Paycheck, Johnny - Hang On Sally Lyrics

In the mountain there's a fountain of love named Sally
A full moon shin in' down on moonshine valley
She's a'waitin' and a'hopin' that I'll come a' calling'
Callin' to her through the water
Where the waterfall is falling
She loves me and she needs me
And her love is a'wastin'
And the sweetness of the drippings
From her lips need tasting
So I'm running', wishing', and hoping' that I'll make it
Up the mountain to my fountain of love

Hang on Sally waiting here in the valley
I'm coming just as fast as I can
I'm pantin' and I'm puffin'
Waiting till I kiss and hold your hand
Through the brush and the rubble
I'm a'callin' on the double
Clothes all torn by the thorns
And the needles and the briars
I'll sure be a sight
But you can heal me tonight
And bathe my wounds in the fountain of love

Now old brother Brewer
He's afraid of revenuer's
He's a crackpot, crack shot
Now Brewer don't you do 'er
It's just me Mr. B'er old city slicker buddy
And I sure ain't a'hankerin' to get all hurt and bloody
If you kill me who'll thrill me
While I'm lying here a'dyin'
The tears'll fill the valley
Where old Sally starts to cry in'
They'll rust up and bust up the still you got a'runnin'
So take me to my valley of love

Hang on Sally waiting here in the valley...

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Paycheck, Johnny Hang On Sally Comments
  1. LoneWolf78

    Awesome Paycheck....I like Hank Jr.s version of this as well..Hanks is a little faster.....Both give it their own style

  2. BlackAngusYoung

    Great album! thanks for posting.

  3. Tom Page

    @pfizzbones Thanks, tried to get it out, but to no avail. It's not that bad though.

  4. Tom Page

    @jekiwe sorry, couldn't get that one out of it.

  5. pfizzbones

    Wow. I think that you probably noticed the skip on your own record. I didn't know we had expert critics on the wonderful music that you so freely choose to let us hear. I just thought that I would point out that I appreciate these great old country songs and especially the nostalgic vinyl, and that you take time to offer it to us. Thanks for all your uploads!

  6. jeff werner

    good song by this the original album cover ? pretty eye catching for that period if so....did you notice the skip at 1:48 ? just thought I'd point it out...
    the song gets an 8 out of 10...thx for the upload....