Paycheck, Johnny - D.O.A. (Drunk On Arrival) Lyrics

Lord don't I know whiskey ain't a good chaser
For chasin' a mem'ry gone wild
It ain't no cure and it won't erase her
Only board up the pain for awhile
So why did I reach for that barroom door
I ain't been drunk in a week and a day
Lord guide these headlights 'cause the bottle tonight
Says I'm comin' home DOA

Drunk on arrival three sheets to the wind
Ain't no mistakin' the state that I'm in
Deliver me Lord from this hell where I been
Mixing whiskey and mem'ries till when
I'm drunk on arrival again

I musta drunk every drop that the bar had to offer
Musta closed it down drunk it dry
I ain't been in worse shape since the day that I lost her
And this bottle's the damn reason why
Now the road keeps a swayin' the stop signs are a blur
Lord I hope that you're lookin' my way
Hope the drive ends ahead 'cause I feel all but dead
Comin' home DOA

Drunk on arrival three sheets to the wind
Drunk on arrival three sheets to the wind

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Paycheck, Johnny D.O.A. (Drunk On Arrival) Comments
  1. Βασίλης Κυριακίδης

    I love Willie Nelson more than everyone else but JP is awesome.

  2. Wes Coker

    Torturing me is too much fun

  3. Bill Brasky

    Johnny Waylon and marty...thank you boys

  4. Emmanuel Mpho

    Please help me with the lyrics

  5. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    Johnny: *outlaw way* !! 🔫
    *Paychecks still the king* ☆
    ( bigger hillbilly star )
    J.P. everyone love(D)U 😢 🎸

  6. Andy Pesko

    Anybody DOA 2019

  7. Ed China

    Drunk on Busch, here's to you Paycheck , cheers

  8. Alexander Dargel

    Dunk on arrival- RIP

  9. Jamie Martin

    He doesn't get the credit he deserves. He had his problems but the music was so good.

    Jimmy Martin

    U kin to me?

  10. james jenicek

    Gimmie a glass of water with a whiskey chaser.

  11. Linda Prentice

    I all i can say he is one of the best

  12. James Wood

    Brings. Back. Memories.

  13. Kevin Adams

    Them cell phones put a hurting on showing your ass coming home DOA

  14. Patrick George

    He was an idiot but goodness, I loved playing his music driving on a dirt on a dirt road drinkin beer!

    Mr. Lineman

    He was not a IDIOT, just sum people cant understand a real MAN!!!!!

  15. Cesar Reyes

    D.O.A. 4 so many times in my life. It's just practice and self control. R.I.P. J.P.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Tom Pack

    I live right here in the home of Johnny Paycheck and yes he is one of the best ever !!! Better than anything today for sure !!

    matthew Wilson

    I agree, my friend new him in his heyday. Johny paycheck was instrumental in the lonestar cafe's success. Love his music and the stories I hear from the Ls cafe days

    dopeboy _77coupe


    Cisco james

    Yea right he doesnt have shit on carrie underwood or Luke brandy. 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. john crane

    For forty odd years Johnny Cash has been my number one but it is only in the last seven years I have got to know of Johnny Paycheck and his music and oh boy what a singer. I can't quite bring myself to say he is better than JC but he has to be mighty close. On second thoughts JP is the greatest country artist I have ever heard, there I have put it in writing. What an amazing talent he was, sadly lost in 2003 the same year as JC. Both are sadly missed among many others, men and women, just too many to state here. RIP all

  18. melanie matthews

    everybody on here needs prayer Father forgive them for they know not what they do send down your hedge of protection and surround them with your love and pour out your precious blood from heaven above Amen Amen Amen brothers and sisters Amen.

    Marcus Cicero

    If that's how you really feel, what are you doing watching/listening to this anyway? This isn't exactly Christian music.


    melanie matthews mental illness must be hard.

    Platinum Boi

    Amen to that

  19. Josh Nunya

    Proud of this ohio boy....I've been DOA for years now.

  20. Katy Bartholomew

    what a great song thanks for posting gotta loe mr Paycheck

  21. bugman971



    johnny rules

  23. Daniel Crutchfield

    Fuck that stay drunk

  24. mosrite60

    One of Paychecks best songs IMO. Reflecting on his life. Johnny had a difficult life but remained a pure country superstar. mos60

  25. chuck gardner

    for many now it is stoned on arrival

  26. Connor M. Music & more

    That's too bad. I love all the songs on the last Epic release "Lovers & Losers" I posted some of it on my channel.

  27. Smiley

    I love this guy,.. thanks mom! you know''

  28. Mary Borchard

    I've never been really drunk but I sure love the music, and Johnny Paycheck is one of the best.

    De Ath Met Al Hell

    fuck you


    Lady, if you have never been so hammered drunk that you regret even being alive anymore then you don't deserve to even listen to this song!!! Fuck you!!!

    Fresh isn't so saltY 717

    threevisionsgodpark ..... yes

    R K

    @threevisionsgodpark Good for you, boy.

    Jamie Martin

    How do you relate if you haven't been there?

  29. Kurdt Nbk

    this is why i called my old lady the "coroner"

  30. Alexandernero666

    I don't really understand why people seek out a video,then bad mouth it.Or argue about it.Relax,and ENJOY it! RIP Johnny!

  31. void212

    That said, I enjoy this song, and I continue to drink, myself, on occasion. But I'll never be so much of a weakling to let my drinking get in the way of what's really important in life. I'm sorry if you don't happen to agree with that, but not as sorry as you'll be, I'm sure.

  32. vmcla

    Here's something I have clue about, fuck-up.
    You should be in jail and maybe you already are, with your children.. all of you locked up for being stupid. Not for being drunk, but for being butt-fuck stupid and proud of it.
    The world has too many knuckle-draggers who think they ought to be brain surgeons.. if they only finished school.

  33. Daniel Cecil

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the humorless, self-righteous twits who have taken a moment out of their prayer circle to criticize this song. You folks really shouldn't have internet connections. For your own sake.

  34. Bob Holloway

    @void212 I can tell that you never live Back in the Day...Hell's just singin what people wanted to hear...He was more man than most!

  35. GJH

    @void212 lighten up stupid ass--does everything have to be so literal with people like you, now go to a meeting and GOD forbid you are entertained by anything.

  36. void212

    In summary, "I'm too addicted to this poison to admit that it's a problem, so I'll glorify it in my songs, because hell, I'm not alone." Yeah, good shit. Your a Real Man, Johnny. Too much of a child to develop the willpower to kick what eventually snuffed you out, likely drove your loved ones away, but hey, alcohol never leaves you. Rather, you never leave it. This stuff is hardly manly or worth any respect. Product of a human being who never graduated from childhood. Never a real man.

    Dino Velvet

    void212 fuck you!

  37. vmcla

    What a great message song....NOT
    Drink and Drive and then make a song out of it.
    Nauseating and truly irresponsible.

  38. melissa torres

    whisky and meories forever brother! R.I.P.

  39. tannerturlington

    R.I.P Johnny Paycheck, Take this life and shove it.

  40. loungecruz

    "it aint no cure"