Paycheck, Johnny - I Did The Right Thing Lyrics

I pull into my driveway
While the day is slowly dying in the west
I look in that direction
To the setting sun and the one that loved me best

We cried and said goodbye
Seems like a million years ago or was it yesterday
She swore she'd always love
God, I wonder if she still feels that way

I did the right thing
I did the right thing
I went back to my wife
Straightened out my life
I did the right thing

I walk in to the house
And hear small voices singing, "Daddy's here"
The lady of the house puts down the beer she's drinking
She says, "Hello, dear"

While we make small talk
My mind takes a long walk back to someone else
And I close my eyes and repeat those little lies
I often tell myself

I did the right thing
I did the right thing
I went back to my wife
Straightened out my life
Lord, I did the right thing

My face is wet with teardrops
I fumble for my wrist watch, it's half past three
Once more I was dreaming of the woman
Who once said she'd die for me

But I did what was right
And it hurts me every night now that she's gone
And all my friends are proud
'Cause I gave her up to save my home

I did the right thing
Sure, I did the right thing
I went back to my wife
Straightened out my life
I did the right thing
I did the right thing

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Paycheck, Johnny I Did The Right Thing Comments
  1. Just some guy

    I am living this song. He captured the emotions perfectly. It's hard, sad and lonely doing "the right thing" sometimes. This kind of heartbreak is so lonely because you have to bury it deep and keep it to yourself and you feel it every day.
    My advice: never ever ever fall in love with another woman while your married. I know that sounds obvious, but that's a bus so many men step in front of in a failing marriage, that is starved for love and affection. It's just another trap don't fall for it! Fix your shit at home.

  2. Daliwoods

    Love it

  3. Jiwbink w

    16K + views,and radio WON'T play this music anymore....S.M.H.!!

  4. KW Music

    I would've loved to have heard Elvis sing this song. Seems tailor made for him.

  5. hollbri2

    one of the greatest songs ever.

  6. richard severin

    There is something about these heartfelt songs. Listen to them all the time. Thanks Johnny for this song.

  7. johnny mock

    this man can damn sure sing! he really got his start with george jones that says alot

  8. john crane

    Probably the most underrated country artist of all time. He sang from the heart, you could feel it in all his songs and what can one say about The Outlaws Prayer, pure magic. Make no doubt about it he was right up there with the best of all time and I am sure if Johnny, George, Marty, Merle and Conway were still with us and were asked, they would agree. It is an absolute disgrace that JP is not in the country hall of fame

    Ryan Thompson

    john crane you’re right. But In his younger years before he shot that guy, he burned a lot of bridges, and pissed a lot of people off. He was actually kind of a bad person in his younger years. I don’t think the other legends liked him all that much as a person. George, Merle, and willie of course always stuck by him.

  9. Connor M. Music & more

    I think that may be Jim Isbell on drums, but whose there to ask? I recognize the style and sound of them.

    Connor M. Music & more

    I have come to the conclusion it is Jerry Carrigan. Not doubt.

  10. Michael B

    There's country music, and then there's Paycheck. I've been listening to him for 40 years, and I always discover more greatness every time I turn on to his music. This song is brilliant.

  11. Laila Visesio


  12. Bill22252

    Damn. That's about all that can be said.

  13. rockeycountry

    Paycheck is just so fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  14. Anneke H

    prachtig nr