Paycheck, Johnny - From Cotton To Satin Lyrics

From cotton to satin, from Birmingham to Manhattan
From a pickup to a long limousine
From cotton to satin, from Birmingham to Manhattan
She had to follow her dream

I saved up enough to buy her one small diamond
That's the year that old tractor broke down
And the dream house I promised her still lies by a shade tree
Some old bricks and boards all around

She begged me to take her to see New York city
So I mortgaged the farm and we were gone
But while we were there she took up with a rich man
I came back to the country alone

Now, there is the garden where she touched every flower
There's the meadow where we walked hand in hand
If only she'd waited she'd have more than she dreamed of
For today they struck oil on my land

She went from cotton to satin, from Birmingham to Manhattan
From a pickup to a lonely limousine
From cotton to satin, from Birmingham to Manhattan
She had to follow her dream
She went from cotton to satin

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Paycheck, Johnny From Cotton To Satin Comments
  1. Christine Greene


  2. Mike Berry


  3. Elizabeth Bell

    I have searched for this song so long...My mother played this on eight track tape over and over.I was 6 years old and sang right along with her.One of our very favorites.Johnny Paycheck a true to the core talent !! Thank you for sharing!

  4. johnny mock

    one of my favorite songs by paycheck

  5. Randal mc'murphy

    classic country. thank ya johnny.

  6. Corey Guillot

    my God this is great real country music

  7. Chris Shadwick

    get over it Vernon. their all legends.

  8. Chris Shadwick

    guy is a bad ass

  9. Mike Sumrall

    David Chamberlain Co-wrote this song with Jim Vest....I know both of them...Great writers

  10. Ryan Stanevich

    Cash Waylon jones and paycheck the best

    vernon henery

    +Ryan Stanevich I agree with you except for cash!! he was a real jerk when he started out.i knew him hen he played in little bars in a little bar in a small town in Missouri that is no longer a wAS CALLED ANCEL mo.he wouldn't speak to nobody!! I haven't liked him all these 79 yrs old now he acted like he was better than anybody.but he took his little dab of money!!!

  11. Connor M. Music & more

    Did you know the stero channels are switched on this rip?

  12. TinytedyBearlove

    He did not even write this song my grand father did He wrote the album ten in Tennessee


    David Chamberlain ?

    Timothy McGinnis

    Who is your grand father

  13. paul legacy

    hes a legend

  14. brenda garten

    I agree Johnny should be in The Hall of Fame and in the writers hall of fame and it should won the entertainer of the year too, great legend  they should make a movie of his life too.

    Connor M. Music & more

    @brenda garten Agreed :)

  15. W. David Ferrell

    My favorite Paycheck tune

  16. steelermule

    Hell if he aint in it already, the outta do away with it altogether

  17. charles beasley

    Best damn country

  18. TheSmokey999

    one of the original outlaws!!

  19. mike janes

    thank you....i just noticed that you posted the song....greatly appreciated

  20. TheGarretdeas

    No-one like Johnny to give a soulful rendition of country song with a solid narrative. He is in his natural element when doing songs like this

  21. dragknuckle

    Paycheck should be in the Hall of Fame.

  22. Michele Barton Thomas

    Paycheck was so great.

  23. shuffle877

    Paycheck was such a great singer, especially on the slow ballads like this one. Good stuff for sure. Thanks Jay :)