Paycheck, Johnny - Georgia In A Jug Lyrics

Mason jars on the dresser filled with dollars and quarters
Savin' em' for our trip around the world
But now that you changed your tune, there'll be no honeymoon
So tonight I'm going there without you girl

I'm going down to Mexico, in a glass of tequila
Going down to Puerto Rico, in a bottle of rum
Going out to Honolulu, in a Mai Tai mug
And I'm coming back home to Georgia, in a jug

We'll never ride that bus to Mexico City, that's a pity
We'll never sail our ship into old San Juan
You'll never walk with me, on the beach at Waikiki
And we'll never share that brick suburban home

Today I'm taking that money out of that jar
Tonight I'm buying my ticket, at the corner bar

I'm going down to Mexico, in a glass of tequila
Going down to Puerto Rico, in a bottle of rum
Going out to Honolulu, in a Mai Tai mug
And I'm coming back home to Georgia, in a jug

Yes, I'm coming back home to Georgia, in a jug...

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Paycheck, Johnny Georgia In A Jug Comments
  1. Paul James Brady

    I hope you’re listening up there Dad. I love and miss you so much dad. I hate life without you, I hope we will be together one day 🤞🏼 😘💚💚💚

  2. Billy Jack Washburn

    Miss Ol' Paycheck. 😩😩😭😭😰😰

  3. eyoung2289

    missing you pop..happy b day


    Shockabillys version is pure genius.

  5. Glen Yates

    Nice channel owner bill w nice track of johnny paychecks old listeners Glenn Linda cats in Oklahoma ps you are getting a little better than last time we listen ps keep it going channel owner bill wisco old listeners Glenn Linda cats in Oklahoma

  6. Michael Fuller

    Tales from the Tour Bus fuckers!I

    Paycheck is the best old time singer!

  7. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Paychecks still the king* 🎸

  8. James Brown

    Please enter Johnny Paycheck in the CMHOF he deserves to be!!!! I remember this back in the day!!!! "Love"

  9. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Long live to Johnny* 💖
    *4ever&4always* ⏯

  10. eyoung2289

    RIP still missing you

  11. Jamie Martin

    A great country singer who gets no respect

  12. Andrew Sandlin

    how was this not #1

  13. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly


  14. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    I LOVE(D) HIM 👍💝🔫

  15. Andrew Sandlin

    bad ass song ,think ill start drinking again today

    Steve Florence

    Hard to leason and not drink.LOL I found that the good green medicine works out for me well.

  16. Andrew Sandlin

    how did this not become #1 in 78 when its still the best 5 song ive ever heard in my 50 years

  17. muffmann70

    he is right behind George jones

  18. Andrew Sandlin

    real country

  19. Brenda Howell


  20. country music by dode

    A true country great
    Music to drink and sing too 🍻

  21. johnny mock

    outlaw music paycheck's got it

  22. goat 68

    johnny paycheck is a true outlaw country singer.. he didnt get the credit he rightly deserved. R.I.P.

    anything that won't embarass mama

    they tried to keep him away from the coke and booze, but busboys and the people that took care of the rooms took care of him......

    Miras 123

    anything that won't embarass mama based on great reviews on this game it was so hard for you guys who are not going back and to play the games

  23. Jesús Ayala

    The best songs of the Johnny paycheck, He's the man!!

  24. Brian C

    Thank You. Johnny is one of my Hero's !

  25. goat 68

    this is real! r i p Johnny

  26. dick saxton

    KFAT classic

  27. Connor M. Music & more

    Some re-recorded versions arent bad, but not as good as the originals that's for sure.

  28. eyoung2289

    This is SO good!!!  TY...JP

  29. last ryde yorktown va

    the true king (of the road) my hero, you truly lived the songs you spoke and wrote
    coe a tell ya you the man! FU George for not including him in whos gonna fill dim shooz look up country, outlaw, and all it says is
     Johnnyyyyyyyyy  PayyyyyyyyyyCheck 
    JP made you and showed you the ropes and your high fluting ass thought you were better than the man hope ya burn for that
    sad to know he's buried next to ya. oh that's ok cuz he's gone to hell
    RIP Mr. Heartache your tears are now wiped away and your heart sings of joy
    the ol violin may not be among us but you left us with an endless arsenal to carry on with see ya in the clouds (I HOPE)  

    Matt Beeman

    George paid for his funeral.  Pretty sure GJ didn't write who's gonna fill their shoes.

    James Brown

    True Statement!!! Johnny taught George!!!

  30. douglas stone


    Andrew Sandlin

    stop yelling at us

  31. douglas stone


  32. Thomas Haverstock

    Hank sen is the greates off them all

    Joan Stillman

    Thomas Haverstock h

  33. SuperStang1968

    Great song, love johnnys voice

  34. lindsey lefrois

    Almost 30 yrs ago I heard this song in the lounge of the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas performed by the Tommy Bell Band.

  35. frances k

    great song thanks

  36. Steven Dauster

    Fuck blake Johnny sang the shit outta this song


    Blakes a fuckin hack !!!


    Blake who??

  37. Tommy Helton

    I fit right in with this one Th

  38. kcsteeler

    This is great drinking song and the fact that Johnny Paycheck does it is the endorsement. I never realized that (after your fiance' ditches you) a barstool is your ticket to International passport needed. Hey no passport needed! Hey, Homeland Security take this bottle and shove it up your arse...I'm flying by barstool tonight!

    Jd Fergusson

    kcsteeler GREAT one .KC ..but take care ..Love this song

  39. Kent Baker

    Nice. Thanks for posting. Brings back memories. Good music

  40. Rcpyne

    Johnny and George sing alcoholic songs the rest are just drinking songs

  41. Morris Joncas


    Matt Beeman

    No he died in 2003

  42. john clarke

    Damn, Johnny havn' t all of these years I finally get your song. It' s not about the trips. It' s not about the times. It' s only about a man that makes beleive. Alcohol and a location . Hell I don' t have one. Johnny you paid and so Did I. Slide off of your Satin Sheets, All said and done. " no one gave a shit.

  43. barrygioportmorien1

    Great tune, my favourite song by Johnny.

  44. Jenny Freshly

    This was a great old school album. Should be in anyones must have.

  45. meangreen69Nova

    Your opinion. Hank Sr. is ok, just a little too old school for me. I like Jr. though his stuff was a mix of country and southern rock.

  46. crbdudeman

    Meh. Hank Williams Sr. is better than Jr. Jr. started doing his 'own' thing after his accident...

  47. meangreen69Nova

    This was back when country was not all popped up like it is now. And it was also back we had real kick ass in your face Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr....and Johnny Paycheck.

    Also the music was not all twangy. Just a smooth beat and good guitar riffs.

    Too bad we don't have any real "outlaw" country artists today.

    Matt Beeman

    Only Jamie Johnson

  48. XXPurecountryXX

    I haven't heard johnny paycheck in a long time. i enjoyed listening to this song.. way to go.. good song