Paycheck, Johnny - I Can't Hold Myself In Line Lyrics

I'm going off the deep end
And I'm slowly losing losing my mind
Well I don't like me and the way that I'm living
But I can't hold myself in line

I give nobody no excuses for my drinking
But my woman is still my best friend
But if I don't change I know I'm sure enough gonna lose her
But I can't hold myself in line

Yeah but I'm going off the deep end
And I'm slowly losing my mind
Yeah and we don't like the way that we're living
'Cause we can't hold ourselves in line

Lord we can't hold ourselves in line
I guess we can't hold ourselves in line
I'm full speed ahead and what are you doing son
I'm right behind you down the wrong road of lies
'Cause we can't hold ourselves in line

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Paycheck, Johnny I Can't Hold Myself In Line Comments
  1. krunchy Clown

    Hell Yeah.

  2. phil herrup

    I can't hold myself in line

  3. Marryann Lamb

    Great song thanks.

  4. josef mengele

    I cant hold my self in public.

    Jimmy Martin

    Best comment😁😁😁

  5. Lenny James Thunderstone

    Todays country music is's not like the ole days of crying steel and weeping fiddles. Today it's nothing but drum machines and other shit. Plus it sounds distorted and rap crap is in it too... It has changed over the past 20 yrs.

  6. Rick Sanders

    Thanks for uploading, buddy!

  7. Jamie Martin

    Good shit. Never be another

  8. latokatn506

    Excellent !!!!! RIP For Two of the all time Greats !!!!!

  9. Howard Spears

    I like that song


    Hag number 1 always RIP okie

  11. will goss

    Ya,uh uh 5850

  12. Lloyd Powell

    God Bless the Boys!

  13. Johnny Pasher

    Born 1982 and grew up hearing country like this cant get away from it as theres no other music that speaks the truth of blue collar people like ya buddy

    Herbert Large

    Johnny Pasher Joe sun

  14. B Pendergrass

    My life story

  15. LiberalsAreWorthless

    Mr. Hag Told My Story.....what a great album title....RIP Gentlemen,....

  16. Nancy Phillips

    Merle, my favorite.  What a loss.

  17. MrFritz6940

    rip merle

  18. Arthur Name

    Paycheck:  Tell 'em we're gone, Hag.Hag:  We're gone.R.I.P. Johnny Paycheck and Merle Haggard, both of whom ought to be on the Mt. Rushmore of Country Music.

    phil herrup

    If there was how would you think it would look? Haggard , Paycheck, Jennings,and Jones ?, or Cash? , where does Jackson fit in ? Or Strait? , or even Williams and Nelson?

    Paul Young

    This song resonates with so many people today. They were living better in the ol days. Where is the middle class today?

    Marcellus Wallace

    @phil herrup Jackson and Strait don't make the Rushmore of best outlaw country.

    Jeremy S

    @Marcellus Wallace or Nelson

  19. Michael Mechill Tribute Channel

    My first intro to this song was via Supersuckers.  From the very awesome (if you like Rock) The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll album.

  20. Connor M. Music & more

    We real country fans miss good 'ol country like this. This was also available on 8 track and Epic Stereo Cassette, as well as 1977's Take This Job And Shove It. Then Koch reissued it on compact disc in 1998.

  21. Alex Nance

    Good drunk shit right here

    aenance N

    This guy knows wat hes talkin bout

    Colton Wollschlager

    Yes sir

    Jamie Martin

    I agree.Roll a big fucking joint.

  22. TheKlrmoto

    how much better could it b!!!!

  23. TheKlrmoto


  24. Jeffrey Talada

    Bottle of bourbon,plenty of smoke and this album 4EVER!!!

  25. Riggy Mortis

    Great song \album