Paycheck, Johnny - He Left It All Lyrics

He showered and shaved and combed his hair
Put on his suit and tie
Walked out the door
Didn't both telling his wife or kids goodbye
Went on down the driveway right on past the car
Two blocks down he caught the bus
On the corner near the park
Looking back would slow him down
And he couldn't spare the time
He was meant for more than he was leaving behind

So he left it all
Never said goodbye
Except for his best suit and tie he left it all
He left it all without a single word
He just relaxed and he laid on back
And he left it all

He changed his name and played the game
Any way it went
Met a widow who was wealthy
And she gave it all to him
And he traded her for a pair of blondes
Bought a fine penthouse apartment
Spent his nights in satin sheets
The life of every party
He was sitting right on top
But in the middle of his last party
He heart stopped

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Paycheck, Johnny He Left It All Comments
  1. Neil Ladd

    Com  in empty go  out empty.

  2. Duwayne Snider

    Such an accurate, note perfect singer; too bad he had so many issues.

  3. Vincent Mc Breen

    True Classic was Mr Paycheck R.I.P you true genius

  4. Sathya S. Villegas

    Underrated masterpiece!

  5. Jamie Martin

    Great country singer. Doesn't get the credit he deserves.

  6. Honky Tonk Dalton

    He lived how he wanted.No shame in that.

  7. jrb that fuckn guy

    Relaxed layed on back . said fuck em all .ha

  8. bugman971

    Where do all these GREAT keep coming from ??? GREAT SONG !!!!

  9. Eric Houston

    Damn good song!can't take it with you when you re gone.all you leave behind is your legacy.may you rest in peace paycheck.

  10. john crane

    I wonder, is this man the best country male singer of all time? All I know is there is none better. What a singer and songwriter he ticked all the boxes this bloke in a huge way. JP is so easy to listen to and is so sadly missed

  11. Harv Smith

    miss u Johnny paycheck !

  12. Matthew Eggert

    This song cracks me up

  13. brenda garten

    just a great classic country singer