jerkin song. Damn straight I didn't.

    Jim Lopez

    I know how it is brother

  97. jimmy rockow

    It's the truth nothing like the old guys..

  98. Blanche Walsh

    What a great song, excellent melody.....background music superb.  Who the HELL judged Johnny Paycheck and put him and his music at the bottom?  There is only ONE JUDGE.....RIP JP.  Sing with the angels in Heaven.......You are missed...........

  99. Marshall Trakalo

    my best friend name is Peter quibell loves blue eyes crying in the rain by Willie Nelson and shared twina

  100. glenroy56

    A truly Great Country singer....