Paycheck, Johnny - Florence Jean Lyrics

This is the kiss that I knew would come along
So let this be the sweetest kiss my lips have known
For it must last forever and become a dream
To remember you darling Florence Jean

Though you knew that we were wrong
Still you loved me just the same
But you know I must return to the one that has my name
And so goodbye my love you must now become a dream
Take my heart with you darling Florence Jean

We knew it wrong all the stolen love we shared
To do a thing like that oh how you must have cared for me
It hurts me now to see that love become a dream
How I'll miss you darling Florence Jean

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Paycheck, Johnny Florence Jean Comments
  1. William Brisky

    My Dad had this album. He would play it constantly, it seemed. Now I wish I could hear him play it again. Thanks for posting


    Hope what you mean! thanks for the comment and the listen!

    Connor M. Music & more

    +William Brisky One of the best Lps in my collection. Great stuff.

  2. J.W. Gauntt

    excellent upload, thanks for sharing Pat


    Thanks Jack!

  3. latokatn506

    Another super song  Thanks Pat  boy you are on a roll 


    Thanks LT!

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