Paycheck, Johnny - Fools Hall Of Fame Lyrics

As sure as the neon signs light up the city
Each night I know where she can be found
And to love like this my heart cries it's a pity
But I cry like a baby each time she's not around

I should be an example for the world to see
The perfect form of torment and shame
You should run and get a camera and take my picture
And hang me in The Fool's Hall of Fame

I'm like the child who craves the taste of candy
I yearn for love that's never around
You only step in my world if it's handy
Then you say goodbye and my world comes tumbling down

I should be an example for the world to see
The perfect form of torment and shame
You should run and get a camera and take my picture
And hang me in The Fool's Hall of Fame

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Paycheck, Johnny Fools Hall Of Fame Comments
  1. Teresa Stephenson

    True Dennis

  2. Jamie Martin

    Pour me a double

  3. chris wagner

    to bad hes not in the hall

  4. Conne Dillon

    Don't like this photo - showing dear Johnny in cuffs. I know he was arrested at least twice and did time for his misgivings...

  5. zmanzmanzmanzman1

    Time to listen to some country music. Step 1: turn off the radio Step 2: turn on you tube

  6. BooBoo Bougioli

    great steel player

  7. Denis Roberts

    All the modern country singers would not be in Johnny Paycheck,s league

    Jamie Martin

    You are correct

    Debbie Mathis

    You are absolutely right !

  8. brenda garten

    great legend

  9. mike barker

    nobody dares to play this great music anymore.BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. David Minekime

    we love. u Johnny

    Daniel Sealy

    pile up riddim mix

  11. john sandiford

    Great song,thanks for sharing

  12. barrygioportmorien1

    What a great fiddle intro..

  13. Clancy Kobane

    no offense but george jones never stacked up to ol' paycheck. in my book.

    Diesel Doctor

    Paycheck my opinion and many others the best! The man had the most purest voice. Seeing him in a small tavern play one night, Mr Paycheck and his band sounded better live, then on the record. He was a very kind humble person that night. Take care! God Bless you

    Clancy Kobane

    @Diesel Doctor So glad you were able to see him then. He was something else. God bless you too!


    NIce!  thanks for posting ol' Donnie Young's music.

  15. Younglove422

    Thanks for sharing Paycheck's music.  Love his singing & always have.  He is a real country singer, not like what is out there today.   Thanks, Joan

  16. whatiswhatwillbe

    I'd rather be paid with this check!

    mike Damouth

    I don't know if you would. He died broke

  17. brenda garten

    such a great singer who never got the credit he deserved.

    Dav Che

    he got it , just not in music hall . he is still the down and outs king if you know what I mean . I feel most when I listen to his music not the mainstream . im sure in my heaven there will be johnny.

  18. steelermule


  19. Lowell Payne

    talent to burn vocals out of the world could play almost every thing he def was not appreachated

  20. Heather Judd

    Ca c'est de la country !!
    Real country music ♥ beautiful

  21. qkliang

    I am also looking for the little darling album with "the real mister heartache" is that the one you have? If so I'd like to do a trade as well. I have a large George jones, lefty frizzell, Webb pierce and other classic country artist collection. Please Message me. Thank you.

  22. qkliang

    Wow. I love this.


    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you- I have the LP you are looking for... I can copy it to CD, perhaps we can work out a trade...

  24. Michael Winton

    KLUNKET...I have this album and would be happy to burn you a copy of it. I am also looking for one of his very early albums. It was from the "little darlin' years. I believe there is photo of Johnny on the front in a leather coat with the collar turned up. Let me know if you have it or know how I can get it.

  25. PAPERMAN255

    great song ty for posting

  26. PAPERMAN255

    real country ty for posting johnny paychecks songs

  27. Paul Paton

    This is one of Johnnys best , god I love his style.

  28. JulesElway07

    Thank you so much for this vintage JP. My old friend,come alive.


    Was he going by Johnny Paycheck when this came out, or Donny Young? I would love to find this album.

  30. Gracie Fleury

    Great song!

  31. Ronja2H2

    One of the good old one!
    Thanks :)

  32. shuffle877

    One of my very favorite Paycheck songs, thanks for posting!!!