Paycheck, Johnny - Fifteen Beers Lyrics

I drank fifteen beers
That's a whole lot of brew in one night
When you try to drown a memory from your mind
It took me fifteen beers to get here
I don't know how many more till I leave
Take my change in tears and drink fifteen beers

Well I rolled into Joe's about six-fifteen
And I was ready to pour 'em down
Because at eight o'clock Delilah was a-meeting me there
Well I thought I would have a pour just to loosen up
'Cause we were really gonna swing tonight
I could already see her face and touch her long red hair

Well at nine thirty-five I thought man a live
What could be a-holding her up
Just then a man in a long black Cadillac
Came in and told little Joe filler up
While he was cleaning off the windows a-kissing he saw
In the back and it was soft as rain
It was Delilah sipping on pink Champaign

I drank fifteen beers
That's a whole lot of brew for one man
When you try to drown a memory from your mind, yeah
It took fifteen beers to forget you
I don't know how many more to just get
While he holds Delilah near I'll drink fifteen beers
Bring it on

I drank fifteen beers
And that's a whole lot of brew in one night
When you try to drown a memory from your mind
It took me fifteen beers to get here
I don't know how many more till I leave
I'll take my change in tears and drink my fifteen beers

My fifteen beers how many that six or seven
Fifteen beers just keep bringing them son
Fifteen beers that's what I need
Bring me that fifteen beers
And by the way bring me...

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Paycheck, Johnny Fifteen Beers Comments
  1. Caner Baykara

    One more and he would risk starting up a fight.

  2. Goku Kai


  3. blackl1steddrums

    Drank approximately 15 beers last night, just wanted to hear this song

  4. Gary Kerns

    So much I could say about this-but I'll say this Johnny Paycheck ROCKED!

  5. Marryann Lamb

    Hey wilbur thanks for sharing

  6. West texas Wills

    The song makes me feel like a fucking alcoholic because I drink 15 beers through out the day before I start night drinking

  7. Michael Ingram

    awesome song im gonna sing this song with my band

  8. Allen Garvin

    Brett Kavanaugh's at 18 already tonight!

  9. Redneck Wathillbillie

    R jjs Take your comment
    Shove it up your ass. I Can stay here forever. He's Johnny Donny Eugene Paycheck my kind of religion. An Outlaw.

  10. Jamie Martin

    I'm on 14 right now. Lol


    no way you can type that well on 14 beers

  11. Zack Eastman

    Do it on a work night.

    Noah York Music

    Zack Eastman Ha!

  12. chdeebo

    been there

  13. jaysims528

    Hell yeah! !

  14. Sheena Harris

    Sounds like my boyfriend ! Lol!

  15. Tommy Berglin

    Can´t be done better!

  16. BDS

    Damn good song.. been there done that

  17. Professor Penne

    found this after drinking 16 beers last night, great tune

  18. Michael Mcelhaney

    Helli drink to that

  19. Tummysticks315

    15 beers sounds like the start to a good night

  20. Jim Cunningham

    I drank 15 beers once, and everybody asked me why I did that? I told them "because I ran out of money."

    FRANK 666

    Jim Cunningham ha ha ha ha ha ha😆

    beernliqour for lunch

    Thats awesome 😆

  21. chuck gardner

    in 1989 when i did that i was so drunk when my friends got me to the bar ,that i caught the taxi home when i lived in raleigh,nc

  22. teppi sekasi

    when i was 15 years old i drank 15 beers

    ewe toob

    I call BULLSHIT!

    10 Hail Mary's...along with 10 Colorado Kool-aids...and your sins will be resolved son.

    Joshua Corey

    teppi sekasi I believe him, I'm 26 now I've pounded down at least a 24 pack in a day by myself not to mention all the whiskey I had day after day after day.... turned me into to a full blown alchy, tryna do better these days, and I am but I still break down every once in a while and go on a full on binge, it's fucked my life pretty good but it's so fuckin hard to stop

    beernliqour for lunch

    First time I got drunk was 15.drinked a fith of Jack,also the first time I got arrested


    DAMN! This song sure brings back memories of the good ole days hanging out with the good ole boys. When our philosophy was Arrive, Drink 15 beers, raise hell, and leave (in handcuffs).

  24. Clancy Kobane

    "...sippin on pink champagne!"

  25. P Coon

    Bad ass Johnny paycheck

  26. Alexandernero666

    Awesome song!!

  27. Major Roids

    Good Ole' Boys are gettin hard to find. Wish i could still find sum good brothers to drink and fight with...then wake up and do it all again... with at least 15 beers

    John A.

    Early grave.


    Dey tuk er jer

    Robert Millier

    We're out there

    Jimmy Fairchild

    My wife can drink 15 beers.....shes only 125 lbs.......shes a pro.

  28. Mary Borchard

    Yeah he's one of the best,only four others a head of him George Jones Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and Ernest Tubb.  I'm a very light drinker never over 2 drinks but I can't help it I love drinking songs.

    Jay Beazley

    Don't forget Waylon, Willie, & Johnny Cash

  29. RJAY

    Glad I'm not a fatass. 15, 6.1abv gets it done for me.

  30. sftm999

    Dammit Johnny, you should have invested in some whiskey. Holy shite...

  31. Jack Spencer

    Lots of lies going on hear! 80% of you pass out after a 12 pack!

  32. amyhuk

    $75 here not including tip pool or juke box money long way since the days of "i got $2 in the juke box $5 in a bottle and $7 more in my pocket if that dont do the trick. but ill be dead broke by tomorrow heart aches by the dozen


    Hell i wish 15 would get me shitfaced. It would keep my bills down everynight. Damn beer and cigs add up.

    beernliqour for lunch

    No shit

  34. Gloria Adams

    And so did he most times.

  35. allan livingstone

    i love johnny paycheck songs.

  36. ESBE Danny

    fifteen pints of OE 800 is a good way to warm up the stomach for a half gallon of whatevers cheapest, usually gin or vodka, whiskey or rum on a good night.

  37. Sam Young

    I drank 15 last night, so I'm listening to Paycheck this morning.

  38. Chris Ball

    you guys must not know much about paycheck..... he was just getting going with 15,... He was an angel. Tougher than most. Didnt take no shit. And was a true outlaw

  39. Alexandernero666

    That's about my tolerance right now....stay tuned for updates...

  40. LokiusMaximus

    @mymrsir1112 I say.. It was Smithwicks.. Not Bud Light.

  41. Clinton Brumley

    All of you saying 15 beers isn't anything, about your 15th year doing it every night, you will know want 15 beers is all about! And it was Coors not Keystone!!!

  42. melissa torres

    15 aint shit but a start. B ut fuck this is still a helluva song

  43. Jane G

    @punchitmartha 15 beers? Holy crap, now 15 shots is better. lol Love this song thanks for bringing back good memories.

  44. punchitmartha

    @kwcountry1980 Hey no kiddin 15 is a start...but finishin my 30....either way...we're all here to hava good time, right? :D

  45. Captain Nobody

    Damn, didn't see Kwcountry's post,,,,, so,,,,, I guess I need 15 more.

  46. Captain Nobody

    15 beers? Well, that's a start.

  47. kwcountry1980

    Hell 15 beers is a start. Lol try doing 24 and lots of shots. Pass out and dont remember shit. Now thats alot of booz.

  48. chevellejack

    I had forgot about this song. Johnny was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    May he Rest In Peace.

  49. zackshales

    you can get a 30 pack of keystone for 15 bucks here lol

  50. ThisYoungLibertine

    i drank 15 beers!! and 15 more to go!

  51. roadracer1593

    I'd be talking to Ralph and Earl if I drank 15 beers!

  52. Goraiders75

    where you from thats cheap as hell

  53. Sharon McMillan

    what a talent that should be recognized.

    Gary Hobeck

    I,'ll take my change in tears,,,great writing